Work For 3 Dollars WF3D - Any good experiences ?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by busoppreviews, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    I couldn't find a post on this suprisingly so I decided to start one.

    I started this about 3 months ago and Im having pretty good results.

    I have personally referred about 90 people and have recieved about 100 spillunders from thos 90.

    I've made about $70 for all of the above. This is in my first 3 months, and before that I had NEVER done any online marketing. So I got all of this from absolute scratch demonstrating to me this is an easy thing to market.

    $70 isn't much of course, but it has the potential to become millions, although I highly doubt it will reach that level in my lifetime.

    So far though I am very pleased with my results and I was wondering is anybody been in this from the beginning ? I believe it started about a year ago.

    Is anyone making $100s or $1000s per month on autopilot from this ?

    Just curious, thanks

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  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Why would you ask a question about something you are already familiar with?
  3. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    getagrip: Why would you ask a question about something you are already familiar with?

    TO promote! =]

    busoppreviews: So far though I am very pleased with my results and I was wondering is anybody been in this from the beginning ?
    It is cleverly disguised though [​IMG].
  4. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    I asked about peoples experiences not about the program.

    I am familiar with the program yes, but I was curious to see if anyone is actually making decent money.

    It's been around for a year so I was looking to see who has been in it from the early days and if it is paying them a decent income on auto pilot.

    Or has anyone been in longer than 3 months and how is it going.

    I'm curious to compare notes.

  5. Aegidius

    Aegidius New Member

    You should check with your sponsor, his success was good enough to get you. There is a link in your back office to contact them now. Personally I am more interested in helping my own team than anyone in general, that should be easy enough to understand. I do have some success, as you can see if you click the Top Sponsors page and look for oldbuddy.
  6. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    oldbuddy - yes you are in my upline.

    So how's it going for you ? I'm not asking you to share any "secrets" here, just curious how long have you been in Work for $3 (WF3D) and how many direct & indirect referrals do you have ?

    It would be interesting to know, especially as I am in your downline

  7. aaramire

    aaramire New Member

    I'm a member paid my 3 dollars and received 3 dollars once. I never really promote it though. I signed up through a system called we make money daily or something like that. Over-all it looks like some people are making money with it. Not me though.
  8. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Not me too![​IMG]

    But I joined for free (Pay it forward), and never did much DIRECT promotion - though it was part of my moreEgold system, which DID get a lot of referrals for me.

    I'll probably actually promote it one day!
  9. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    Never made a dime[​IMG]

    My upline disappeared, felt alone.[​IMG]
  10. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    I am up to over 350 members and almost $100 profit

    I have tried many programs over the last few months eg GDI, Revolutionary Matrix, EZ 2x2, 4x1 Fortune etc and so far this simple $3 program has out performed them all

    I never would have predicted that. It has been an interesting experiment
  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    As long as you understand that there is no real probability of any serious money being made you'll be fine.

    I would also say way to many people are wasting a ton of time and energy on these one-time pay programs looking for them to provide some sort of residual cash flow. Just have never seen or heard of it happening.

    Here is something to consider. No matter how long one lives and how long they do network marketing type of biz opps, you can ONLY introduce a finite number of people. Therefore it is ideal to be in the type of business that allows you to continue to benefit from all your hard recruiting efforts.

    Thus monthly residual income network building in some form is the 'name of the game'. Commit to monthly residual income and you will be able to create monthly residual income that can last into infinity.
  12. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    You may be right, but for me personally the monthly payment programs have all failed. People drop out and then the matrix implodes.

    So far, of all the programs I have experimented with the one-time payment programs are the ONLY ones that have made a profit.

    I made a profit in the beginning with Teamwork Revolution for example, but then people started dropping out. The monthly payment programs make one feel like they are bailing water out of a sinking boat. I think they only work for the more experienced marketers who already have a decent following and have good marketers underneath them. I gave it a good go of 6 months and lost money overall.

    I am giving the monthly programs 1 more try with the new Teamwork Revolution Power System. If this one doesn't work then none of them will work (for me) because it's a 2x8 forced matrix guaranteeing maximum spillover. So we will see how this one goes but it's my last monthly program that I will try. If it doesn't take off I'm just sticking with Work for $3 as it has made me the most money over the past 6 months of experimenting with various online income opportunities. Further, Work for $3 will NEVER cost me another dime. It is guaranteed to be profitable forever.
  13. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    People drop out of all biz opps. That's is what stops the one-time pay programs from really flourishing for all. Dropping out of a one-time pay means a person stops promoting it. So not necessarily a big difference in that respect. The challenge with one-time pay is that you are forever personally needing more people to survive and continue to make money.

    Residual income generation allows one to benefit from the fact that each individual can and will only introduce a finite number of people to any business regardless of how long they live. Making the most out of our efforts to introduce one, to whatever number, is paramount to creating a successful continuous cash-flowing business.

    Failure in biz opps comes from many not establishing a marketing budget to succeed, in part. Many think free online marketing is going to remove the need to spend money on marketing and at the same time create big cash flow and/or leads. Many of these 'gurus' are spending money on 'free marketing' via outsource so it's not free to create massive success with free advertising mediums.
  14. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    Yes for the one time biz opps new recruits are needed all the time in order to continue to earn money.

    However I believe the monthly biz opps are the same. You can't just recruit a few people and let them in turn recruit a few people and sit back and watch it grow. In theory thats how it SHOULD work but it doesn't. The reality is you also constantly need new referrals to replace the ones that leave and in my experience it is MUCH harder to get someone to signup to a monthly program than it is to a one-time payment program.

    People drop out of monthly biz opps at a MUCH higher rate than that of the one-time biz opps. So monthly biz opps need new recruits all the time as well. Both biz opps need constant new recruits.

    This is exactly why I decided to try both one-time payment programs and monthly payment programs side by side and market both over a few months to compare which made the most profit.

    For me personally it has been the Work for $3 that has made me the most money.

    Keep in mind I started this from scratch, so for someone starting from scratch with no mailing list or online friends this is the result I got.

    I know that there are many out there who are earning good money from Teamwork Revolution or GDI (ie monthly biz opps) for example. But I believe that is only because they have been in the game for longer than me and already have a "following" of people who follow them whereever they go.

    Another way to look at it is this, if a one-time payment program costs $10 for example, and you get $1 in commission from that and a monthly program costs $10/month which also gives you $1/month commission, logic dictates that the monthly program will earn you more money right ?

    However you have to take into consideration the difficulty difference. For example if it takes 1 hour of marketing to get someone to join the one time payment matrix, but it takes 10 hours for the monthly matrix (because people are less likely to commit to $10/month forever) than the monthly matrix referral needs to stick with it for at least 10 months to be worth it.

    This is the kind of analysis I have been doing and it turns out my time (personally) is better spent marketing Work for $3 as it is much easier to get signups into that than the monthly programs. Although the commissions are lower and there is no residual income, hour for hour it makes more profit and it has the potential to turn into millions of dollars.

    I'm assuming you make decent money from your monthly programs, which is perhaps why you feel this way. But for me they are not turning out to be the best money maker.

    Everyone has a different experience and I don't think anyone can dictate that this is better than that. For each person it's likely they will have different results. Either way this has been an interesting experience
  15. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I hear what you are saying and there is a time of building in all businesses but the track record is proven with countless viable network marketing companies paying people monthly residual income indefinitely.

    One time pay, cyclers and the like, while they have their place, I suppose, they have no proven track record of sustainability. I can't find one that compares to providing continue monthly residual cash flow like opportunities that have recurring payments.

    I believe that many people fall away from monthly residual income generating opportunities, especially the ones that get you into paying around $100 or more a month is because people can't spend that amount of money, and at the same time spend the same amount or more to advertise the opportunity and build the business.

    But I contend that people are not afraid of residual payments, as we have them in our lives with our monthly bills and thus we at least subconsciously understand the power and potential of them, we just need to understand how to size up what it's going to take to succeed from a marketing stand point in business opportunities that have recurring payments.

    The idea residual income opportunity is going to allow you to break even on the fewest amount of people and that allows for reduction in those that discontinue membership. Two or less is idea, certainly no more than 3. Programs like GDI, which I think you were alluding too, take 10 people to break even, excluding the bonus commission which most don't achieve, so that is a recipe for more failure than success for most that join, and unfortunately many biz opps count on this to survive. But most people don't think about that when they join, and then when things don't happen they wonder why.
  16. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    The main problem I see with these residual payment programs is that the "product" is pretty much useless or goes unused.

    I agree that in life people are used to paying monthly bills, but that's for things that people want and use.

    In the online world, people mainly pay the monthly fee not for the product but for the opportunity to make money by recruiting others.

    If somehow there was an online product that people actually wanted and there was a market for, then that's something I would be very interested in.

    However in my experience, most of the people who join the program never actually use the product. They just try to recruit others in order to make money.

    Your comment about "two or less" for breakeven point is interesting. I highly doubt there is any program that will allow you to break even on less than 2. 2 is the lowest I have ever seen. Teamwork Revolution Power System is doing that at the minute. First time I've seen that so far. It will be interesting to see how that one pans out
  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    There are countless opportunities where people are using the product and have no problem with the recurring membership fees. Biz opps like your Teamwork Revolution, NPN, GDI to name a few that are low cost.

    And heck, we are in all these biz opps to make money. That's why I say one only needs a decent product. People play mind games with themselves talking about the product this, the product that, people join these business to make money. If it were all about the product then the drop out rate would not be what it is. Yes, it's good to have a viable product people can use, but at the end of the day it's about the money...thus the popularity of cash gifting (love it or hate it).

    So people to your point of people using the product it is no different if its one time pay or recurring. As a matter of fact, I think I've used less of the products that are one-time pay then recurring ones.

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