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    If you have decided to work at home (either by choice or necessity), you will have to choose between a work at home job and a home based business. There are significant differences between the two and you should take a decision on the basis of your self-assessment.

    Entrepreneurs are typically people who have a high energy level, are able to set (and achieve) long-term goals, feel quite self-confident, and view money and financial security as a measure of accomplishment and peace of mind. They are further characterized as problem solvers, who take risks, learn from their failures (as well as those of others), accept personal responsibility, seize the initiative, and use all available resources to achieve their success. Entrepreneurs compete with themselves and believe that success or failure lies within their personal control or influence. They do not see setbacks as failures, but rather as learning experiences. Most of all, they exhibit persistence and tenacity, never giving up and never quitting the quest for success. If you fit most of these criteria, you should go for a home business instead of undertaking a work at home job.

    However, the decision to start a home business does not necessarily mean that you have to be the owner of business. You may prefer working at home for an already established company. This is often easier to do than owning a business yourself, if you want to avoid the headaches, responsibilities and obligations that come with owning your own business.

    The advantage of a business from home is that you are your own boss and you set your own schedule. If you do not work then no money comes in. You have to be more vigilant and devote the time and necessary efforts to get some results. The other advantage of a home business is tax factors. If you devote a room to your business, then it will be tax deductible and any expense related to this business will be deductible, from office supply to mortgage expense and so on.

    Let??™s now talk about a home based job. The greatest advantage of a job is that you??™ll receive a regular paycheck. If you put 40 hours of work in, you know you??™ll get paid for those 40 hours no matter what. You may have to send your employer a time sheet stating all the hours you worked. With most work at home jobs you can also count on getting about the same amount of hours. It allows you to plan your day and week around your work schedule easily and spend more time with friends and family. You do not need any upfront investment (Stay away from work at home jobs that ask you for any type of fee. They are scams and fraudulent.). Another advantage of a job is that you??™ll get instant rewards. You work one week, you??™ll get paid the next. However, there is a backside to all this as well. You will still have a boss that tells you what to do. Even at home, he can pester you! Also, you can also lose a job on a moments notice. A job also allows you less flexibility, as your boss and colleagues are depending on you work. But the advantage of the job at home is that there is no commute so you can pretty much start working whenever you want. You don??™t have to be at 8.00 sharp in the office.

    Whatever you are looking for, you will have to do some research and see what best fit your needs.
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    Excellent article. Nothing beats the 30 second commute to work each morning. If you have to work for somone to do it that is still great. Eventually having an internet business you can work for yourself anywhere in the world is a dream I can certainly recommend. This is the best way to have a home business in my opinion.
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    The other thing about working at home is that you have to be a little thick skinned - for most people you are sitting at home doing nothing!
  4. netbiz

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    I think that a lot of the time people want something for nothing. You know what I mean? People don't want to take the time to research and learn, and then act on something that promotes honesty and good values, something you feel good with.
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    Great article and a great topic.

    The biggest problem I've seen with my team is that people look for instant riches and don't treat it like a real business. They would be better off buying a lottery ticket than paying for their monthly MLM!

    So, if you're not prepared to treat it like a real business, invest in it like a real business and look for a ROI of six months or more than you should definitely work for someone else because you are setting yourself up for failure each and every time!


    CSGWAHM New Member

    Great topic.....excellent article!

    I have a few home businesses, plus I'm in the middle of writing my ebook and the one thing you have to do when you have a home based business is treat it like a business. You must be disciplined and put forth the effort. The payoff is huge, it's awesome and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

    Todd.....I totally agree, people expect instant riches and give up way too soon.
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    Building a home business is more work than doing a "job", but ultimately this is where the money and the satisfaction is.
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    Well said, Vishal.
  9. suresh

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    Quoting: pcwork
    The other thing about working at home is that you have to be a little thick skinned - for most people you are sitting at home doing nothing!

    I can relate to that, cuz I am from India and people do that here often. People, even people who supposedly love you, say snide things behind your back, and that hurts. But over the years, I've grown a thick skin, so I don't mind this anymore.

    Back to the topic, though, home business isn't easy, because anyone can start one from anywhere around the world. That means, you compete with people all over the world, unlike conventional businesses, where competition is limited to a certain area, plus it's restricted to those who can invest huge amounts.

    But in home business, it's easy to get started without investment, due to which millions compete with each other. And that makes it all the more difficult to succeed.
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    Great article, thank you

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    Quoting: twnuckSo, if you're not prepared to treat it like a real business, invest in it like a real business and look for a ROI of six months or more than you should definitely work for someone else because you are setting yourself up for failure each and every time!

    I totally agree!For some odd reason a lot of people seem to think that having a business at home will be all money and not much effort - but could it be because of all the hype in the advertising??

    'Start your home business for FREE ' adds make me cringe, because we all know that nothing worth having is free!AND once they do sign up for the 'free' deal, they very soon find out they have to pay for the advertising at least, if nothing else , in order to make any money!!

    To get started in a business out of your home, expect to work hard for the first year to get it up and going and also expect to learn a lot - LOL!(Or at least I did!)

    I am forever grateful that I DID get started because it has changed so many aspects of my just has a way of changing a person from the inside out , by all the things you learn!I am sure anyone in network marketing can identify with that -[​IMG]

    I congratulate anyone that is reading this forum - if you are NOT YET in a business of your own, because you are on the right track , by doing research instead of wasting time , watching your favorite tv show ...[​IMG]

    Much success to all!

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