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    Hi Work From Home Moms!

    My name is Cheryl and I am a mom that works from home! I am with an amazing company that is web based (all done from my laptop) and I want to share with other moms!

    It is actually very easy! The company is called - A website dedicated to the people in our lives that we love! Our kids, spouses, friends, relatives etc. We create private and secure individual time capsules for each of our loved ones with any and all digital files... pics, videos, documents, letters, memories etc.

    All I do is put stuff in my time capsules as I go about my day, tell others about the website and get paid for every referral that signs up, and every referral THEY sign up. Thats it!

    Its fun, easy and can get very lucrative. I am looking for other moms that are interested in learning more about it. It is a fantastic way to make money while still focusing on the important things in life... the people in our lives that we love!

    Feel free to post questions, comments etc. And if you want to learn more, let me know and we can chat!

    Cheers to our success!
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    Do you post stuff about your personal life in the time capsules and how much do you make per referral ?
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    Hi there,

    You can post whatever you want in the time capsules. The security on the site is that of banks and government, it is actually even more secure so you can rest assured that whatever content (pictures, videos, notes, letters, important documents etc.) you put into the capsules for your loved ones will be safe and secure.

    You get $10 per referral, it might not seem like much at first, but the multiples of $10 add up very quickly as you get $10 from everyone that you refer to (you can refer to as many people as you want) who signs up as well as $10 from every referral they sign up... and this goes down 6 rows of sign ups.

    The other great thing is that most if not all people renew their memberships every year, so all the referral commissions that you have will automatically be paid to you again and again every year!

    Its really great! Everyone on board is having a lot of fun with it, making great money and we all have more and more peace of mind knowing that all the important stuff that we want for our family and friends is and will be available for them. And the money is great too :)

    Here is a link for you to the website with some videos and more information as well as a .pdf attached with more info as well. If you have any questions, let me know!



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