Working at Home is a JOB?!

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by greenion, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. greenion

    greenion New Member


    It is a job, that YOU want and a BOSS that you want to work for, YOU.

    That is pretty much all I wanted to mention in this post. Because, too often the new folks fail to realize that working at home can become a job and half. But, the difference is that once you get going, the payoff in the long-term is that you will be able to turn that job into a career.
  2. shaun

    shaun New Member

    Indeed it is...but it is a labour of love!
  3. danjarvis2010

    danjarvis2010 New Member

    I am starting to earn a decent income, at the moment it matches the income from my normal job, and i can only see it getting better so hopefully i can give up my day job soon and comfortably work from home without having to worry about money!
    And yeah, I like the idea of being my own boss too.
    Yes it does require a lot of time and effort to begin with, but it is enjoyable and rewarding.
  4. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Woah, wait, what? I still have to work at it? And by work you mean not sit around and watch TV and think about things I could be doing for my business.

    A Witch! Buuurn HEr!
  5. wealthbuilders

    wealthbuilders New Member

    Yes it is a j-o-b depending on what you do. If you are say a data entry employee working from home, yes thats a job but you get to work from home. There are many home opportunities though that allow you more freedom, once you build up your base, whether thats residual clients, a successful landing page with opt-ins purchasing without a follow-up, etc. You can get to the point where you can take a month or two off of "work" if you wanted to, save for the minor email catch-ups on your vaca! Just work hard in the beginning and you can coast early - if that is your dream. Or work harder and harder, so you can coast later in life for longer!

    I hope everyone here can achieve their dreams and build wealth from home!

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