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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Sean Quah, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Sean Quah

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    Did anyone here bought Work From Home Report by #1 Super Affiliate, is a great report for newbies to working at home people, initially i bought it because i was curious about the content with just $9.99 only, and most important thing is that 8 weeks refund guarantee, but i ended up spending like $200 over with the complete upgrade. One of the plan is to promote other merchant product as an affiliate marketers.

    I sign-up to become joint venture partner where i promote the same report that i bought using the model in the report. The plan is actually very simple, initially i don't think it worth the price of $200. But i have no risk because it provide me full refund within 8 weeks. After few week following through the simple plan. I manage to get few sale. Great, now i already break even. Following sale will be my profit.

    In my opinion there are many people trying to sell us something online. But usually end up doing nothing, because we never take action. I am not sure other products/report and many product also offering full refund but this actually make some real money for me.
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    It's actually $9.97 at their official site: htttp://

    Is the report without the upgrades any good?[​IMG]
  3. Sean Quah

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    About the upgrade, If you interested in my very own opinion, it is great starting point for beginner who are thinking to enter the working from home online. You will be exposed to few proven techniques to make money online. But is not a magic system, you have take action, and persistence, to provide value to your targeted market.

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