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    Hi chaps,

    Something I've been doing for a while now is Matched Betting and is a pretty easy way to make money from your own home. I know it can be done in the UK, but not sure about other countries. I think the principles should be the same.

    It simply involves taking advantage of free bookmaker bets when you sign up with them but it's basically a method on how to cash them out risk free. I've made a few grand from it in less than a year. The bookmakers are slowly catching on but there's still good money to be made.

    The site I use is the Matched Betting Centre, and unlike others out there, it's absolutely free.

    It's good loads of tutorials, step by step guides, and it's generally easy to follow. I recommend anyone in the UK to give match betting a shot. If at least for the sign up bookmaker promotions where you can make at least £1,000.

    You WILL need a laptop though
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    That's seems a good way to make money. I also make money from home through Affiliate Marketing
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    Can I ask what niche you are involved in?
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