Working on little to no sleep is a business killer.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by discrat, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. discrat

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    Happened to me a couple of days ago. Just got a couple of hours sleep during the night. As a result, I was just unable to physically do any posting to my Blogs as I was scheduled to do.

    This put me behind and had readers who we accustomed to me posting at this particular time probably puzzled, etc...

    It made me realize the importance of sleep and not to take it for granted !!

    I am wondering what many of you do when sleep deprivation occurs and it threatens the status of your business ?

    Robert Andrew
  2. Art

    Art Member

    That is true but unfortunately if you really want to be successful you'll need to sacrifice sleep... It is a bit of a deadly circle since you're not being very productive if you didn't have a good nice sleep...
    The most successful people however are willing to do what the others aren't!
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  3. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    Hi Robert!

    I think everybody suffers from lack of sleep, eventually. The important thing is to keep it from turning into insomnia.
    You shouldn't work on the computer when it's close to bedtime. This actually interferes with the brain's ability to settle down and let you sleep.
    Avoid anything stimulating....thriller movies, exercise, caffeine, etc....
    Instead of a hot bath, try a warm one...almost at body temp. Heat can also act as a stimulant.

    I don't think anybody's business is going to fold if they take a little break from it. The great thing about today's technology, is that there are so many tools that you can use to put your site on autopilot with.

    Not getting adequate sleep will eventually lead to some form of dysfunction in your body. It could possible lead to disease later. If this happens, you'll miss a heck of a lot of time working your biz.
    My advice would be to take the time, now, to keep yourself healthy. You can build another business. You don't get another life!

    Here's to a good night's sleep,
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  4. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    Yes I have, and the restlessness that proceeds it can be both a blessing and a curse. For me, there are times where I will forego sleep because I am excited and getting a lot of things done, but at the same time I give myself a time to cut it short and get some rest. To spin off from Art, sometimes it is best to stay up and get the things you need to out; but at the same time a scheduled routine does help to get the promoting out there while still giving time for rest. Also, the more you work your routine the more your body and mind will get in tune, and your creativity will come out during those scheduled times.

    Best of Success to you!
  5. whitney black

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    Yes sleep is very important. We often get so excited to make money online that we forget about sleep and our basic needs. I'm really guilty of htis myself.
  6. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Sounds like me when I first started.... I was drowning myself in coffee everyday.... However, you work way more productively and effectively when you have slept.... Shame sometime the mind won't let you :(
  7. Anders J

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    Even super heros need to sleep and also any bad guys.

    Do what you love and the energy will flow. Just listen to how your body feels at all times and take great care of it. Hungry or need sleep. Do it!

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