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    I am interested to work as a freelance content writer. Are there any genuine sites that provide content writing work without any initial investment. The remuneration being received in Indian Rupees. I would also like to ask the forum if they have any idea about the sites which offer free data entry/ transcription(not medical)work that can be done from home using Home based PC, thereby earning around Rs.10000 and above. If yes, then please inform me about the sites.
  2. pcwork

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    There are many ads on Craigslist for writing jobs, check the company first and then apply
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    associated content is amazing!
  4. Kecia08

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    Try these:

    You can start at each site for free. The sites are similar to Ebay, except you bid on jobs. If you win a project, there will be a fee taken out of your earnings. There are also paid memberships available for the first two.
  5. aplina

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    l would also agreed with elance try it out there lots of people of India there
  6. cupbucket

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    Try going to

    They are a freelance company through which you may find some work.


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