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  1. Utopia

    Utopia New Member

    Just checking in to see if there are any other WorldVentures Reps here in the forum.

    For those that do not know WorldVentures is the fastest growing Travel mlm in the world. It launched in 2005 and is located in Plano,TX.
    In its first year it grew to over 30,000 reps and in 2007 we are way ahead of that pace.

    It is very unique to the travel industry as they use sole-proprietary technology to find the best deals in the net. They also offer a private vacation club to its members. This is what sets WV apart from any other travel mlm.

    WV is "featured" in this months (June) issue of Your Business at Home magazine, a national publication.

    Enough about he company, you can click my links to learn more. My main goal was to see if there were others in te company here.

  2. lilmama0500

    lilmama0500 New Member

    Does anybody have any information on the World Ventures travel work at home program, It sounds interesting and seems more affordable then other travel businesses I have looked at

  3. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    From what I see Worldventures is growing and growing fast. This what I love about the MLM industry it gives you so much variety and freedom with good companies like Worldventures. Always remember success comes in how many eyeballs you can send to your worldventures site.

    A good source of traffic is twitter, myspace and others. Best practice is to first build relationship with people in those communities. Find people with similar interest than you, and build relationship with them. Doing this the right way will eliminate the need to pitch your business to friends and family. That's how I do it and it works very well

    I hope this helps! [​IMG]
  4. Malamphy

    Malamphy Guest

    Hello I am a Rep. with World Ventures and I am loving every second of it!!! I have always been an entrepreneur and owned several companies, but when the economy went south a little while back "my personal businesses were a direct reflection" I kept my eyes open for additional streams of income.I watched World Ventures pretty close and decided with the rapid growth in a short amount of time "in a down economy" to jump on board and have not looked back since.I am truly amazed at how well the company/products/support system/training and tools are put together.Best business decision I have ever made in my life.Hope this helps!!
  5. LuckyLou

    LuckyLou New Member

    Hello, I am a World Ventures Rep as well. For the record I love this company and the amazing products it has to offer. Now I've been an active member for some time now and I must say recruiting people to join my business wasn't easy at first. I experienced success as I charged through my warm market, but after I had exhausted my warm market I didn't know where to go. So I turned to the INTERNET for solution, and well I haven't looked back since. I discovered a system that completely facilitated the use of the internet. This system has been helping me to generate income through affiliate programs and grow my business organization at the same time. I couldn't imagine a better method of generating numerous leads at a consistent rate! So with that being said If you are interested in learning how I did this just simply check this out!

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