Writing articles drives traffic to your website!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by twnuck, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Claire93

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    I'm not the one who is good at writing articles, so in some situations when I really have no time, I order them online. Never used those sites above. But used for several times prime writings.
  2. KThiruselvam

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    Where do you post your written articles to draw attention to your website? If the articles are within your website, how do new people know your existence and how do the existing base know your new article is available for reading? Retaining the existent is one issue. Gaining new is another. Together the issue is monumental. Your advise to a newcomer?
  3. AnneSamantha

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    Hi I write for EzineArticles just looked at my stats Article views 12838 live articles 391 yes it works and it is free, but only a proportion click through. Articles must be unique, interesting, informative, sometimes humorous and relate to your website /business. It is posted on their website & yours if you like, others go and read it and you will have a link to something you are selling or promoting on your website. Go to Ezine articles.com sign up its free and read the instructions, they also have a help desk. If your first article gets declined don't give up you'll get the hang of it - read what others write! Best Wishes

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