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    To get anywhere in life, weather it be starting up a Milk Run - opening up a shop in your local Shopping Centre - or starting up a multi-million dollar Transport Company, you need to be on the right train that is on the right track.

    Too many people develop a desire to succeed in something that will offer them a better lifestyle but become bogged down by the comparative "BS" that others used to try and motivate them. Often with the desire to succeed fast without any applied effort these people will often choose a business that will promise them the world, but will take them nowhere fast.

    I read with interest a post by asskusabouttrav at: Just something that I read and enjoyed. Thought Id share where the author states that if your appeal is "want", you will end up being consumed with a never ending supply of "want" ??“ you will always be wanting but very rarely achieving.

    I liken this to being at Grand Central Station with train lines going out in all directions. One of these lines takes you to the destination you desire and all the rest take you away from it.

    Just imagine you have a day off work and you desire to go and visit your aged Aunt. You roll up to the train station that will allow you to get to where she lives and while you were in line to get your ticket someone started spruiking about their destination and you jumped on their train ??“ the wrong train on the wrong track.

    Though it may be an exciting trip, it would not take you to your Aunt - You really needed to get on the right train that was on the right track.

    What is interesting is that everyone gets to Grand Central Station to jump on a train to get them to their future and 95% of these people end up going down the wrong track.

    Do not despair ??“ if you feel you may be on the wrong track, chalk it up to experience and use the knowledge you have gained so far to help you choose the right track that is specific for you and the destination you desire. Don't be scared to go back to Grand Central Station and jump to the right track.

    Remember one important thing ??“ The track you choose will require hard work, heaps of research, ongoing refinement and the desire to succeed no matter how long it takes ??“ make sure your train is not stalled or going backwards.

    I know there are many other important ingredients necessary for your success, none more so than the right company or track. Do not take anything on blind faith ??“ A good business operator knows everything about his business. Make a point of researching what is required to formulate a business plan ??“ this is a great way of deciding if your track is the right one ??“ The very least that could happen here is it could save you years of frustration.

    I have saved the best till last in this post.......

    You need the right mindset ??“ giving being much better than taking......

    Join a Community Group ??“ Work as a volunteer with a Children's Charity ??“ Volunteer your time at your local school ??“ Make regular donations to Oxfam....... Do this without any ulterior motive ??“ do it because you enjoy helping people and want to make a difference. Too many people are out there adopting this mindset, but concentrate all their efforts on making money from the people they help.

    A movie comes to mind..... Kevin Costner in a baseball movie called "Field of Dreams". Kevin's character is plagued with recurring spectral contact ??“ ghostly words saying "If You Build It They Will Come" ??“ Great analogy as long as you are on the "Right Train on the Right Track"


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