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  1. g_bose2002

    g_bose2002 New Member

    I want to know about that company.
  2. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Its pretty similar to dataentrypro.com and another waste of investment...
  3. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    yes!! this sites are same as dataentrypro.com , dont waste you r mony for getting data entry job online from this type of company. Because as far as my knoledge and my from my experience I can say that there is no data entry jobs atall.

    With regards
  4. g_bose2002

    g_bose2002 New Member

    www.noscamzone.net certifies that the programme is 100% legitimate & their logo indicates that.
    Any Remarks from the forum ?
  5. g_bose2002

    g_bose2002 New Member

    I have received the latest reply from www.noscamzone.net in my mailbox. I am giving herewith
    "Yes we read this the first time you sent it. None of these people have ever even signed up wit the program so they are just guessing as to what it is. If you do not want to join them based on what these people say then do not join them. I am a member of theres and I have been very happy with there program."
  6. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Quoting: g_bose2002 None of these people have ever even signed up wit the program so they are just guessing as to what it is

    The site noscamzone.net is just about registered only 5 months back and you just visit the site and check it out The Rick Jerk and Survey Scout are in affiliate links, that is datapr, so its cleared that both the dataprocessors.biz and noscamzone.net are owned by the same companies

    so there, you have sent the mail asking about dataprocessors.biz to noscamzone.net [​IMG]

    I think dataprocessors.biz is similar to dataentrypro and dataentrypro is about promoting clickbank products using adwords and dataprocessors.biz is might be promoting clickbank or any other products using Yahoo Publisher... so both are same...
  7. g_bose2002

    g_bose2002 New Member

    Thak you for your reply.But anywhere you don't say that the company does not pay.Have you any concrete evidence that they are simply not paying or you only guessing that the company does not pay.You say that you think that the dataprocessors.biz & dataentrypro is simillar but you also not sure about that. I need a 100% concrete evidence that the dataprocessors does not pay. I am applying through this forum that any member of this forum who also has a dataprocessors.biz's member not getting payment from the company. I need a honest & valued comments from the forum member
  8. sueZQ

    sueZQ New Member

    I joined dataprocessors.biz about 2 months ago and I have been very pleased with them. One thing that really immressed me was that when I signed up they gave me a telephone number for customer support. I have gotten three checks from them so far wityhout any hassel, so I would say that they do pay.
  9. sueZQ

    sueZQ New Member

    Also they helped me a lot to get started and with any questions that I had.
  10. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I find that that one of the keys to squashing a potential scam is having a telephone number. So many of these businesses are fly by night and don't even have an office. So, if you want to kill the scam right at the beginning always give customer service a call! If they don't have a number then be wary - very wary


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