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  1. Markanthony

    Markanthony New Member

    Has anyone heard of this company?. Are they legit?. I heard of this thru a Christian website- as a business opportunity. It looks to me like they are 3rd party providers of shipping services thru Ebay/ other websites. It sounds like it may be legit?......but then you never can tell these days. Appreciate any info.
  2. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    i've never heard of them before. You are right though, you never know these days.. I suggest searching google and checking if there is any more info about the company![​IMG]
  3. scammed_n_pissed

    scammed_n_pissed New Member

    Do not do anything for expert-bid!

    It appears the damage is done for now as the site for expertbid.biz and the site you noted above is down.

    Also, all emails from Mihail Orlov are being bounced back from the server.

    Haven't found anything yet other than this posting, but am about to do some research for sure.
  4. Macy

    Macy New Member

    Quoting: scammed_n_pissedIt appears the damage is done for now as the site for expertbid.biz and the site you noted above is down.

    Could you pplease tell me what kind of damge has been done?
  5. Markanthony

    Markanthony New Member

    Thanks for your response...have'nt clicked in a while. I found out about expertbid. thru a Christian jobposting website- they have since removed this company from their site. Now I know why. Tks
  6. scammed_n_pissed

    scammed_n_pissed New Member

    I'm still not sure exactly what is going to result. I do however have a negative balance in my Pay Pal account of $5200.

    Appearantly, what expertbid did was deposit funds into my account using either fraudulent credit card accounts or phished info from legitamate accounts.

    Western Union provided some info about what potentially happened when I spoke to the Fraud department rep. on the phone.

    Pay Pal has not provided any information.

    What happened after correspondence relating to verifying my address and job functions (i.e. receive shipments to verify contents and ship to people who purchased at eBay or transfer money for items sold on eBay for users without paypal accounts), I received the following instructions from Mihail Orlov after verifying my address:


    Please check your paypal account

    2600$ from our client

    15% of amount 390$ you earn

    200$ - paypal and western union fees

    please sent 2010$ to our manager today via western union

    Receiver First name - Viktoriya
    Receiver Last name - Volkova
    Receiver Country - Russia
    Receiver City - Moscow

    And email me Sender name, sender country and MTCN number of Western union transfer for receiving money

    Thank you


    I did as instructed and after observing the charge back I contacted Mihail. Unfortunately the site was down by then and all emails (Mihail Orlov; ebay ebay [mihail_orlov@exprtbid.biz]; mailto:mihail_orlov@yahoo.com; Mihail Orlov [m.orlov@cnn.com]) bounced back.

    Pay Pal has not been very helpful in responding and all that I know thus far is that I have had both $2600 deposit charged back. Which now leaves me with a negative ~$5200 balance.

    I am assuming Pay Pal will write off as they have insurance as well. Have to see what comes of it as I was able to recover one of the transactions after contacting Western Union. One was picked up however.

    I filed a police report and once I receive my check back from Western Union for the service charge, I will deposit the $2600 back into my paypal account.

    Very frustrating and I feel like a complete idiot as I am a computer geek who should know better than trusting a business offer received by email without interviewing someone from the business.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Scammed_N_Pissed_2

    Scammed_N_Pissed_2 New Member

    Dude, the same S@#t happened to me!! if you hear of anything from Paypal, please let me know! I've tried to reach Mihail Orlov, and getting no reponse...
    My paypal account is screwed, 2Gs in the whole! I signed up for repackaging audio and video equipment, I'm not even sure how this happened!!
  8. sonyam

    sonyam New Member

    SCAM! My pay pal account is neg. 1500. cause of this company. They change the url to the website ofton. Any thing from Mihail Orlov is a scam! His name was also the one associated with another scam that my sister fell for. Cant remember what it was from though. I would like to know whose paypal account the money was sent from from those of you who have been scammed by this company. The reason I ask is because the lady who sent me the money, I emailed her back & asked her to varifiy that she had sent it. She replied yes she did. I told paypal that & that I still had her email & offered to forward it to them But they did not want it. If the money came from the same persons account then maybe she was in on the scam. If so, I think we should all be able to settle it with paypal. Email me at sonyam@logantele.com if you were scamed by this also!
  9. BernAllen

    BernAllen New Member

    Scammed_N_Pissed_2 & sonyam,

    Same thing had happened to me, it looks like, please let me know what you will do.

    Email me pleaassee...bmanaois@hotmail.com

  10. BernAllen

    BernAllen New Member

    Please let me know if you guys received any responses or what the outcome of yours is. I am unfortunately in the same predicament.

  11. oceanmontana

    oceanmontana New Member

    the below email is from today from what seems to be the company that you are referring to....thought it might help for those of you who participated as i found this email in my inbox, googled and found these postings:

    Part-time Position: Correspondence manager vacancies.

    ATTO Company is looking for new candidates for the shipping manager position.

    We are the world's largest global transportation company, operating in more than 18 countries and territories and employing 200 people worldwide. Many Internet auctions and stores in the US do not ship the products overseas. As the result thousands of customers in Europe and Asia are not able to access the large market and purchase high-quality merchandise at so low prices. Our service is in the ever-growing demand. Today we have more then 80 merchandise managers on the territory of the United States and Canada but quantity of our customers increases and we plan to expand.

    As a part-time employee, you'll have access to the following benefits:

    ??? $3,100 per month

    ??? You need 8-10 hours free during the week, not more

    ??? $38,000 per year

    ??? Free UPS shipping

    ??? Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents

    ??? Weekly paychecks

    ??? Direct deposit

    ??? Set work schedule

    ??? And more others benefits, which you can find on our web site or call in our Careers Center!

    More information about this position and our company you can find on our web site at:


    With best regards, Mihail Orlov,

    Project manager, ATTO Company
  12. tzvibenmoshe

    tzvibenmoshe New Member

    Hi I received this email from Mihail today as well.
    After reading all these posts I emailed him the following:
    Sorry, Mihail.
    Have you ever searched for your name on Google?
    Not very pleasant things come up.
    I just don't know how you sleep at night....
    I wish you will eventually come back to the straight path and earn money legitimately.
    Have you no dignity as a human being?

    Henry Frank

    To which his response was:
    Whether to you to Americans to speak about advantage? Look that in the world
    it is created. You grasp soon all world, but on Russia break off as Napoleon
    and Gitler!

    Umm - translation please? Anyone?
  13. Markanthony

    Markanthony New Member

    Wow.....haven't been on this forum for a couple of months- working P/T security; 8:50 an hour- 2 or 3 nights a week- long arduous work, and since they prefer 8 to 12 hour shifts, I've had to do a couple of round-the-clock tours. Can't keep it up, it's too hard on my health & nerves, along with my day job, consequently back to looking for good at-home p/t opp.

    Expert-Bid, looks like they were expert scammers!
  14. scammed_also

    scammed_also New Member

    scammed_n_pissed, how did you go about contacting western union. i'm going thru the same thing right now.
  15. sirtiksalot

    sirtiksalot New Member

    I would seriously consider filing a complaint with the FBI's Cyber Crimes Division at 'http://www.ic3.gov/complaint'
  16. rjones55

    rjones55 New Member

    To: <
    Subject: We glad to see you
    Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 9:37 PM

    My name is Maria Ivanova. I am a manager of Bidding Expert Company.
    We would like to offer the perspective career to you. We propose a vacancy of the regional agent. The average salary will be about $2000-4500 monthly. You can familiarize with our current vacancy.
    REASON : Most customers prefer to pay within their own country and it's much faster than sending an international Money Order. Small companies can't transfer international transactions. And have restricion to do international transfers. But our personal clients have business in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, and they can't receive international payments. Your task is receiving and transferring payments to our clients.
    You will receive and cash out several types of payments: Direct Bank Deposit, PayPal payments and rarely Money Orders. Having a PayPal account gives you an advantage of accepting even more payments.
    1) Your salary is 7% from each payment.

    2) You don't need to wait end of month to get paid. You salary share included to each payment.

    3) You not spend your own money. All charges to withdrawal or transfer money will be shared at payment.

    4) Your financial information will never reach to third parts. It's safe, private and secured type of PayPal payments.

    5) You can work 1-3 hours per day or fulltime.

    6) No matter what's your education or status.

    You can contact with me and ask any questions by email: mariaivanovabidexpert@yahoo.com

    Best regards, Maria Ivanova


    Delovoj Tupik 37

    109172, Moscow, Russia

    +7 495 9230030
  17. lwhite2002

    lwhite2002 New Member

    They are now at http://www.bidexperts.biz ,This sounds very much to be just another phishing ,check scam, note the out of country address ,phone # , also this could be a cell phone # only ,note work payments sent every two weeks after sending out many pkgs. ,boxes which could easily contain only fraud check payments for item 's purchased via many classified ad sites re;www. Craig'slist.com etc.?
  18. rocketred3

    rocketred3 New Member

    I just received a job offer from Mikhail Volkov.
    Advertising the same as all the info listed here.
    Thanks to all who posted before.
    their sign off included


    Bidding Expert, Inc.
    Lenina street 17
    109172, Moscow, Russia
    +7 (495) 348-3498
    +7 (495) 190-9090

    Estonia, Tallin
    Peterburitee 81,10320
    Phone/Fax: +3 720 600 9350

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