Xango (Mangosteen Fruit Juice)

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    [​IMG] Hi, Anyone out there ever taken or heard of this juice? Made from 100% Mangosteen fruit juice. Ever seen the Compensation Plan for this? I researched it and found it to be an awesome juice and the plan is even more terriffic. It is a Terrific Home based Oppertunity.
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    It's garbage. Anything bottled requires pasteurization, which means boiling it, which kills the enzymes, the life giving nutrients and phytonutrients. It's way overpriced, like Goji, Noni, and Monavie. In order to recoup your investment you have to resell it to other people for a price that's high. It's like selling drugs. I quit Mannatech for the same reason. It's too expensive. $120 a month for Ambrotose? When all it is is crushed up aloe vera and some other ingredients that cost the company about $1.20 a bottle? That's why Mannatech has $700 million in the profits--they are ripping people off. And that's what you'll be doing when you sell Mangosteen.

    If you really want to help people get well, do it for FREE. Have them visit:



    I even made a website where they can get FREE cures for cancer, arthritis, obesity. It's at:

    [Link removed - Admin]

    How do I make money on my website? Through donations, and I encourge visitors to buy something that I advertise.

    Don't sell Mangosteen. It's an MLM that caters to people's fears and rips them off.

    Here's how you get healthy:

    1) drink 1/2 gallon of water a day. add teaspoon of sea salt to 2 glasses of water a day and drink
    2) eat 75% raw fruits and vegetables - they're cheap at the local produce stand. no need to buy organic.
    3) eliminate milk (www.milksucks.com)
    4) eliminate meat (www.meat.org)
    5) use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, flax oil
    6) use brown rice, throw your white rice in the garbage
    7) grow your own herbs
    8) get an hour of aeorobic exercise every day
    9) get at least 15 min to 1/2 hour of sunshine a day
    10) drink your own urine a few times a week
    11) go to curebug.com and follow "Dr. Budwig's cancer cure - cottage cheese & flax seed oil"

    That's it. That's how you get healthy.

    Kris Kemp
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    I signed on as a distributor of Xango in Feb of this year. I very much liked the product and the company seemed to be top notch.
    Their sales seem to be going thru the roof. I decided after trying the product and asking questions thru the corporate offices that the opportunity was just not for me. Some of the issues that infuenced my decision were, the relative pricing of the product ($30-50.00/ bottle), an MLM business plan which I feel was going to be very hard to make money in., Xango was very good about refunding my monies, and even let me keep my first case of mangosteen juice. Again aside from a slow response on one of my questions just a great overall experience.
    I personally feel that there are better non MLM opportunities avaialable on line. MLM's can be very tough as you become so dependant on everybody in your organization and their relative training level to keep the green flowing to you. Pricing is a very key point, if you are going to work at home, do you want to spend your avaialable time selling a $30-50.00 item or selling a product priced at $300-1000. It takes the same energy to market either item, however at the end of the month the dollars are totally different for the same sales level.
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    Hi spirk02 and all other people

    I've read that you join and leave the mangosteen opportunity.
    I'm wondering why you leave? Because I joined at mymangosteen
    in june this year, and I believe to get within a year a monthly income.

    [​IMG]This is a really good product and healthy too. I find it nice to
    work with this product, I'm drinking Xango every day and my
    daughter enjoys it also. We feel great and it's not too much money
    to have my own home business.

    May I ask why you leaving? Was it the product or do you not
    believe that this is a great chance to have your own business?

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