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    There is a new standard in accounting and federal documunetation submission moving into the limelight called XBRL. I don't know if anyone is yet familiar with this application yet as it is primarily being used by big businesses that are licensed LLC or larger corporate hierarchy. My friend and closest partner in business Chuck Williams (who is an accountant for a prestigious local accounting firm) has noted that there are currently no real tangible small or intermediate sized business applications for this yet. Since this software is being constantly re-developed and improve by way of open source public licensing he wishes to take advantage of this fact and re-tool and utilize the software for local businesses. Anyone with programming knowledge who wants to help and get on board should check out http://xbrl.org and look over the free training and discussion areas. We will be hosting a special section for this at http://host11472.com/forum and hopefully others will post here on this site. If enough people respond... Chuck and I intend to host a local convention at the Meadowview Conference and Convention Center here in Kingsport TN in the furture regarding this and it's future for implementation and marketing around the country and quite possibly ... the world. This could be a very lucrative and more likely an unprecedented turn for small business. You can contact us directly with input and suggestions at cewtrw@chartertn.net and at xbrldevelopment@host11472.com . We will be putting up a website very soon for people to join and take part in the development. Thanx.

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