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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by Ialix_Burgh, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Ialix_Burgh

    Ialix_Burgh New Member

    Well, I'll start with the basics.

    Hi! *waves*

    Im new to the server and, well, Ive learned quite abit just by looking over the site - thanks so much for offering this information in a succinct, easy to understand format!

    I was expecting alot of scams, but gee whiz - its gnarly out there these days!

    Now, onto the bit thats important... Not that the above bit wasnt important, but... well, you get the idea...

    Ive got abit of a dilema, and Ill try to lay it out as clear as I can for those of you gracious enough to offer your input.

    Im a college student, currently off for the summer, but will be starting up again full-time in the Fall.
    I have abit of an anxiety disorder that, well, makes it an OBSCENE pain for me to get a 'normal' college-student job- I wouldnt go as far as to say Im 'anti-social', but Im really not the sort who enjoys your average service job. It has a rather profound effect on me physically (ie, get the 'shakes' and cramps when nervous or stressed), and though it dosnt actually interfere with my ability to work/run/etc, it certainly allows for alot of rather embarrassing/awkward situations and leaves me an over-stressed mess of a person.
    Long story short, it always ends the same: one day I wake up and just cant push myself past the crap thats going on in my head, and I end up quiting because I just dont want to 'face the crowd', so to speak.

    Ive tried getting help for it, but all theyve been able to suggest is drugs; and Im not willing to enter a constant state of 'daze-happy' to fix the situation.

    That being said - I need the moneys [​IMG]

    Its been about 6+ months now since I left my last job (pizza delivery) and , if it werent for a very understanding father Id be on the bloody curb at this point. But dang-nabbit, Im well over 20 years old and should be standing on my own two feet- or trying to anyway.
    So, I decided to look into work online; seeing as I spend a large quantity of time on the internet/computer as is, and itd be great to find a way to make money doing that.

    What did I find?

    Well, to be honest, it was alot to process - this site is great, but it can be hard to tell who not/to trust, even in an environment like this. Ive seen a few posts that were edited by admins, which leads me to believe theres at least some faction of scam-artists lurking in the shadows, even here.

    In a very basic sense, I learned:
    A. there is no get rich quick scheme
    B. most of the offers are bogus to the extreme
    C. things like survey taking and such CAN provide income; albeit it seems rather complicated (and not quite my bag).

    So, at some point I come across this 'article' (which I can no longer find btw; likely due to being a computer-skill idiot - more on that below) that was talking about some kind of 'Marketing' and website production, etc etc...
    Well, to be honest, something like this sounds right up my alley.

    I read that its optimal to find a 'niche', usually based on a topic/hobby that realy interests you.
    But, well.... Im lost.
    Blunt is my way sometimes [​IMG]

    Abit about me:
    - Ive always enjoyed writing, ESPECIALLY when I have free-reign to write what I want, and have a relative knack with words - or so Ive been lead to believe :p
    - I am an AVID reptile keeper/breeder, and hope to begin picking up my breeding projects sometime before the end of this year (ie, profits incoming; if done right).
    - I have (recently) been involved in abit of online gaming
    - Ive done some rather extensive travelin in my short life (been to all over the US and Europe and lived 2 years in southern california), albeit Ive been rather stationary the last year or so (now living in Pennsylvania)
    - Im currently 23 y/o, am enrolled in a pretty good college, do not drink, and dont really have much of a social life because of that :\

    Ive been involved in forums regarding both the online gaming and reptile-keeping and I really would like to find some way to encorporate all this into a website/'blog'-type thing in order to garnish some funds from my hobbies. And by 'funds', Im talkin like $300/2 weeks approximately - if I can do better, woohoo; but Id be MORE than happy with that. I assume this will take quite some time - but Im willing (and able) to put in the time and energy to make it happen. I seem to have a knack for making people laugh (and enjoy it quite abit), which makes me think Id really enjoy having a space where I can basically blather on about things that interest me, offer up news about wildlife (such as conservation news, random interesting tidbits of information, and chances to help protect various species) and maybe give people a laugh or 2.

    Now, that sounds well and good, but truthfully?
    Im lost in a dark room with a blindfold on.

    My computer skills are... lets say 'rudimentary', as that sounds nicer than 'crappy'.
    Dont get me wrong - I can handle most windows-oriented programs and the like. My website design skills are non-existent, and Im in no real way 'internet savy' - I know how to do what I need to do or I figure it out on my own.... or I eventually throw my hands in the air with exasperation and walk away forever :p

    That being said, I dont like my chances of going it alone - as is, my knowledge is too basic to do the job properly and thats likely to lead to failure.

    Once again I was reading, and I came to notice that someone stated that it REALLY helps to have someone with experience/knowledge to aid you in such an endeavor....
    I was wondering/hoping/wishing-upon-a-star that someone in here would be willing to help me out on a one-to-one basis.
    Im not talking 'this is the mouse key, it goes 'click'' type stuff - just pointing me in the right direction from time to time, answering some of the questions I cant figure out on my own, and generally just being a good samaritan for this dense-headed college fellow.
    Dropping a PM my direction would be the best way to contact me for something like that, and my appreciation.... I cannot describe the depth of the well of appreciation that would burst forth from such an act on my behalf (and if things worked out, Id have little issue with throwing the individual some $$ for their time, effort and all-around good-will).

    Still, I can only assume that such a thing would take time, energy and the like from people who are worn out as it is - so I cant say Im expecting much...

    So, given what Ive said above, any suggestions off the bat?
    Even very general guidance would be appreciated, as I really just have NO IDEA where to go from here - theres so many options and statements from people and what not, that discerning whats-what would take me a bloody month or 2 I reckon :\

    Oh, and out of curiosity (as well as to make this fit the General Chat gig), anyone here lived/worked in Australia?

    Whats it like compared to the US?
    Ive lived in both the northeastern US and southwest, and I cant say that either really fit my character - ones a total bore, the others a whirlwind of activity.

    Ive been considering taking a trip (possibly long-term) to Ozz, to get a feel for the place. The wildlife is simply amazing and would offer me a chance to gain career experience (Im getting the education now to become a Herpetologist - studier of reptiles/amphibians), and the environment is just beautiful.

    Still, thats a LOOOOOOOOONG trip! I moved from PA -> California, and that was a big deal for me- not sure Im up to ocean hopping just yet unless theres something really worth it on the other side.

    Anyway, HI!
    Hope to hear from you all [​IMG]
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

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  3. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Ialix_Burgh,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I expect you will do well building a website. [​IMG]

    I can help you with several of your questions.

    First of all, I'll send you a PM with some good solid information to help you on your way, and, of course, I'm happy to answer questions for you as you need.

    I knew far less than you do when I started 18 months ago, so it is definitely do-able. I didn't have anyone specific to tutor me through it, but with SBI I had fabulous instructions and tools as well as a very supportive forum to teach me the ropes.

    Secondly, you DEFINITELY should consider choosing something to do with your reptile breeding or similar as a niche. The fact that you have a great love for the subject as well as a good bit of experience will be a huge advantage. It will also make the entire process an enjoyable adventure.

    Third, I'm from the US but live in Australia. My husband and I have been missionaries here for the past nearly 12 years. It's an interesting place. We live in the north/tropics so we have hot and humid summers and chilly, but mild winters (it's winter now).

    The place has a different look and feel than the US, but it has its own uniqueness. You probably know we have the majority of the world's most deadly snakes! My husband is real snake lover, too, and is always catching and releasing the natives.

    We're up by the Great Barrier Reef, so you'll have to let us know if you ever do get this way. The cost of living is really high, I'll have to admit. We're currently paying over $6.50 per gallon of gas (petrol)! So you'd definitely need to save up a bit.

    Finally, I'm really sorry to hear about your anxiety disorder. That can be a real challenge. I applaud you for avoiding the drugs. Not many people have a "drug deficiency." [​IMG]

    I wonder if you've ever considered some natural remedies that you might benefit from. There are certain herbs, vitamins, and minerals that may really help. If you are interested in trying something like that, let me know and I'll point you to the one's I'd try to start with it.

    Pleasure meeting you. I'm off to post you a PM now.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Ialix_Burgh,

    You are definitely a very gifted writer - I am totally taken by your style. And happywife is right - you could do very well with your own website.

    I am in home businesses and that is a totally different angle than building a website - and with your knack at writing.....just make sure you come back and here and let me have a peek at your website or whatever you decide to do as I would love to read more of your stuff.

    Just let happywife lead you by the hand - she knows what she is talking about and is an excellent guide....[​IMG]

    (hey happywife - I didn't know you guys were missionaries. That is awesome....[​IMG])
  5. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    mountainmom5: (hey happywife - I didn't know you guys were missionaries. That is awesome...

    Yes, it is rather - challenging but awesome. [​IMG]
  6. PennyWise

    PennyWise New Member

    I'd like to throw in my postitive vote on your writing style it is very comfortable to read.

    You could do very well with a blog. Maybe a community like is more your thing than say being a car salesman. I only recently learned about it and am only dabbling, so I'm not even going to link you to my rather, uh, "rudimentary" Lens.


    The good thing there is it's free, easy and you split the ad revenue 50/50 with Squidoo. The other thing is, there's traffic as a whole and I'm sure with some effort (like chatting up the forums there) you could gather a crowd and build your rep.

    Does that sound like what you'd like to do? Or are you looking for something else?
  7. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    Ialix -
    You have some great things going for you, writing skills, youth, and being willing to ask for help. I'm too new to give any great advice but I do know that you can learn a lot reading this forum and other forums plus to find out where you fit in and what you want to do. Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone has their own special gifts and talents. If you know what those are invest time in developing them so you can incorporate them in your work to accomplish your goals.
  8. NavPitt

    NavPitt New Member

    Welcome aboard,

    You will find a lot of good info/advice on this forum as you already have seen! If possible check this forum out everyday, and periodically send some PMs if you have any questions.

    You do have a nice writing style. Freelance might be a path for you to try.

  9. mominva21106

    mominva21106 New Member

    Hi! I'm new as well [​IMG] just joined today as a matter of fact.I'm young too.
    I'm 3yrs older than you are,so I'm still considered "young".

    I have a 2yr old daughter,I've been trying to find a job at home
    and so far I've noticed A LOT are scams. I only have a 10th grade skill level,but I honestly find it hilarious when companies say, you have to have a HS diploma when they're going to train you anyways! I'm going to try to get my GED,Though being at home with a 2yr old isn't easy. [​IMG]
    I'll just have to do things like study when she's napping/sleeping.
    I'm going to also be getting into soap making with my mom again.
    We both need income and I need to raise my daughter,As her father left us.. typical male,right?.... Well,he's unemployed,he's applied for'd think he'd get one considering he's in a city!.
    But anyway, Glad to meet everyone!!!.

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