You gotta do something. Farmer John told the sheriff

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    "You gotta do something." Farmer John told the sheriff.
    "Speeders are killing my chickens."
    The next day, workers erected a sign near the farm:
    Slow--- School Crossing.
    Three days later, John called again. "That signs not helping.
    Folks ignore it."
    So the Sheriff sent out workers with a new sign:
    Slow--- Children at play.
    Three days later, Farmer John picked up the phone again.
    "Can I make my own sign?"
    The Sheriff agreed. Three weeks later he called to check on
    John. "How's the new sign working out for you?"
    "Great!" the farmer replied. "Not one chicken has been killed
    since I put it up."
    Thinking such an effective sign might be useful elsewhere,
    the Sheriff went to see it. The new sign read:
    Nudist Colony--- Go Slow and watch for chicks.
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    Pretty funny joke.

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