1 Step... Crash?

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by bcwill2000, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. bcwill2000

    bcwill2000 New Member

    Ok... here's a biggy!

    The company was in "pre-launch" for about 2 and half months; hit the internet marketing world with guns a blazin' 10 days (or so) ago and now they are DOA?

    The company servers have been down all day, which has taken every single affiliate site with it... try one and it turns up a "server cannot be found" error.

    NOBODY attempting to be SOMEBODY in the direct marketing world would ever set up an internet based business where all of its marketing force were reliant upon the parent company for websites without having redundent servers...

    So, did Jeff and Rod make THAT gaff, or have they been shut down?

    Anybody have an answer to that question?

    I would love to get an answer because this morning I had CC in hand and was getting ready to do some "1Steppin'"

  2. driver

    driver New Member

    No problem with my site,must be a problem on your end, my site works fine.
  3. lavamist

    lavamist Guest

    Mine also is working fine. It's a great business...always changing to make it better and great support!

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  4. FriedxTofu

    FriedxTofu New Member

    "Web site is currently offline for maintenance."

    they been down since last nite

  5. BigmoneyPRO

    BigmoneyPRO Guest

    I think the one step system is a great business that you can make $500 for really just promotiing you website.They do all the rest for you and you bring in $500 per sale awesome!!!
  6. clendon

    clendon New Member

    How quick you make a sale generally depends on your background in internet marketing. Most people who have been around and have a following, no matter how small, generally are in profit in a couple of weeks. If you have no background then you will probably need some help.

    The program is an excellent one, especially if you understand the 2up compensation plan. You can make one sale and that sale produce two sales, etc. If you really comprehend that compensation plan you will join immediately.

    The Piedmont Group
  7. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member


    Make sure you take advantage of the "30 day qualification bonus" if you decide to join. Let me know if you have any questions about the program, I've been doing it successfully since April, 2006 (my contact information is on my website). Best wishes in all your ventures.

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