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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by RedRobin, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi forum,
    I really like investing in autosurf programs to make my money grow. You do need to have money to make money. I have had a good experience with 12dailypro. If you'd like to read more about this program, please see the site [Link removed - Admin]
    Thank you. Please ask questions if you have them. This site also has exellent customer support.
  2. ACP9364

    ACP9364 New Member

    Robin - I transferred funds last night via Omnipay, however, it is not showing up in my account. Is this normal? Sorry for the lame question, just beginning. Thanks much, ACP
  3. lamnguyen14

    lamnguyen14 New Member

    Robin. I also have a lame question too. I'm new in 12DP. I already have on upgrade package and using StormPay as my payment processor. I want to upgrade another package with 12DP but this time I want to use Egold as my payment processor. Is it posible?

    Thansk much,
  4. made51k2005

    made51k2005 New Member

    I've heard E-gold is having problems paying on time. I'd stick to stormpay until this is resolved.
  5. timshalim

    timshalim New Member

    Good to see another 12dp (12 dailypro) board up and running. I have been active with the program for several months and have been able to find alot of ways to maximize the program and make a fair amount of money with the system. 12dp has not been entirely satisfied with some egold support issues so they have been rethinnking using that program. Stick with stormpay and if you have any further questions about the program or would like help to get started (I can front money in some cases) please send me a note! Feel free to contact me anytime at tim@buildyourteamonline.com
  6. CRuss

    CRuss New Member

    I HIGHLY disagree. In fact I couldn??™t disagree MORE! StormPay has virtually no security and OUTRAGEOUS FEES! 6.9% to receive MONEY.


    If you are surfing with the MAX $6K upgrade that is over $596 in transaction fees in 12DAYS, or $50/surfing day just in StormPay transfer fees! UNBELEIVABLE!
    In 2 cycles (24 Days) that is $1192! I don??™t even pay that for my house payment!!!!! And you don??™t get ANYTHING for these fees! If you surf everyday for a year, your fees are at LEAST $18,128.33. I don??™t know ANYONE who would like to pay that in fees.

    With E-gold you are HIGHLY secure and NO FEE'S to receive $$$. It just takes someone a little bit to understand how to use an exchanger to buy e-gold. (If you have ever been to a foreign country you know you have to exchange your currency. That??™s all there is to it!)

    I just don't think people like to promote Egold because they don??™t offer an affiliate program that pays like StormPay does, so there is no incentive for people to tell other about it. But E-GOLD is for sure the way to go. Plus ALL the autosurf and HYIP programs accept E-gold only a handful accept StormPay, you are really limiting your choices and returns by sticking with StormPay.

    If you want some more info about Egold, let me know and I will post which exchangers I use and why etc, otherwise, just tell me to shut up and I will listen.
  7. etools

    etools New Member

    An idea to minimize Stormpay fees is to get NetIBA certified.
  8. netjobs

    netjobs Member

  9. workingathome

    workingathome New Member

    I have made over $1400.00 this week from 12dailypro and I am a member of NetIBA so the stormpay fee is only 2.9%

    I love stormpay and wouldn't use E-Gold myself.

    I also give 50% commission back for new members who sign under me.

    See my signature for more info.
  10. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Today I recalculated and I'm earning over $400/day auto surfing and $360/day is coming from 12dailypro. I just reached $1500 x $1500 x $1500, so Im halfway to filling the 3x3x3 plan in just a few months. I'm looking for someone to critique my blog for me. I've made two suggested changes all ready and I think their ideas definitely improved the appearance and protected my safety online as well. BTW my math had errors in it, but the plan is awesome and it's still working. The epiphany plan offered on Alien Trust is very impressive as is the site so far. This programme has potential and it's growing extremely fast ... about 1000 new sign ups this weekend alone.

    Always look out for #1 and never step in #2.
  11. taityl

    taityl New Member

    I like 12dailypro as well, I tried it in Dec 2005, and I get paid 4 days after my upgrade has expired, I upgraded again when I get paid.

    I do agreed to join NetIBA to reduce your transaction fee with StormPay. I used to have an account with egold, but I have to say their customer services are quite bad [​IMG] I email them and got no reply at all.

    Another oggd autosurf program I would highly recommend to you all is Pajamasurf, I got paid [​IMG]

  12. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: taitylAnother oggd autosurf program I would highly recommend to you all is Pajamasurf, I got paid

    Thanks for the recommendation Joanne. PJsurf has been on my list of sites to try for a while. I even look purdy kool auto surfing in my pajamas. Ditto on the NetIba ... what a savings. Over $16/day savings for me this week and next week it should be saving me $20/day. I'm sorry. I can't help but give myself a raise every 6 days with 12dailpro and others paying so well. I'll trade ya any one of my programs for your PJsurf if you wanna deal. See my blog an email if interested.
  13. taityl

    taityl New Member

    Hi piggybanker,
    Wow, what a good weblog and good strategy to earn from autosurf programs! I seen most of the autosurf programs but PJsurf [​IMG]

    Ok, email you to see how to help both of us to benefit most [​IMG]

  14. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: taitylWow, what a good weblog and good strategy to earn from autosurf programs! I seen most of the autosurf programs but PJsurf

    Hi Joanne and thanks. I'm sorry Pj surf isn't on my list yet, but I'll contact you by email and we can discuss our deal there.

    In the mean time. I created that blog as a journal of my auto surfing start up, but I've developed a plan and I'm creating a new page and your site REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE!
    I'm going to need 5 or so volunteers to help me kick that plan off, but once it starts...... it'll EXPLODE! I'm not a promotor ... at least not yet ... you're gonna change my mind aren't you?

    I'm a member of GDI and I've never really tried to promote it. I was wondering how well is that Home-Income-Team working for you? How long have you been with them? Have you tried it for promoting any auto surf programs? Can you share the info here? I'm sure others will be interested too. I notice it's free to join.

    I started the second blog. Check out the lead generation page I created today. I haven't tested it yet but it looks like it should work. Functionally that is. I'm not sure about promotionally. I need 5 or 6 volunteers to help me launch this. If you're interested go ahead and contact me through the blog. It doesn't have an autoresponder yet. I'm too tired to work any more today. Wow! I worked almost 3 hours today. That's 3 times what I'm used to working.

    Comments? On the page that is.

    Thanks in advance
  15. taityl

    taityl New Member

    Hi Piggybanker,
    Already sent you an email.

    I'm a GDI member as well, not promoting at the moment, am concentrate on my full time income program shown inmy sig file below, will sure introduce it to all my downline [​IMG]

    I'm working good with HIT, it's a nice programs and the training did help me to get some subscribers and downlines [​IMG]

    Your leads generation page is good but I'm affraid your submition form is not working [​IMG] please check it out and reserved a place for me please [​IMG]

  16. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    i heard that 12 pro is good payout company. is it true, then i will join it. pls sugest me

    With regards
  17. Danny33

    Danny33 New Member

    Quoting: jobinfowayi heard that 12 pro is good payout company. is it true, then i will join it. pls sugest me

    With regards

    12DailyPro stopped operations a while ago...
  18. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    i used to be a member of 12DP.

    But one day, i found myself unable to surf the sites anymore.

    I just gave up this opportunity.
  19. aplina

    aplina New Member

    l was amember too and then they had some legal issue. but it was agood program.

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