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Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by made2prosper, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    Hey everyone!
    I just wanted everyone to know - 1step is still working for me!
    The company just made my 8th sale since April 26th. I guess you get out of something you put into it. I think it is funny some folks say it is not working... come to find out they have done NOTHING to further the cause. It is like asking God to give you a nice job and then you sit on the couch all day and do nothing... GIVE HIM something to work with people... and stop whinning! You work the system... the system will work for you!

  2. 2workonline3792

    2workonline3792 New Member

    Hello Scott,

    I tried working the system and it has not worked for me. I spent quite a bit of money advertising and my sponsor left me by the wayside. It seemed he preferred to work with experienced folks, not newbies.

    Do you have any advice to share regarding your success?

  3. CactusAnnie

    CactusAnnie New Member

    I can tell you, the 1stepsystem just stole $6000 from me! They have implemented a new bonus, where if you are in the business for 30 days and not qualified, they SAY they will advertise for you but what they DO is just instantly qualify you.

    I have had 6 people I have been waiting to receive the promised 2UP compensation from that can now all be instantly qualified and some have done so already!

    When I asked the company when I would receive my compensation for the 2up sales promised.. they said the following:

    07/05/2006 14:17

    Under the new qualification bonus the two people that we sign up are placed back under the company and not in the downline of the memeber. So the sponsor doesn't get credit for the sales to make them qualified.

    When I replied that that was not the agreement I was promised when I joined I got the following reply;

    07/06/2006 19:50

    You as a sponsor have 30 days to help your downline get their sales that will go up to you. If after 30 days you don't get an training sales then we sign people up for them. So you still have 30 days to work with your people to get their training sales.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

    So essentially, since no one in their right mind would refer a sale to their sponsor when they no full well that in 30 days the company will instantly qualify them and all they will not have to refer any sales.. 1step has just stolen money from EVERYONE waiting to receive a qualifying sale!

    I think this is great for the people who were not qualified, but they really screwed those of us who actually made sales!

    Do you really want to SPREAD the NEWS on THIS LYING BUSINESS!

    Contact me if you would like more info: my contact info is at my website (not an affiliate site) at [Link removed - Admin]

    I will answer any questions!

  4. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    I just lost $3000 from the 1 step system because of this new mess. For the sponser this is some bull but for the person trying to qualify this is great.

    1 step maybe going under.
  5. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    CactusAnnie + Tonyb,

    If you have a few people who are struggling or not actively promoting the system you probably weren't going to get any referral money from them anyway, so I think your overstating your lost revenue. I think this new promotion will benefit those sponsors who actively mentor their enrollees and help them get off to a successful start. By waiting 30 days and becoming automatically qualified you'd lose the support of your mentor (they'd no longer be an incentive for them) and also would be giving up your 30 day money back guarantee. I think most people who join will want to get started right away and find that working with a successful mentor is worth the referral sales. If not, you will now get some sales from people who would have joined but didn't like the idea of giving up their first 2 sales. Let's not forget, we're still making $500 on every $597 sale either way, so things aren't that bad. If the promotion doesn't bring positive results I'm sure they will change it. Good luck to all.
  6. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    They may be still going under. They are lying about the $750 of thier own money to advertise and get you qualified. This is where the mess started. The company is only going into the back office and qualifing people. There isn't any money being spent on the new person.

    CactusAnnie is right if a person can hold out for 30 days they just saved themselves $1000 dollars.

    Now tell me how this is good for me or anyone else again?
  7. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    can someone please explain more what this 1step program thing is? thanks
  8. mrblue

    mrblue New Member

    1StepSystem contains resources, tools, and educational material related to online and offline business. Most all of the resources include a video that explain what the resource is, how it works, how to.

    The business materials located within each members online backoffice, is a retail of over $2,000.

    People may enroll, purchase the materials, utilize the materials for as long as they wish. They do NOT pay a monthly fee for utilizing the materials and having their own 1StepSystem backoffice.

    In addition, members also receive at no extra charge, any and all additional resources and materials they place in the members backoffice. And they do update and enter in more materials from time to time. Therefore, the retail price actually rises considerably above the intial retail price of opening day.

    1StepSystem members may, of their own free will, resale the products (educational business materials and tools, etc.) also known as The Ultimate Marketers Toolbox.

    If a 1StepSystem member chooses to be a reseller, they pay a monthly fee of $29. At any time, the member may choose to cancel his/her resell subscription ... even so, as stated above, the member still always has access to his/her backoffice and all the products/materials.

    Some people think that 1StepSystem is pricey. Lets look at the costs involved in regards to the number one plan which is the A PLAN :

    *Enrollment Fee/Set Up Fee - $97... this is a one time fee that is paid by credit card immediately upon enrolling into the 1StepSystem. This $97 is paid directly to the 1StepSystem company.

    *Ultimate Marketers Toolbox - $500 ... this is the price of the educational materials, products, resources, etc. This is paid to the reseller (the 1StepSystem member that is also known as your sponsor ... the sponsor site you enrolled at). This $500 is paid directly to the sponsor. The sponsor determines the form of payment acceptance...this means the sponsor may take credit card, and or, paypal, and or, cashier check, and or, sfipay, and or, egold, and or, money order....etc. It is left up to the sponsor as to how he/she prefers to be paid the $500.

    *Company Monthly Fee - $29 As I also stated above, this fee is optional. If you simply choose to enjoy and benefit from the Ultimate Marketers Toolbox without being a reseller, then you do not pay a monthly fee. However, if you choose the opportunity to be a reseller, then you must pay the $29 monthly fee. This monthly fee provides activation of your replicated reseller website.

    So now lets say with all things being equal, you choose the entire plan/reseller so do the math. $97 to company, $500 to sponsor, first month fee with a one time $19 .....equal about $650.

    I can sit here all night and all day and all week for that matter and list company after company, program after program, mlm after mlm, affiliate site after affiliate site, firesale after firesale, and even... stuff on ebay that cost far more than the total package at 1StepSystem.

    A couple of examples for you....

    Example 1 : Scamster gas mlm programs...many of these charge $50 to $200 per month and more for basically... moth balls that you place in your gas tank and causes cancer. I don't think it takes a genius to realize $600 can be consumed within just two or three months with these types of so called companies.

    Example 2 : FireSales....they are every where. Many of these charge $1,000 or more for a bunch of cds, reports, etc. For the most part, they are not worth $1,000 or more. Who wants to listen to a bunch of 'dawgs' rant and rave to each other about how smart and great they are....and THAT IS what it amounts to for the most jest of it.

    Example 3 - Nutritional program.....these are every where. People have no idea what kids in where basement are tossing chemicals together and mixing liquids and calling it some new great googoo drink....$49 to $200 per month. A few years from now, you may wonder why you have cancer until the thought ocurs to you that it could possibly be from that garbage nutritional biz op you were in.

    Believe me, there are good firesales, there are good nutritional programs....whatever....the fact remains....they cost money. And when you do the math on these companies and programs...many may even have as low as a $25 or $50 join fee...multiply that by what you really get, how much you are really spending over a 12 month period of time and how much you can really make off a $25 or $50 monthly fee.

    With 1StepSystem, you place forth effort, you utilize the Ultimate Marketers Toolbox, you place into action what you learn, and when you make sales, you are paid $500 immediately and directly.

    So why do people join the 1StepSystem?

    Could it be because they want to learn and they want to earn something besides nickles and dimes?

    1StepSystem IS legal and it is NOT a scam.

    It simply depends on YOU what YOU WANT, and what YOU are WILLING TO DO to succeed in 1StepSystem or whatever. The choice is YOURS.

    I can say, the UMT is quality information and information people can sink their teeth in and pull out results. There will be people that join 1StepSystem that not so much as look at the materials and just promote to make those $500 sales. So what! That is their option to miss out on quality resources and materials. Maybe they are so fine and dandy they just don't need to utilize the materials and prefer to jump right in and sell sell sell. So what?

    If I go buy a new car, I don't expect the car salesman to know everything about the car I am buying. I sure as heck don't care if he has ever drove it or not. I know I will drive it and that is whats important...what I do with my money is what is important to me.

    Also, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

  9. goldielove

    goldielove New Member

    Wow, I can't believe they would do that to you guys!
    It's so unfair.

    And I was thinking of adding them to my portfolio
    in the future because I really love 1-up & 2-up

    I certainly won't be joining them now.
  10. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    There are pros and cons to the new promotion but what I like about 1SS is that they are continually trying new things, updating the website, marketing tools, etc. Some things will work and some won't but the key to success is to continue to test new ideas and improve the company rather than being stagnant. If this promotion doesn't bring positive results I'm sure they will discontinue it.

    The #1 complaint from people who aren't having success with the 1 Step System is that they are getting no support from their mentor. This is a negative side effect of the pre-launch promotion they did earlier this year; new associates who joined during pre launch didn't have to make any qualifying sales to become a mentor. This promotion generated a lot of sales but created mentors who couldn't provide the support their enrollees needed. I think this new promotion was designed to rectify that situation and help those that have been with system a while and are faced with making 2 qualifying sales to a mentor who is giving no support or not currently promoting the system.

    The Ultimate Marketers Toolbox is great but there's no substitute for the personal support a successful mentor can provide. We provide live interactive weekly training calls for our team as well as a team forum for sharing ideas and experiences and a special 1 Step System marketing guide. I feel that if I can't get my team members qualified in 30 days than they deserve to be automatically qualified. I'll agree that the $750 in advertising is a bit of a marketing ploy, but if you take the small percentage of people who qualify for this promotion compared to what the company spends in advertising, I'm sure it amounts to at least $750 per person. Remember, you make $500 per sale and the company makes $97 so it wouldn't make financial sense for them to give you credit for a sale you had nothing to do with. I realize they're just going to automatically qualify the people who qualify for this promotion, but one of the benefits of this company is that they don't compete against you for sales, anyone entering the corporate site must do so through an associate link or using a VIP code of an associate. I don't want 1SS spending $750 to compete against me for the benefit of others and appreciate the way they put this promotion together.

    The 1 Step System has a great business model and is very profitable, why would it go under? Companies go under when they're not profitable, not because you don't like their current promotion. There is a great product attached to the company and it is continually updated and improved, I think it will be around for a long time.
  11. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    The promotion is a LIE. If this is true

    "anyone entering the corporate site must do so through an associate link or using a VIP code of an associate".

    Then what happen to the new peron that came in. I really liked the 1ss but I don't making up this lie helps anyone. I spoke to a guy 2 days ago that sent in an email asking about this promotion. The response from 1 Step was basicly don't question me or you can get out. His email to them was real calm and nice but they got real nasty with him.

    The tools were nice but I think they are experiencing financle problems. This is just an opion not fact.

    Remember snakes come in all shapes and sizes.
  12. Crieon

    Crieon New Member

    [​IMG] Hey guys! I have recently joined the 1stepsystem. I'm looking forward to owning it up and making some sales!
  13. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    I can't believe I have missed this thread... I thought I was getting emailed for replies...guess not???

    I LOVE the 1step system!! I have been in since April 26 and 15 sales to my account. I believe it is a company with GREAT results.

    It threw me off a little about the new policy with automatic 30 day qualification...BUT Rod told me personally "would you really want to continue working with these people if after 30 days they didn't get qualified to begin with" and you know what??? HONESTLY.... I wouldn't [​IMG] I like to focus on those members of my team who realize $597 isn't grown in their back yard... they join and immediately start to produce some good leads and get qualified. I have gotten 2 up since this new policy placement... I guess it is true... you work the business the business will work for you!

    I LOVE IT!!! By the way.... Crieon you keep it up man you will make money!! THAT is a PROMISE
  14. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    The 1 Step System is so simple and the products are amazing!

    I've been in the industry for 7 years now and I've never seen such a simple business to do... you simply set the advertising and watch the system keep the sales coming in.

    It's great because you don't have to be a seasoned veteran to see success with the 1 Step System!

    Winner's International
  15. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    HELLO ALL... STILL GOING STRONG HERE!! The "myspace" craze has taken some time from posting! HAHA!

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