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Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by kerassi, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. kerassi

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    Are there any 1stepsystem members here..?

    What's going on with it, is it dead or alive?
    The website maintenance has taken at least two days now and its all offline.

    I think it's a little strange.

    Then about EDC. What kind of experiences have you had with it?

    I find it very interesting, especially the edc diamond, and I find it very ALIVE. Which is important with any business, to be alive and not to stick with same old ways each year.
    I mean things going on, new forms of business launched and so on.

    But with 1Stepsystem, I've been thinking that what's going on with it. Seems that nothing. Are they doing any updates or adding new things there etc?

  2. Escalade

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    It's been almost a month until someone gets to finally respond to your inquiry [​IMG] Well, I'm one of the original members of the 1StepSystem. I did pretty well with it actually. To answer your question regarding 1SS, I have been informed by some of the former members that 1SS has closed down. The thing is nobody has a clue why. The website is still offline for maintenance as of today. Well, I would understand if the website offline for maintenance for a couple of days.. but for more than month?? Give me a break! I have contacted the customer support a thousand times (and I'm pretty sure the others did as well) but I have not received a fraction of a reply from any person from 1SS. Maybe the time has come for the end of 1SS. As we know, some businesses only last for a few years. 1SS had it's up... and it finally came down (and closed down). Now, reflecting on my experience with 1SS, it actually wasn't bad. It had a neat back office, a great product, informative website, and best of all great compensation. They also got rid of the 2-up system, which I think was just too much. On the other hand, there are also factors that contributed to its downfall. First, it's product was overpriced. Some or most of the prospects who were contemplating of joining were unable to due to the lack of capital. Keep in mind that they would also need some capital for advertising fees on top of the sign up fee and everything. Second, prospects were not able to learn about the system unless they register for the 37-minute teleseminar. I have learned that most people didn't want to be held back from learning about the system right away. I noticed that these prospects ended up not signing up because they ended up looking at other opportunities and signed up somewhere else. Therefore, information about the system should've been made available right away.

    Now, with regard to EDC, in my opinion, EDC has some great products (over 1000). However, I don't think we would need all of them. Again the cost to get started is pretty high. As we know, that's a minus for biz opp prospects. For me, I'd rather only utilize the products I would need and pay a lower price for that.

    Good luck!

  3. Bigrich

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    Well I haven't been by in awhile. and didn't see this till today.

    EDC has alot of stuff, I actually do pretty good with the software and make alot of sales of just it. Yes it is a little pricey to get started but I have found that more are buying the products and using the free training than ever before. We recently had our first corporate avent and are going to have another in a month or so...

    I actually have alot of fun with it and I think that most of my team does too....
  4. Escalade

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    That's great! It's nice how your team has a lot of fun with it. All I'm trying to point out is you will get a much higher rate of signups if you have a selection of great quality useful products that are set at a lower price. Well, I'm not going to shoot EDC or any of the 1-Up and 2-Up direct selling/network marketing programs as they do work for some people. However, as a number of viewers in this forum would agree, if anyone has ever worked a 1-Up or 2-Up plan, maybe you've come across some potholes. A percentage of your potential business partners would love to get started but simply cannot afford the start up cost. I've found this to be the case with the 1StepSystem and any 1-Up or 2-Up plan at the $500 range or higher. Also, the rookies in particular really struggle with the fact they have to pass up 1 or 2 sales before they begin making money themselves. Let's face it, the hardest sales to make are the first couple, and I've often found newbies after the 30 day mark, if they haven't made a sale, lose their motivation and pull their advertising before the numbers kick in for them, regardless of much support you give them.
  5. jpaman

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    I tend to like the fact that EDC gold is a higher ticket program. If you are serious about your business you can make money much faster than with a business that has a smaller entry.

    However, from what I have seen of EDC I haven't seen anybody that offers push button marketing solutions so that people can get into profit fast and build a downline that actually duplicates.
  6. topstring

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    We see, week after week, these offer to make ???????? on the internet. How do you know which is proven or not. I have asked on several occasions for people to prove income to me but so far no one had been able to do that. I am not trying to be nosey doing that but just want some concrete evidence before I submit to something. Lets face it, if it can't be proven, why would one want to be a part. I am very sceptical and do appreciate a legitimate business but where are they. Let me know how you feel.
  7. samda

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    I smell SCAM here... Please be aware..

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