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  1. internetcash

    internetcash New Member

    I have been very happy about my current experience with the 1StepSystem. I'd love to here from others who are currently marketing this program.

    I have made back my initial investment and it's only week 1. And was wondering how anyone else was doing. I am very optimistic, but would like to know how others are succeeding or even not succeeding.

    What have you tried that worked?
    What didn't?
  2. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    I would recommend you try some ppc ads like google adwords and overture. They have been working great for me so far with 5 sales.

    Watch out for the super high bid keyword though.

  3. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    In the section about the Legal Structure of Multi-level Marketing, the 1-stepsystem falls under a "pyramid scheme" which would be illegal. When a start-up cost is 600.00 compared to the cost of the product which is only $97.00 and is hardly mentioned, is this a scam? I was interested in the marketing product for using it in my service, but the whole business idea is strange, and they will only give you any info when you sign up your name etc...

    How many people have tried this business? I hear it's only a month or so old.
  4. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    Actually the "Ultimate Marketers Toolbox" costs $597.

    here is what there site says exactly:
    Now the real true retail value of the ???Ultimate Marketers Toolbox??? is actually $2,647.34. As a 1 Step Systems Marketing Associate you have the opportunity to purchase this arsenal of marketing tools at an incredible 75% discount. Your cost only $597.00

    If you want info on the product, you can visit the site without entering your email etc. go to [Affiliate link removed - Admin]

    Torwards the bottom theres a link that will give you all the details to the "Ultimate Marketers Toolbox"

    I do understand your point of view and can see why it may appear that way to you.

    Let me know if you have any more question I can answer for you.
  5. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    Good answer. I really like their marketing system. The owners have put a lot into this system. It includes almost everything a person needs to be successful. The one thing that is lacking is a persons determination to succeed. Like anything else if you do nothing you get nothing. If Jodi was to surf the net and gather all this information on her own the cost would be much greater than $597.
    But don't take our words for it, do you own research [Affiliate link removed - Admin] come and listen to a free call. If this company is not for you then thats O.K.
  6. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    If the 1StepSystem is a Legal MLM business, I would guess they would put in all the ads that they are selling a product which is the Marketing toolbox right? If I'm understanding this, you are only mentioning in the ads about making $500.00 a day, are you not? If this is true, isn't "that" what you are selling? and also, if the product IS worth $2,647.23, then the company would be wanting to claim most of the $500.00 (which doesn't go to them, but to you), to pay for this expensive toolbox.

    I'm not trying to speak down this business, but only to try and understand what exactly they are selling by their ads. When I went online to see about it, it touted the $500.00 and not the toolbox is all I'm saying. It took ALOT of surfing to see what "product they had. I just don't think it's worth that much. I ordered CD's and marketing tools just like that, and it costs $75.00.

    The only thing you answered incorrectly, is that it's "You" and not the company that get's the $500.00, and it goes in Your pocket and not to pay for the toolbox. So it's just a bunch of people paying each other $500.00 and then a monthly "ongoing" charge of $29.99 to stay in the business. This adds up to $350.00 each year. I just wish people would be upfront and not be so secret about their products.
  7. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    You have a excellent point. The product is truly great and many are using it to promote others programs other then 1stepsytem.

    Im not here to argue just inform and discusss the program.

    Did you have a chance to review the actual product?
  8. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    Where did you find the things that we have in the back office for $75? But enough on that lets look at traditional business. The cost to manufactor an item is not the final price correct. When you go to the store and buy a item you pay a markup. Things like jewelery and furniture have the highest markups.

    The point that I am making is that here is a system that has the seller at interest. The company is getting paid on the initial enrollment and the monthly fees. So they will get their money. This is the world of direct sales.
  9. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Thats true about mark-up but $500.00 mark-up is way up there! So, on the CD Set, do they have samples of the ads they offer? Does this marketing tool help anyone that has a business of their choice, or does it just apply to their business?
    That's another question I have. If a person does get into this business, your only going to sell the product once to only a select group of people that want to market one thing or another. That limits sales doesn't it? So I would have to constantly be getting other customers? or do you also get paid a portion of the $29.00 monthly fee?
    My other question is do you have to pay a fee ongoing to have pay-pal or bill me later on your site?
    I was looking on those sites(your site). How does the company know which sponsor owns which site? They are all alike.
    Hope you can answer all my questions. I'm very skeptical (as you've noticed[​IMG]) but I do research things thouroughly before making a decision. I would also like to hear from other's besides tonyb and 1stepsystem and see if it works for them and how much $$ they have spend altogether.
  10. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    The Ultimate Marketing Tool will help you promote any business that you chose. Many people are buying this just for the product.

    This product is directed to people interested in marketing. Also has the business opprotunity to resale the product. That does limit your audience but most people are interested in marketing.

    The site costs $29 per month. You can just buy the tool kit with out the site also. That is billed to your cc everymonth.

    The company knows who your sponsor is by a affilate code the goes into your url htt://3014.1step........

    I hope that helps.
  11. wahweb

    wahweb New Member

    Hi Jodi & Others...

    Ill chime in as well. I joined the 1 Step System about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have made a significant ammount of money in this very short period of time. The product is great, and the system is the most well thought out one I think I have ever seen.

    I initially only advertised with PPCs (Adwords), free classified ads online, and a couple traffic exchanges. I hadnt even spent $20 in advertising before the sales started coming in.

    If you are considering this op, I honestly can give it my thumbs up and encourage you to take the plunge as well if you are looking for a good biz that pays you well!

    Best Wishes,
  12. Jodi

    Jodi New Member


    I noticed your webpage is very different from the others in this business. Does the company give you several choices? Or do they allow you to design your own and use a link to theirs? (thus skipping the $29.00 monthy fee?)
  13. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Since the company doesn't allow you to use mailing lists or listings maybe from your city hall, what other ways can you get the word out to lot's of people without just being online? There's so many people doing this online that the google search's are jammed with the same kind of ads. Are they talking about mailing lists for e-mails or the kind you put postage on?

    Also does that include the listings from your city?
  14. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    I think there main concern is spam complaints. There are a lot of ways to advertise in the offline also. From newspaper ads to drop cards the results have been great.
  15. javagroup

    javagroup New Member

    I posted this in another spot but will post here also. I want to give my input on this system. I listened to a call after I received an email from someone.

    This is not a new idea. This has been done at least 2 other times. You can do a search on "Mentors on a Mission" and "Mentors in Motion". Mentors on a Mission is run by Al Turnquist, a long time successful marketer and businessman from Florida.

    Same idea with all these programs. They teach people how to be successful and offer many tools, mentoring, education and support.

    I see these companies mostly positive because they enable someone to make good money fast. Not working months on end to see a few dollars. They offer people a community. They offer support. These are very important for anyone starting out. And they offer some great tools and training for marketing the main business or whateve a person may want to market.

    On the downside, the 1StepSystem doesn't show you what you are going to get. Why don't they do this up front? They need to reveal what it is a person is getting. How are you suppose to make an informed decision? This is what gives many programs on the internet a bad reputation. Do they have a money back guarantee? I didn't hear anything about that.

    I use a different marketing system, where you can try a limited version for free, forever. At least, it gives people a way to see what they are getting. I'm really tired of programs that won't reveal upfront what the deal is.

    There is no residual income here. Sure, many people will make a lot of money, but many won't. You will need to continually find people. And you do have competition.

    My advice is to shop around! Find some people in Mentors on a Mission, for example, and see what experience they had. Incidentally, Mentors on a Mission has more advanced technology, in some areas, like web conferencing. Of course I don't know if the 1 Step System does, because it's all secret, until you buy in.

    So, I think it has good and bad points. But again, can you actually see what you are getting for $597.00 before you actually buy in? And if you do buy in, and don't like the program, do you have 30 days, or some reasonable time to opt-out and get you money back?
  16. Jodi

    Jodi New Member


    You can see it all. If you go onto someone's website, just click on Rod's head inside the little box and then you can open all the information at the top and actually see what they offer.
  17. danielrichardson

    danielrichardson New Member

    I thought I would give me two cents on the 1 step system -

    This has been absolutely the most incredible business I have ever worked with! I have never worked anything that brought in $3600 PROFIT my second week! And the scariest part is the 2-up pay plan has not even started yet!

    If you are investigating, procrastinating, wondering - JOIN ONE STEP! I dont care whether you join my team or someone else, you WILL have success with this.

    We have put together a team exclusive site where we can share methods with each other, and more importantly we are doing advertising co-ops so that ANYONE can have success with this whether they are new to marketing or not!

    Feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Daniel Richardson
  18. hifol

    hifol New Member

    Hi guys,

    Latest news from 1stepsystem. They are going to announce the official launching of 1stepsystem on 4th March 2006. I guess the official launching will come soon. So whoever haven't joined yet, join now and enjoy bonus of $1000 worth of products and also the no-requirement for 2 sales up. To read details about 1stepsystem go here: [Link removed - Admin]
  19. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Wow! that's a great site to learn about the system etc.. Where did you find that?

    I think they got two things mixed up though didn't they? The setup one time only fee is $19.95 and the monthly Administration fee is $29.97 isn't it?
  20. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    When I signed up last night, I paid the company 97.00 cc and then Paypal $500.00.
    I didn't see any other form for paying the set up or monthly. Is that just taken out of your credit card later?

    So, how can I find my site? type in the # and 1stepsystem?

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