2 Steps To Start Making More Money Online

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Conor Doherty, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Conor Doherty

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    1.) Define how much money you want to make
    a month.

    Don't set a small goal like $2000 and say to
    yourself- - - If I could just make $2k I will be happy.

    You're only selling yourself short.

    If $10,000 is your real goal then make it $10,000.

    I suggest to scare yourself a little bit and set
    you goals high.

    For me I want to make $20,000 a month, which was a bizarre dream not too long ago.

    Now I'm getting ever so close to my goal because of #2.

    2.) Define a time frame of when you will do this.

    I don't know any successful person who doesn't
    put a timeline on their goals.

    If you don't have a time frame of when you will achieve
    this goal you will find plenty of ways to procrastinate
    and never achieve your goal.

    A goal with out a deadline is simply a wish.

    Add a comment below if you have a step to add to this....
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I have two more steps to add:

    1. Break the goal into smaller chunks.
    Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

    So a goal to make 20,000/mo breaksdown to:
    - $5,000/wk
    - $1,000/day (based on a 5-day week)
    Psychologically, $1,000 is a much less intimidating figure to target than $20,000.
    And if you can hit that mark consistently (or average it per day over 20 days) you
    will achieve your overall goal.

    2. Do have a solid plan in place for implementing the smaller daily goal.
    The journey of a thousand miles is covered one step at a time.

    A goal without an action plan is also a wish. :)

  3. payment proof

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  4. Scott W

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    I have to agree, goals without a plan are just a dream. One also needs to plan for failure, because not every venture is a success. Most successful people failed multiple times before getting it right.
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  5. payment proof

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    A failure isn't a bad thing. It's a learning experience. :)
  6. 4melife

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    Consistency in the basics.
    The Slight Edge

    Micheal Jordan practiced 100 free throws every day. Tiger woods - 100 putts. Not every basketball player or golfer does this. And that's why they are one of a king. Every thing you want to do has some basics actions that are easy to do, and if you consistently do them, over time, you will be successful. The trouble is that these easy actions are also easy NOT to do. If you don't make your daily post, you aren't going to get a stomach ache. If you procrastinate that phone call you aren't going to drop down dead. The difference between the money makers and the non-money makers is that they sacrifice their TV time for doing the basics.
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