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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by talfighel, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. talfighel

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    For those of you who are building your list, many of you are building it through pay per click and many of you are building your list through solo ads.

    There is a lot of discussions online on whether pay per click is better or worse in creating leads that convert to sales then solo ads.

    In my own view and testing, if you want to get better return on your investment, I would go with pay per click ads.

    Solo ads are great but are only good when you send people to the sales page directly. If you are building your list with solo ads, your conversions to sales will go down a whole lot.

    Don't forget that a lot of people use the same solo ad vendors that you are using right now to build their own list and your conversions will go down. Those same subscribers that you getting through solo ads, they are on other lists too and are already bombarded with other emails and offers from other marketers.

    The quality of subscribers that come from pay per click is far better and you will see that if you go this way.
  2. FreeCashMan

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    I agree that quality of leads from pay per click can be much better quality. And a lot cheaper with some of the target marketing available on Facebook.

    It seems solo ads are great if you have someone that you use that knows how to constantly add many new people to the list. The challenge I had with doing any Solo ads is that it was hard to narrow down target by country.
  3. OmarS.K

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    The Internet is loaded with Pay Per Click tips designed to help you spend less and make more when using services like Google AdWords. These tips are vital for success with a tool like AdWords. After all, look at how complex the service can be. People with far more training than others have lost fortunes on AdWords with miniscule mistakes.
    So, it’s vital that you have a clear idea of how to use the service and continuously improve performance
  4. Brandon Lukas

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    Well depends on who your doing solo ads with my man, I have many vendors I use and get amazing optin rates and conversions.

    your either doing a solo ad to a buyers list or freebie seekers, either or I can convert both with what I use to market to them.

    As far as PPC goes, only way it's going to be cheaper is if you lose money up front weeding out the good from bad keywords, and then start optimizing your campaigns.

    And for anyone reading this... Never ever do a solo ad and direct them directly to a sales page... The advice the guy gave above is not true at all.

    You always want to be getting the lead so direct them to a capture page asking just for the email, so you can follow up with 3 emails of pure value, and 1 email back onto the offer.

    It normally takes people 7 times of seeing something to finally buy.

    Any questions, I'm here to help :)
  5. Yury

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    Yea I agree with Brandon, it depends on the solo ad vendor and the quality of the list. If the vendors list was built the right way through his/her own funnel and they have been nurtured the quality of the leads that you will get is Highly more receptive than what you would get with regular cold PPC clicks.

    I have clients that rely solely on solo ads for their biz opp offers.

    It also depends on your squeeze sales copy and the follow up.

    You must have a good follow up series in your autoresponder to connect to your prospects and close for more business.
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  6. AnneSamantha

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    Your signature link isn't working? i'm interested in info in solo/ PPC advertising
  7. Conor Doherty

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    I've been burned on a couple solo ads, so I'm not someone that looks to them first off.
    You have to find a good solo ad vendor if you're going to go this route.
    Be careful as some give all the clicks but the ones that sign up can be very unresponsive.

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