3 Lead generation methods which most people don’t think of

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  1. Hey, recently I did a post about lead generation, in which I talked about a few methods to generate leads for ANY ONLINE BUSINESS.

    In this post, I want to talk about 3 more ways, but they are less used. See if you can use them in your business.

    1. Surveys- think about this, whenever you are asked to take a survey, they ask for your contact details, generally speaking.

    So you can do surveys in your niche, eg- lets say the weight loss market- survey can be like “How fit are you survey” . People will want to know how fit they are, and depending on that, you can design for some questions.

    And at the end, to generate a lead, of people interested in weight loss, you can say- “ please enter your email address so that we can send you your results after processing” or something…

    2. Webinars- you can do webinars. Free webinars can be more helpful. Because people will get some value, they’ll come and get registered. You can prepare a short registration form and ak for contact details. Simple.

    3. Events/contests- in which there’s some competition and if you win it, you get some prize. This would attract people, and you can capture the contact details of your participants.

    Please leave your comment/opinion below, if you'd like to contribute to the discussion.
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  2. payment proof

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    Events and contests can be great motivators. It seems that most people like contests and the chance to win something, so that can be very appealing. Events such as offering some type of bonus or freebie can also be a good call to action.
  3. adamv

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    Personally I like Adwords. Even though you have to pay per click, you are able to target customers specifically when they are searching for a solution that your business provides. When you combine that with regargeting (the ability to target ads to people who have recently visited your webstie) you have a winning combination!
  4. cheta

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    wow, thank you very much for this list, though i do implement number 2 but never thought of number 1 and 3. i will give it a try.

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