3 personal development habits which can make you a leader in whatever you do!

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  1. This is something I learned from my mentors.

    Not learned in the classroom style, but observed and experienced! :)

    1. Reading- readers are leaders! Successful people know that they need to be constantly learning new things and applying them in life/business. Warren Buffet spends 80% of the time reading. Unsuccessful people, who are BROKE, usually “know it all”. They learn nothing new. They think that education stops after you graduate.

    2. Listening to audios- We’re all bombarded by messages which are not good for use. People telling us what do to, what’ll work and what wont work. We need a strong mental foundation, or a good attitude, which listening to audios can give you. All MLM companies have a personal development element, they have audios by the leaders and stuff. If you aren’t in an MLM, then watching motivational speakers speak on youtube is equally valuable.

    3. Going to events/life functions- masterminds are created in the event. It changes your energy, and you become a different person after attending a weekend function. The MLM company I am associated with, has people who quadruple their incomes after going to an event. It shifts your beliefs, it releases your abilities.

    What do you think?
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    Listening is an essential life skill. You need to hear your prospects to understand what they want.
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    There is so much unique videos and mentors there.

    It is an amazing community to be around.

    And all for free.
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    Listening is indeed an essential life skill. Too bad most people are clueless when it comes to applying it properly. Much of the time they are busy deciding what they are going to say as soon as the other person stops talking (or pauses a bit too long), so they are never really focused on what is being said.

    Not only is that rude, it also diminishes the quality of the exchange. Listening requires you to be attentive and engaged, to respect other people's ideas, even if you disagree with them.

    We were born with two ears and one mouth. Perhaps that's a hint we should listen twice as much as we speak.

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    Perfectly said! :)
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    This is SUCH an important & under-focused on factor for success!
    The biggest difference between those who achieve amazing success & those who struggle, or flat out fail, is taking winning actions consistently.
    In other words, the degree that you develop winning habits & disciplines will BE the level of success you ultimately achieve!
    There is virtually NOTHING that can do for you what developing winning habits & disciplines can.
    Every single one of the 27 different millionaires I've done projects with all achieved their success from developing & following through with winning habits & disciplines.
    It DOES take some time & focus to make this happen. And you'll likely need to do some testing & experimenting to figure out the right winning actions to start with. But, until you make taking winning actions something you do as habitually as waking up each day & eating meals, your chances of big time success are ZERO.
    That doesn't mean you can't do it & make it happen. We ALL have habits we do consistently. But, until you develop the right winning habits & stick to those, you simply won't get to where you want to go.
    So, obviously the question becomes WHAT habits do you need to develop, right?
    Well, that starts by setting goals that inspire you. Then, figure out the steps to achieve them. (Masterminding & research is key here.)
    Do research, model other successful people, & do some experimenting. All of these can be great starting points to get things going.
    Then, by keeping good actions going consistently it'll help you identify the actions that consistently get GREAT results so you can make THOSE into the habits you rock & roll with every work day.
    It's just a matter of deciding and following through!
    You CAN do it. You just have to decide & give yourself permission and stick TO that decision to consistently take winning actions.

    Here's to YOUR success!

    Jason Oman
    Featured TV Success Story
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    I've believed for a long time now that the greatest teacher we all have access to is life and she can teach us things we would never get from textbooks in a classroom. Don't get me wrong reading is an essential part of life in my opinion, something I enjoy doing myself, but books can only do so much.

    I also think to be a leader in anything you need to set the benchmark for excellence and others to follow and be prepared to allow for sacrifice in order to do it. Having knowledge is great, but it's what you do that eventually defines you.......unfortunately many people fail to do this.
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    Always being open to learn and seek wisdom is definitely the traits of a good leader!!

    I agree with meeting in person at events too - the energy at events are contagious and really breeds motivation, helps shift any limiting beliefs in your mind and gives you the strength and courage to keep striving forward!!

    I always attend these kind of events to meet people who inspire me - we can all learn from each other and when you realise that your life is the average of the five people you spend the most time with... you start to seek inspiring knowledgable people who you aspire to be like!
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