3 Ways To Generate leads For Free

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by jamie67, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. jamie67

    jamie67 New Member

    Hi Guys

    Here are 3 ways you can generate leads on a consistent basis into your Business for free.

    1. Article Marketing - Its a totally simple and free way to generate leads into your Business. You create your content once and then distribute it to some article directories. At the bottom of your article there is a resource box where you can put a link to your website, or a report you are giving away for free.

    You will receive traffic from your article and if you use good keywords in your title and article, some people will find you via the search engines. Check out google keywords tool - it's FREE.

    Shorter articles seem to generate more leads, as you will keep your readers attention. Try to write between 350 and 400 words. Try to submit 1 to 2 articles a day and give it a month of consistent effort, before you judge your results.

    3 Article directories

    1 goarticles.com
    2 ideamarketers.com
    3 articledashboard.com

    2. Classified Adds

    depending where you are in the world there are free places online you can advertise such as

    1 gumtree.com
    2 vistastreet.com
    3 craighslist.com

    You can also search for online directories that are free to advertise your business.

    3 Signatures

    Have you ever thought, how many emails you send out daily. Some people refer to emails as online real estate. if you go into your settings at gmail or where who ever your email account is with, you can set up an email signature just like you do with forums or article marketing.

    Now go and start getting your free leads. TAKE ACTION!

    Have a great day

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Nice information. Yes article marketing is a good way to generate free leads online and I would even suggest that you should submit your article in article submitting services which can submit your article to 400 plus directories.
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Articles have long been known as a great place to get web traffic and thus leads. Commenting in forums can produce some of the best targeted traffic and should be a part of one's free online marketing system
  4. jamie67

    jamie67 New Member

    Thanks Yadvinder I will take a look....

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Facebook fan pages are another way to generate leads. You can do many things with them and they are still evolving with more and more features. It's hard for me to catch up.
  6. Scott Lambency

    Scott Lambency New Member

    Fan pages can be really effective these days, but when marketing on Facebook, there's an important thing to keep in mind. Forget about free traffic.


    Because PAID ads are much more powerful.

    But even when buying traffic, you've got to know what you're doing or it could cost you a fortune.
    You see, when most people start their FaceBook advertising, they only create ONE ad.
    They pick out a few keywords, or other targeting specifications, and then set what website they want to drive their traffic to. And then they launch their ad.

    Sounds like the thing to do, right?

    Dead wrong. This is a costly trap amateurs fall into every day. And I'm going to tell you the truth about Facebook advertising in this very post.

    The BIGGEST secret for making your Facebook ad successful is...

    You ready?

    Your CTR (click through rate).

    This is an absolute critical component for advertising online. Once you understand this, you can get a lot more traffic and even end up paying way less for it too.

    Here's how:

    When you set your ad live, Facebook measures how many people click your ad and compares that to the number of ad impressions.

    For example, let's say they show your ad 10,000 times and 10 people click your ad. That would mean that your CTR is at a 0.1%.

    So I'm going to tell you why this is an amateur way to operate...

    ... And show how real marketers who know how to use Facebook to their advantage are capturing some reasonably priced leads.

    When you learn this secret, it will completely change how you view advertising, network marketing, and making money in general.

    By understanding the concept of your CTR, you'll be able to produce some killer high performing ads on your first day of Facebook advertising.

    Here's what we do... we don't roll out a campaign with one lousy ad...

    We launch DOZENS.

    Create a variety of different ads for your target market, and then watch your ads like a hawk in the first two hours so you can find out which ones are performing the best and get rid of the ones that are not.

    This step is critical.

    The reason why is because Facebook shows your ad the most within the first few hours after you launch it. So if your ad sucks, Facebook will probably stop showing it.

    And even if Facebook keeps your ad and continues showing it...

    SO WHAT?

    If you're not running and testing MULTIPLE ads against each other, the chances are that you're only going to be getting a fraction of what you could be getting in leads.

    Testing is the single most scientific strategy that you can use to improve your marketing efforts immediately.

    If you've never tested your ads, I guarantee you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

    You can usually find your best marketing pieces after several generations of testing... So if you're not testing, you're probably going with some pretty weak marketing.

    And this is exactly what 99% of marketers do. And that's only if they're brave enough to step into the real world of internet MLM.

    Not only is dropping only one ad an amateur mistake that can yield a low CTR, but did you know that Facebook actually charges more for crappy ads?

    When you've got a high CTR, Facebook lowers your cost per click. So you end up paying way less for more traffic.

    Even more, by keeping an eye on your CTR, you can really start to dominate your niche.

    How? By controlling the market share. You'll be getting the majority of clicks to your website.

    And Facebook will keep showing your ad over and over when people start "liking" what you've got.

    So when you've got a high CTR and are paying less money per click, you can really start to dominate your niche. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, it's really important that you know what you're doing, have the proper training or mentoring available, and understand the concept of testing so you can achieve maximum results in your business.
  7. Jose Roman

    Jose Roman New Member

    Nice tips Jamie67, video marketing is a great tool as well, very powerful stuff.
  8. Lynn_EZ_MLM

    Lynn_EZ_MLM New Member

    The most effective type of advertising for me on the internet was last month through CRAIGSLIST ADS in job boards.

    I posted long explanatory descriptions for the opportunity with an affiliate sign-up link. You are not supposed to do that but even having the ads survive on Craigslist for one hour got a really great response - I think because it's an obvious great opportunity that's free and a no brainer.

    Unfortunately now Craigslist blocked even listing the company's name. It's a bummer because I really believe in the opportunity.

    So, IF YOU FIGURE OUT A WAY to use Craigslist without it being viewed as an affiliate opportunity and without an affiliate sign-up link, but that can instantly direct the viewer somehow to learn more, I believe it could really work. It didn't work for me to have people email me for more information.

    I just haven't figured out that part yet. If anyone else has any ideas I would love to know them. I had no idea before using it over the last month that Craigslist was such a powerhouse for generating leads.

  9. kailo

    kailo New Member

    I find article marketing and forum marketing to be the best for my situation. I also try Twitter but not too much reward from it.
  10. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Here are the 5 ways to increase Leads from your website.

    > Use the right keywords.
    > Put lots of original articles on your site.
    > Optimize the underlying structure of your web site.
    > Have the right links.
    > Include a call to action.

    Read more, visit the link below..


    Thanks, hope this can help.. [​IMG]
  11. leariedv

    leariedv New Member

    Another way to create leads is through linkedin.com. You can join many groups that are in your niche
  12. DannyGilbreath

    DannyGilbreath New Member

    If you want a ton of traffic to your website do what Jamie said to do and do this:

    Write an article on your blog and submit to 5 article directories such as ezine ariticles and link that back to your blog.

    Put onlywire plug in on your blog and blast out to all social media sites

    Make a short video on you tube about the article you just wrote and link it back to that blog post. Make sure you put http:// in your link to make it clickable.

    This will get you hundreds of backlinks to get your site optimized for Google to get even more traffic.

    You have to be consistent and try to do it daily.

  13. Mike McClurg

    Mike McClurg New Member

    I know in this techie world most people don't do this. But

    I have found the best way to generate free leads is still.

    Walk n' talk just asking ," Who do you know that ? "
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Mike McClurg: I have found the best way to generate free leads is still.

    Walk n' talk just asking ," Who do you know that ? "
    Now that's keeping it plain and simple....and FREE. Costing neither time nor money.

    If one finds 3 good marketing methods they can apply consistently that produces quality leads the end result will be success.
  15. Mike McClurg

    Mike McClurg New Member

    FreeCashMan: Now that's keeping it plain and simple....and FREE. Costing neither time nor money.

    After all this is NETWORK marketing right ?

    People in my family used this method in the 60's and did quite well .

    Made a fortune selling soap in mlm [​IMG]

    And had a pretty good sized group selling soap under them.

    It works just as well today, even though I don't sell soap [​IMG]
  16. positivemagic

    positivemagic New Member

    FreeCashMan: Articles have long been known as a great place to get web traffic and thus leads. Commenting in forums can produce some of the best targeted traffic and should be a part of one's free online marketing system
    Not alot of people like to read so include videos with your articles to go over the high points.

    Jose Roman: Nice tips Jamie67, video marketing is a great tool as well, very powerful stuff.
    I agree, video is the way to go! [​IMG]

    Isabella Fiorentino
  17. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    My favorite free way to generate leads is to ask for referrals and pay them commissions off of any sales. The take away works great. Hey this might not be for you but if you know someone who is hungry to learn how to make huge residual income I will gladly pay you a 50% commission.


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