4 Tips to Finding a Great Domain Name!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by howieperks, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. howieperks

    howieperks New Member

    4 good keys to finding a great domain name..

    1) Try to keep it to 1 or 2 words. This makes is easier to remember.

    2) Try not to use misspelling or alternate spelling of words as you may lose some people when they type in your domain name.

    3) Try to use Keywords in your Domain Name ~ This can help when it comes time to SEO and getting ranked for that specific keyword.

    4) Search terms related to your Niche. ie.. internet marketing, how to build a website, learn how to make money online, etc..

    A great place to search keywords related to your niche is Google's FREE Keyword Tool (Just search "Google's FREE Keyword Tool" and you will find the tool) ~ Once you type in a Keyword, Google will show you a bunch of other related keywords that are being searched that you may not have thought of [​IMG]

    When you find something you like, go to GoDaddy and type it in to see if it's avail.

    A cool thing about GoDaddy is if it is taken it will give you a bunch of other alternatives that you may not have thought of Wink

    Hope this helps!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I have one to add to that from experience,
    make sure it's easy to tell someone over the phone.
    Using 2 or 4 can add confusion verbally like "just too easy".
    I've been spelling it out for people over 8 years now, ouch.
    It ain't that easy!
  3. jazbo

    jazbo New Member

    Good advice. Only problem is this:

    Try and find a good keyword domain with 1-2 words in .com!
  4. desktop

    desktop New Member

    I have another point to add - make sure it rolls off the tongue. Say it aloud to yourself. Is it clunky, long-winded, difficult? When I was working on my own domain name I realized it had to play several key roles....

    1) It had to be original
    2) It had to elude to my abilities
    3) It had to be personable
    4) It had to be memorable
    5) It had to make sense

    Taking all of this into account I finally came up with dougdraws [dot] com. At first I thought this was a silly name, but then I realized it covers all five points in my list. Before I took the plunge I passed the idea around to a few friends and also posted about it in a few design forums. Friends may say "It rocks!" simply because they're your friends, so I wanted some biased opinions, too.

    Nowadays it may be neigh impossible to find anything unique with a dot com, but you'd be surprised if you spend the time brainstorming ideas. I thought Doug Draws would be taken, and I was surprised that it wasn't - so I grabbed it!

    You may find your original domain out there, too. Just hurry up before someone else comes up with the idea.
  5. ThePhoenix

    ThePhoenix New Member

    Those are definitely some good tips, although the ones desktop added are potentially more valuable. If you really want your traffic convert into sales, then you need those qualities.

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