5 Invisible Seeds for Business Success

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    Are you frustrated by your inability to make any significant progress towards the business success you want? Well, I've got some news for you. The problem may not be your niche, your product or even your marketing. It may be something much more subtle. It may be your attitude!

    The mechanics of developing a business can be learned or out-sourced, but perspective and mindset must be cultivated, and they can have a dramatic impact on how you approach the daily challenges in your business.

    Here are a handful of powerful core behaviors you can adopt to shape your mindset and help you to implement your goals with a calculated and deliberate sensibility. These "invisible seeds" as I like to call them, should become so embedded in your psyche that they take over automatically when the situation requires it.

    1. Clarity — If you are not satisfied with the state of your affairs at the moment, create a
    clear picture of what you would like to manifest instead, and use that image to inspire
    and motivate you. When you have a clearly defined purpose, your chance of achieving
    it is improved significantly.

    2. Commitment — With the new purpose identified, you will need every ounce of commitment
    to stay on target and deal with the challenges. You will need all this and more to overcome the
    occasions you will feel like quitting. Without a firm commitment you don’t stand a chance.

    3. Courage — Once you have identified and imagined the new condition, allow yourself to feel
    empowered to go after it. You may have to tweak or discard some old routines, or try completely
    new ideas. But whatever the risks, you must harness the courage to take the leap. Nothing
    ventured, nothing gained.

    4. Consistency — It's not always easy trying to replace old habits and behaviors with new ones,
    but you've got to keep trying. Tell yourself you are building the bridge that will take you from
    your current state to your ideal state. Be consistent and you'll notice wonderful changes begin
    to take place.

    5. Continuing Education — It is vital that you stay abreast of the latest developments, trends
    and tools in your market. This will give you the ability to provide better products and services
    to your customers and stay relevant. It's a great way to develop customer loyalty and elevate
    your authority image.​

    When carefully planted and nurtured, the above 'seeds' will take root, sprout and eventually deliver a bumper harvest of success, prosperity and abundance. That's when you would have crossed the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

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    Well said Hermas. Thanks for planting the seeds.
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    Powerful points.

    I've found that in helping people become successful in home business its a battle to get them to establish confidence.
    Once a person has confidence in their ability to be successful they become on fire to manifest that success they desire.
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    Awesome! Great points one should keep in mind.

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