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  1. TheExecutive

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    Perhaps one of the most ambitious MLMs to launch other than Web Prosperity this year (but has a lot more to offer in terms of even early matrix income) is 6K Plus Fast Matrix. www.letsgetrichclub.ws

    That decent-looking flash website is still under construction. Yet if I gave you their temporary site (the one currently used for pre-launch) you would think a kid put it together in 2 hours due to the poor formatting, odd colors on a black background, and the typos. These things are not important though.

    What matters is the moneymaking strategy. On their pre-launch site they have put together a 2 x 2 feeder for the main program. It costs $59 for which they rebate a $30 fast-start bonus for each person you refer. Since I had just been paid $72 to my PayPal account this morning, I got back to my sponsor (who has a team build topic for this on another forum), and he gave me his join info to put on the sign-up form via the temporary site.

    The compensation plan is in a format of 10 small cycler / matrices, each paying amounts starting at $50 in the first one to an impressive $6000 in the final matrix. Again the 10 steps will all be repeated if we continue to have enough movement. So far my sponsor's upline has only advanced to the second matrix, but again the launch hasn't happened yet. Along the way we are paid into 2 or 3 other matrix programs that also offer recurring income.

    The initial $59, meanwhile, is for their series of several dozen Quick E-Books. OK, so the products don't sound that great, but I will try to never judge an e-Book by its cover! [​IMG]

    Do I have my doubts that their elaborate methods of moving money and members from matrix to matrix (repeating ALL steps along the way) and third-party matrix programs from small portions of our earnings will work? Yes. But I liked enough of what I saw and I really want to do this.

    Here's a bit of info I have about the people behind 6K Plus Fast Matrix:

    Cassandra Taylor Lovett, who created the program is based in Florida.

    Fred Hill is the owner of three online programs (I guess those are the other matrices we gain entry into along the way), and David Sherman is a marketer who is also involved in some capacity.

    They accept AlertPay, Solid Trust Pay, and PayPal.
    Wait a minute....hold the digital phone! PayPal has long been anti-matrix. Has that policy recently changed??
  2. mountainmom5

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    TheExecutive: PayPal has long been anti-matrix. Has that policy recently changed??

    hmmm, I wonder,too, as they are known not to accept anything that even sniffs of a matrix or any kind of 'level' marketing....TheExecutive: Cassandra Taylor Lovett, who created the program is based in Florida.

    Fred Hill is the owner of three online programs (I guess those are the other matrices we gain entry into along the way), and David Sherman is a marketer who is also involved in some capacity.

    Remember that Andy guy that started the whole ASD thing wasn't somewhere out in the ocean either - he actually did LIVE events in the US and was the worse scammer I have come across in all my years of network marketing![​IMG]
  3. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Wow Jeff, onto yet another program? You got a good little collection going. [​IMG]

    There's a difference between accepting Paypal and actually being certified by Paypal. If they are not certified, accounts may end up getting frozen. Would be good if they can confirm that for you.
  4. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Elysium: Wow Jeff, onto yet another program? You got a good little collection going. [​IMG]

    Like I told you before, I diversify, Elysie! [​IMG] If one of my investments (such as Revolutionary Matrix) should fail, I have other programs to back it up. The only one I have now that has yet to pay anyone is EduBizz. We're amazed that they are still around.

    There's a difference between accepting Paypal and actually being certified by Paypal. If they are not certified, accounts may end up getting frozen. Would be good if they can confirm that for you.

    Well, I know from my upline that PayPal is OK with certain matrix programs. At least the leader of this one uses her real name, so that's a plus.
  5. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I did a Google search and much to my surprise I got Cassandra's cell phone #. Yes, that Cassandra Taylor -- located somewhere in Florida!

    She told me she was at the shop getting her car repaired, so unfortunately the conversation had to be very short. I didn't get my answer as to why their are two matrices now instead of one, and I let her know that I paid $59 and asked whether I should risk $125 more for her second matrix when the first one hasn't even launched yet. Naturally her response was YES, get in now since several people have already been paid.

    We already know that the 6K Plus Fast matrix website (the flash one) is still being developed (although I got a sneak peak at it, and it looks great). Now there is a separate site for the $125 matrix called Fast Builders Quick Results Matrix. It's a middle-of-the-road site, which replaced the cheaper, temporary site before it. All of these sites for both programs appeared within the past week+.

    When I tried to call her back a few hours later, she had her voice mail on....and the voice mailbox is FULL.

    Well....it helps that Steve my upline (who I know from other opportunities) was compensated $100 for cycling once, and I hope he cycles more in the days to come. I was the first person in his MLM Divas topic to mention the $125 matrix after I received Taylor's updates on it a few days in a row.

    Although I signed up with no referral, I again gave credit to Steve. In other words, it's the same system -- the generic "feedback form" that we used for the $59 matrix.

    I was tempted to try this not only since Steve was paid, but also because I have a reliable backup system to make me money in the next couple of months. My main concern is that Cassandra seems like an everyday person who never ran a program before, and yet here she is taking on two at the same time. I say that because she has the free Gmail and AOL addresses and a limited website budget to work with. Although I DO like the flash site for the first opportunity that is still under construction.

    This is part of the Fast Builders ad:

    A Heavy Hitter "Gregg W." Just Joined - He has
    a team of over 10,000 members. Plus "Gregg" owns
    his own advertising solo ad business.

    He will begin bringing in his team
    early next week - best to get in now
    and get positioned now ASAP at the very very top, without any delays.

    If you are really ready to become
    wealthy this year then join our group
    teams - You will be very glad you did!!!

    How would you like to earn $100's daily easily?

    This is a must join awesome program.

    I understand that they economy is bad right now and lots are in need of some fast cash - so I decided to start a very fast earner for ALL.

    So what I'm saying is that even if this winds up being a ponzi scheme, those of us getting in this month stand to profit from one (hopefully both) of the matrices. Beyond February is anybody's guess. If I don't at least reach break-even point in these next 2 weeks, I'm doing a PayPal / VISA card chargeback. The Executive will NOT be undersold! [​IMG]
  6. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    A late afternoon follow-up to my previous morning post:

    The reason Steve got paid as quickly as he did is because he personally brought in a few people. I found that out not from him, but from Cassandra Taylor when I phoned her a few hours ago. This was the second of two very short conversations today, but at least this time I got to end it since I had people waiting for me for dinner. Cass is very busy herself. Her daughter was the one who answered the phone.

    She told me that they have another, more professional lookiing website that is expected to be ready in about 4 weeks. I also found out that the $125 matrix will pay $100 per cycle, but to currencies that she happens to have online at the time -- whatever is available. So any of you here are members or thinking of becoming members, make sure you have all 3 accounts: PayPal, AlertPay, and Solid Trust Pay. That's my order of preference.
  7. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Here's a very encouraging follow-up for anyone who might actually be following this exciting thread. [​IMG]

    Late on Saturday night, Cassandra did an E-mailing to the member datebase. So now I have proof of my larger purchase (the $125 matrix) but not the $59 one.

    We were all given the same temporary username and password for the Fast Builders Quick Results Matrix site, with an ETA of 2 weeks before the full site is ready. The member's area list is simple but very detailed. For example my sponsor Steve is the 12th person on the list, and I'm # 50!

    As of this typing there are 81 of us on the list (actually 79, since Cassandra Taylor kicked things off in the original matrix as Admin and Admin 2. Also itemized are who has cycled and received $100, those who cycled and are due $100, and those have earned re-entries from cycling.

    As with any MLM we're being encouraged to sponsor, even though it isn't necessary. After spending $155 between these two opps the past few days, the least I can do is get the word out to a safelist that I'm a member of. I will use the sole prepared E-mail on the site and maybe improve on a phrase or two from it. So that will be my contribution.

    The member's area (back office) also has the E-Book downloads of course, and something that I feel wasn't needed: motivational videos from YouTube by famed speakers such as Zig Ziglar and Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  8. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I knew this was going to happen....

    Hello 1X2 Members,

    My pay pal funds are on hold right now...Maybe froze by Pay Pal
    at this time.

    Pay Pal wanted me to remove their pay buttons off my site:

    Payments will be on hold for a while - but you
    will all get paid.

    I had to remove the pay pal button off the site:
    Click Into "Join Here"---

    No one will be able to get paid pay pal.

    Please open a free "Alert Pay" or a "Solid Trust Pay"
    account ASAP to receive any future payments from
    us - Thanks!!!


    This proves that Cass never ran an income opportunity program before. If she had then she would know that PayPal is anti-matrix. If she had more time to talk on the phone than just a few minutes, I would have told her that on Saturday!

    At least we members know from checking the Downline Viewer page that she has paid out over $5000 so far.
    Not bad for the first week! Only 38 more positions have to be sold until Exec gets his first $100. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Well, I'm not getting that first $100. PayPal froze Taylor's account the other day -- holding $1879! [​IMG]

    That is $1849 minus the $125 the woman refunded me after I filed a double claim with PayPal. She still owes me $59 from the other matrix, which I can get reversed by default if she doesn't give P.P. the OK within 10 days.

    Although they use AlertPay and STP also, this and their piss-poor attempts at running a business PLUS sending out the same updates multiple times over a period of days are reasons to stay away from this.
    I hope you guys heed my warnings. Fortunately I had a backup plan which I'll post about tomorrow. [​IMG]
  10. Pathacaun

    Pathacaun New Member

    would it be possible for a update on this opportunity please
    as it seem to be still going and I am looking at it seriously
  11. StarMarketing

    StarMarketing New Member


    That's how you can tell about MLM's and Matrix programs - if they say they use PayPal.

    Many say that up front, then weeks later, they say they are moving to AlertPay - which is Matrix/MLM friendly [​IMG] dueto freezing of accounts (or suspension). Their TOS clearly states no programs that involve multi-level payouts or programs that involve recruiting others...

    So, it sounds like the new guys who use PayPal aren't versed in operating a Matrix (but I don't know).

    I still love Matrix's - and 2x2's - but I opt for the less expensive ones [​IMG] that can grow after re-cycling. Fun Stuff! Fast and exciting!

    Cant wait till this one goes live....

    I will def watch this thread...

    Cheers all!
  12. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    I love these pyramid scheme threads.

    I do hate the everyone losing their money part, but I find the bipolar swing of the promoters entertaining.

    All "Matrix" money games are going to collapse there has never been and there will never be one that doesn't end it tears.
  13. GaryCameron

    GaryCameron Member

    If any MLM is using PayPal, I would be suspicious. A solid company would be able to do its own credit card processing. A merchant account and a credit/debit machine is not difficult to get.

    Even I can receive payment via debit and credit cards for a business that is just my wife and me.

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