7 ways to earn extra income

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by weebitty, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Great article weebitty, with useful links for all WAH folks.

    Thought I add one that helps me pay the rent:
    Webmaster for friends who want to blog but are afraid to learn, lol.
    You can get a cheap re-seller hosting account and set up WP blogs easy.
    Then just set it so they can email their postings to the blog to auto publish.
    A lot of them will let you put your related affiliate ads on their sites.
    Or you can sign them as sub affiliates if they want to make money.
    Personally I prefer to teach them to create their own websites.
    Either way I get paid for doing something I enjoy doing.
    I don't even accept new clients now unless they beg.
    Amazing how many people are lazier than me!
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    Just2EZ: Amazing how many people are lazier than me!

    I needed that laugh today! [​IMG]

    I've thought that too, but never so eloquently!
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    Another lazy way to make some money is using your digital camera.
    Besides the stock photo market there are lots of local opportunities.
    Friends have me shoot items for eBay and Craigslist, even if they have a camera.
    I also shoot for home builders, realtors, stores, artists, etc. for their websites.
    The opportunities are endless and word of mouth is the best advertising.
    "Have camera, will travel." is all you have to say.
    But that's work FROM home, not AT home, lol.
    Is there a WFH forum?
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    Just2EZ: But that's work FROM home, not AT home
    I take that back, 10% of it is away from home but the majority is AT home.
    Such as yesterday I went and took 141 pictures of boots for 2 (billable) hours.
    Today I sat at home editing and narrowing them down to 3 dozen usable ones.
    Now I am creating a 3 fold brochure with them for the boot shop to print out.
    I will also use for them for updating their website which I host and manage.
    The point was most of the work is AT home work on my schedule.

    A funny story about one of the contractors I shoot for now.
    A few years ago a friend in California hired me to shoot a house he was having built here.
    I took about 100 pictures a week (at $1 each) and posted them on the web for him.
    Well, the foundation settled and the living room floor cracked during construction.
    The contractor now hires me before his clients can.
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    There are many ways to make an extra income. But in search of ways to make extra income , you got to be extra careful with those who promising you get rich overnight without effort.
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    Checked the article and I did not find anything unique there.I mean all of them are well established ways to make money now.However Thanks for sharing and certainly useful for the beginners.
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    Nothing unique, I believe all areas are quite saturted these days. Long live the next revolution in the economy, it can't come soon enough.
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    That was a good list, though, there are many more better opportunities i guess.
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    The best ways to earn some extra income I know are: 1-writing articles, 2-transcribing texts and 3-Doing a specific work for a company. If you are interested on any try: iwriter.com for writing, transcribeme.com for transcriptions, and Lionbridge or Leapforce for getting a decent payment for your work, but you must be ready to read a lot for passing the exams and reading a more or less 160 pages document. It is a lot of work to do to get hired, but once you get in, they'll pay you roughly ten dollars an hour of work. They aren't scams.They really work and pay.
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    Money can still be made with article writing, but it was a lot easier before the days of Panda and Penguin.

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