7 Ways to get High Page Rank

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by OmarS.K, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Everyone knows that links are the currency of a good website. Google practically is giving higher Page Rank to a site that has a lot of solid back links.

    But, you can't just go out and get random links to your site. You need to pinpoint ones that will provide the most value. And that value comes most noticeably through high Page Rank.

    But, getting those high Page Rank links can often be easier said than done.

    So, here are 7 tips to help master the link generating success stories you hear so often from the gurus.

    1. Targeting High PR Pages:
    2. Finding Follow and No-Follow Links -
    3. Guest Blogging -
    4. Directories - Major directories like DMOZ and Yahoo!
    5. Forum Searches -
    6. Commenting on Blogs
    7. Paid Links - Be careful with this method as it can be dangerous for your site if Google catches on.
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  2. payment proof

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    Page Rank used to be much more important than it is now. The things you list used to be very effective, but Guest Blogging for instance now has much less value, especially if Google seeing you "spamming" via Guest Blogging.

    Guest posts need to be highly relevant and provide value to the reader. Many blog comments are now set up as no follow type links.

    These things can still be good though for getting traffic. Just be careful that you're not working against your own SEO efforts.
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  3. Laurian

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    Thank you OmarS.K for your valuable contribution. I think I can add something on your suggested tips. While targeting high PR pages (sites), commenting on blogs, going to the Forums and so on .... your efforts will be most rewarded if you are targeting places that relate to what you're doing.

    If your site talks about Dog Training and you go on spending your time at high PR sites and Forums about Baby Clothing, I think your backlinks won't help you much.

    Paid Links? No. " Just be careful that you're not working against your own SEO efforts".

    Otherwise I like your contribution and keep on informing us.

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