85% of Vitamins AREN'T absorbed!?

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by eyestar88, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. eyestar88

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    I recently watched a seminar that included a segment on how, because of all the free radicals in most vitamin supplements, 85% of the Vitamins aren't absorbed during digestion, they are just passed through like you aren't even taking them! Get your facts before taking any vitamins so you know what you are ingesting.
  2. FreeCashMan

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    This may help taken from the company I with, Chews4Health, corp website. Once a person understand this it's hard to look at capsules the same. If anything, I would open capsules up and mix them in food or drink and take them.

    Why a Chewable by Chews4Health:

    Additional evidence on value of Chewable is here:
  3. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    There's definitely a difference between supplements as regards how much your body will absorb. It may depend on the form of the nutrient itself, or the form of the supplement (powder, capsule, liquid, transdermal cream, etc).

    It can even depend on how much your body can utilize in any given time frame.

    For example, your body can only absorb about 1000mg. of Vitamin C per hour. So if you've got a sore throat and decide to take 2000 mg. of chewables within the hour, you're only going to get the benefit of half that at best.

    It's better to space out your consumption to no more than 1000 mg. per hour (and probably best to stick to no more than 10,000 mg per day) over the course of the day. If you take too much C, you'll likely end up with very loose bowels. [​IMG]

    That's just one example. There are a ton of variables when working with nutritional supplements. Calcium needs to be taken with magnesium to get the best benefit of both, etc.

    If you are going to spend your money on nutritional supplements (which I do, because they are quite helpful), it's good sense to be sure you are taking a high quality supplement in the right amounts so that your body can actually benefit instead of flushing it all down the toilet. [​IMG]

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    eyestar88, there are factors that affect the absorption of nutrients. One is the fact that there is a difference between those that are laboratory made and those that are organic. The other factor involved is how they are processed. Any process no matter what it's called that exposes the natural ingredients to heat from 106 deg. to 118 deg. and above will degrade or destroy them. True natural ingredients cannot be patented only synthetic ones can. Synthetic will not be absorbed as well as natural ones. And as happywife stated, some are needed in conjunction with others to get the benefits. Look up or google The Instafresh Process, it is patented and unmatched! Live Whole Foods is what i am taking, if you have any questions about them i'll be happy to pass on any information to you or anyone interested. [​IMG]
  5. lifemyway

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    I currently consume and market one of the top rated nutritional supplements on the market today. These products have been evaluated by third party researchers and continue to win award after award that gives me the confidence that I am giving my body the best I can!!
  6. eyestar88

    eyestar88 New Member

    I take Oligo. they are the BEST! [​IMG] LOL @ HappyWife, GREAT info that you added!
  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    They don't know that. I think that it is being digested.
  8. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    eyestar88: I take Oligo. they are the BEST! LOL @ HappyWife, GREAT info that you added!

    I take Oligo as well. It's a fantastic product!
  9. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    A high percentage of Vitamins are not absorbed. You are right about that eyestar88. But taking a Vitamin Supplement is still a good idea, especially if your diet is a bit lacking.
  10. luvbodybyvi

    luvbodybyvi New Member

    I had done a test on my vitamins because I had heard this as well. I had heard about putting a vitamin in a container with so much water and so much vinegar (I forget the parts), but it was supposed to resemble the acids in your stomach. I was nervous about it because I promote these vitamins, but to my delight, the vitamins did dissolve completely.
  11. 1107common

    1107common New Member

    I think one should talk any new thing after the suggestion or discussion with physician or nutritionist.
  12. LittleLindaPind

    LittleLindaPind New Member

    I can tell when certain vitamins aren't absorbing well such as B vitamins. Taking it in powder form or liquid works best for me. I just finally found an whole food supplement and protein powder that is working and giving me more energy. It took a long time to find it.

    Since some vitamins, like calcium, it is more difficult to tell if it is absorbing well or not short of a blood or bone density test.
  13. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Quality supplements that are pharmaceutical grade, thoroughly tested and especially those that have had clinical trials are excellent with better absorption rates. Non acidic Vitamin C in the crystal or time release form is excellent. I find a patented sublingual B-12 works the best. A friend and customer of mine that used to take B12 injections use this sublingual B12 and it works as well for them as the shots did. It also helps clear her head - she gets what she calls "brain fog". However, she had briefly tried something less expensive for a couple of months and it did not work at all. The key is to realize that alot of cheap supplements do not absorb or work as well.
  14. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    A couple of other things I meant to mention: Depending on medications one may take, there are nutrients you should space out from your medication. Thyroid medication is one that should not be taken within 4 hours of taking calcium supplements, which usually means waiting to take your multiple vitamin too. Statin drugs for cholesterol can be affected by grape fruit juice. Men typically do not need to take an iron supplement, so hunt for a multiple without iron.
  15. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    The vitamins I used to take about 6 months ago were top notch, someone mentioned them above, powered by Oligo technology. You could really feel more energy. Since I'm not using them now due to my budget squeeze, I am focusing on better nutrition and have recently stumbled on Moringa, which is extremely rich in many vitamins and minerals, etc. The powder form can be added to food. Google it and you'll be amazed the properties. I just ordered some seeds and am hoping I can grow it in a large pot (it is a tree) indoors during the winter and move it outdoors in the summer. All parts of the plant are beneficial. Hope it works!
  16. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    This is very good information that I agree 100% with. I've heard that in many cases, buying supplements is really just like paying for expensive urine, because you just pee out what your body can't absorb natually. Sorry to be blunt here, and I apologize if I've offended anyone, but that's pretty much the truth.
  17. Shawn Miller

    Shawn Miller New Member

    That is truly the reason that Porta-Pots in Florida are named Vitamin Machines.

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