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    I am from the Philippines and I have started MLM then stopped and walked away in disgust of the people who conduct business there, unethically, but then I realized the business itself isn't really the one unethical. I decided that I shall come back to that company since Im already a member there and here is my unique question: is it possible that I isolate myself and my soon-to-be network from the others? no interaction whatsoever from any member, including my upline? I'd make an arrangement with my upline to never interact with my downlines. I dont want my recruits to be tainted by them. I just want to implement the ethical way. I really dislike their methods. Its cult-like. I want to treat the MLM like a business, its how it should be. My plan is even to build an office, exclusively for people in my own network.
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    MLM can bring you a very large income if you choose the right strategy, so if you really like it, then you may well be able to try to develop its business, limiting contact with other participants, in addition to its recruits. Most likely it will be quite easy, but if it is important for you to try.

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    Sad to say, but if you didn't choose the upline that you can trust, this will never change. I have seen uplines raid my downlines in the past, so all I can say is they won't change, so better to search for a new sponsor if you like the company and register all over again. Most companies allow this some in 6 months, and since you stepped away for a period, you should read the company rules and regulations, and in many cases, you can point out the reasons you wish to change sponsors and it will be considered. Certainly, any company with ethics would understand your issue and wanting to change sponsors. No sense working for the benefit of someone you are not ethically aligned with, and good for you for recognizing the importance of choosing upline sponsors. Better late than never, there are a lot of unethical people in this industry.

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