A hearty soup.

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    A hearty soup.
    Are you tired of heating up canned soup? This recipe works with most canned soups and soup powders.
    Carry on using the soup as stated on label. While it is getting hot, grate ?? large potato and 1 small onion, half to one carrot, and add half-one tablespoonful of margarine. Add a little mixed Italian spice if you want to. I alway top up with a cup op lettuce or cabbage leaf. Boil for 5 minutes
    Serve it as a gourmet soup meal and enjoy the surprise on the face of your guests
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    What a lovely idea yet simple way to really make a delicious soup.

    Thanks for sharing it. [​IMG]
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    Hi broadland ,
    I am a interior designer.so obviously I will keep my home lovable.But
    i am not very good at cooking.Some what i will do.I tried this soup
    Its a good idea.Really it is excellent.Actually my kid is a soup lover.She always ask me to prepare soups.So thanks for your nice recipe.
    Thanks a Lot![​IMG]
  4. Phil Stones

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    Yummy - my son is a soup lover too - he complains if it is out of a can !

    He loved this one - and served with a crusty bagel made a really quick and wholesome meal!


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