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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by marketing2, May 29, 2008.

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    Where do we get our way of thinking? It has been describe many some a thoughts are things. Negative thinking is based on our environment. Our minds are shaped by the thoughts and behaviors of our family, friends and environment. If a person won the lottery could they survive without a job. For most people the answer is no based on their mindset. Thoughts and values that shaped their lives in terms of money has been poor at best. Parents and or relatives are the first teachers of the child. Children learn many things from their parents and most parents don't have a solid foundation of things ie thoughts that build income or wealth.
    The network/affiliate marketing arena has been filled with thoughts about great wealth. If still goes back to people's mental perception about money and if their mindset is "you can't make money presenting people with that type of business, it doesn't work.
    That type of thinking is based on the formal educational system that has produced a worker attitude instead of creativity.
    As people enter into the network/affiliate marketing arena some sort of education needs to the addressed other than just the marketing side of making money.
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    When one thinks negitive, they go nowhere fast. Have you ever had the day from (you know what) and it just snow balled from there, because you couldn't get past that negitivity of the day? When you change your thinking, you change you. If you change your mindset in a positive way and really stay focused to remain there, you create a whole new you. Stay focused & positive everyone!!

    To your massive success,
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    Excellent article!

    Yes, where indeed! We do get our thought patterns from our surroundings. "As you think, so you become" and "You become like the company you keep" are two of my favorite cliches.

    It has to do with influence and repetition. You have to make a mindful effort to first rid yourself of negative patterns and then to add new constructive thought patterns.

    In essence, you become aware of the destructive patterns, make an effort to halt them and then to replace them with life-supporting patterns.

    Reprogramming takes time and daily conscious effort but it's well worth while.

    You're right, the institution has in fact created a worker attitude at the expense of creativity and...new value. This is very unfortunate. Work should be fun, fulfilling, and it should add new value.

    You made another good point when you suggested that there is more to making money than marketing. There are several additional components involved especially if one wishes a business to prosper over time. There is a heck of a lot to learn and the long term approach is the only one that will last. Sounds redundant and obvious doesn't it? So many fail because they fire before they aim.

    Great post [​IMG]

    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Very good article.
    I agree with you.

    Doing business is a long term process.
  5. VictoriaNTC

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    Yes, one attracts what one thinks...every time.
  6. getagrip

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  7. successful2008

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    A negitive mind? Why would anyone want to live by those rules? My father used to say, you are who you hang with. He was right. If you're around negitive people, you start having that negitive mind set. If you're around positive people, you start to become positive. I fo one, would rather be aroung the person who is positive & a goal setter, than the person who always looks at the glass half empty.

    To your massive success,
  8. successful2008

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    No matter how you slice it, there is nothing good about being negitive.

    To your massive success,
  9. TheWinner

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    Very good post guys [​IMG]

    Being grateful for what you already have is a huge component in this equation.

    If you are grateful, and give thanks to all the good things in your life already, such as having a warm home to live in, the food you ate last night and this morning, your family, your friends, your health etc...it automatically makes you feel good. Then feeling good thoughts will attract good back to you, because your in an abundance mindset... and when you really mix this emotion with future success... surroundings and experiences start to change for the good for you...



    CSGWAHM New Member

    Totally agree with Michelle and Kiran, you both said it perfectly! I always tell my kids, "be thankful for what you have and not complain about what you don't have" It drives them crazy, but I know that one day they'll remember mom always saying that to them and hopefully it will have a positive inpact on them.

    I'm a positive person by nature, but my husband tends to be the "look at the glass half empty" type of person, so he thinks that I live in lala land at times. The thing is, I don't live in lala land, I'm very aware of the reality in the world today, but I have a choice and do I be negative just because there are negative things going on in the world, the answer is No, I can't do that. I won't do that. It's just not me, I don't let other people dictate what or how my outlook on life is. I will not let negative people drag me down, period.
  11. A8ch

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    There are five essential pathways through which we perceive and navigate the world we live in. We refer to them as the five senses. They serve as conduits to the brain, that physical mass of blood and tissue where every bit of raw data that forms our experience is processed and stored.

    That data is neither good nor bad, it's simply neutral.

    Manipulating that raw data into useful streams of information is a function of the mind - the invisible, non-local entity through which we recognize conscious awareness and develop the ability to reason.

    The impulses flowing into the brain are beyond our ability to control, but we can develop command of the mind to manage that information and carve out the quality of life we desire for ourselves.

    Newbie Shield, Michelle and Kiran each offer great observations:

    Newbie Shield: You have to make a mindful effort to first rid yourself of negative patterns and then to add new constructive thought patterns.

    In essence, you become aware of the destructive patterns, make an effort to halt them and then to replace them with life-supporting patterns.
    successful2008: If you change your mindset in a positive way and really stay focused to remain there, you create a whole new you.
    TheWinner: If you are grateful, and give thanks to all the good things in your life already... it automatically makes you feel good. Then feeling good thoughts will attract good back to you, because you're in an abundance mindset...
    If you compare the brain to your laptop computer, then the mind is the user... you; the intelligence that operates the software installed on your system. The results are determined by your effort, expectations, knowledge, understanding, skill and perseverance.

  12. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Thank you Hermas. Your insight is refreshing!

    To your massive success,
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    When I start thinking negative thoughts I usually end up getting little or no work done. It's hard sometimes, especially if you are just getting started. I try to stay positive and hopeful and when I do have an "off" day, I regroup and try to come up with another game plan!
  14. jpolito830

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    Negative thoughts are a difficult thing to get over, especially in the workplace. Its is also hard to keep your employees positive. Anyone have some tips on positive thinking?
  15. TheWinner

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    Hey jpolito830

    Tips for positive thinking for yourself:

    - Think of your goals and achieving them, imagine how good it will feel, especially your major definitie purpose as it stands at the moment, imagine it.

    - Think of something pleasant, a pleasant memory with a friend..

    - Think of what great you have in your life already...

    - Smile, just smiling changes your mood, may feel odd when its hard to be positive, but keep smiling, your mood will change.

    There are various little things like this you can do to change your mood...[​IMG]

    If you have employees and struggle to keep them positive... maybe try:

    - Offering them an incentive to reach a certain goal

    - Give them a little more freedom, not too much otherwise work will not get done!! Maybe like, if they get all work done, they can have a longer break, anything...

    Theres alot you can do to change yours and others moods...

    Keep practising and develop a habit of positive thinknig, it will get easier to shift your mood when you need to.

    I hope that helps

    To your success!

  16. successful2008

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    The tone of voice will capture your audience. Never speak down to someone. Always talk to them with respect. When you think Positive, your voice will show and reflect motivation.

    Doing this will always make you a winner and a very powerful speaker.

    To your massive success,
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    Yesterday I had a post titled, Negativity is a Dream Killer. If you want to read it my blog is called Moonbow Chaser. All you have to do is google it and it comes up. I'm not selling anything, it's a chase your impossible dream blog. I don't know how to do a signature link.
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    Sonni: I don't know how to do a signature link.
    Here's how!

    1. Click the Member link under your name in the author column to the left of your post.
    This will take you to your user page About user "Sonni".

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    This will take you to the Edit Profile page.

    3. Scroll down to the text box captioned Signature.

    4. In the text box, type the following:

    [ url=http://www.moonbowchaser.com]Moonbow Chaser[ /url]

    NOTE: There are to be no spaces in the URL tags.

    [ url=http: ... & [ /url]
    should be written as
    ... &

    I used the spaces so that you could see the example.

    This will create a signature link to your blog that reads Moonbow Chaser.

    5. Click the Edit Profile button at the bottom to save it, and you're done!

  19. rohini

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    Its so true that negative mindset is because of your environment....When I got into business I was a very negative person as my mindset was tuned to be negative....But soon I realised that this negative mindset is because of worry....Worry is the state of mind which caused me to be depressed,stressed out....This worry started reflecting my attitude.....So sooner realised that you got to eliminate this worry and kill this habit of worrying for every small things....The other thing that helped is I came to know that no matter how much I worried it did'nt change my outcome at all....In fact when I changed the way I think and replaced all my negative though or worry with a positive thought things started changing....Then I realised that things I worried in past never took place......So just got to practice living everyday without worrying about future...
  20. sarastvnsn

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    I try very hard to have a positive mindset about my business and my life. I am always reading and trying to learn new things but I am married to a very negative person and after 3 years of marriege I am now just learning how to distance myself from it. I love him very much and he makes me luagh and weve made it through alot but the negativity just gets to me sometimes. any advice

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