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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by honey20, May 10, 2012.

  1. honey20

    honey20 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    im thinking of a new business idea working from home. Iv just had a baby, so iv experienced alot of nappies, so iv heard that writing reviews are a good way of generating income. So firstly i want to ask if this is a good idea, secondly how can you generate income this way, and thirdly how do i go about doing this?

    Thank you in advanced
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    First of all, I want to welcome you to the forum.

    The one thing I want to say about writing product reviews is that it is pretty much a waste of time in my view.

    There is a product out there of a guy who started this a few years ago and has made $100's of dollars each and everyday. I tried it and it does not work too well even with close to 1000 reviews.

    I really think that this way of making money is saturated and there are way too many reviews on all sorts of products online.

    If I were you, I would look into network marketing online.
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    If you create a blog and start you reviews you could generate income from your traffic.

    Income would come from affiliate products and adsense ads.
    If you have niche you are focus on it due course it could pay off. It could take 6-12 months to really build up, but it works.
  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Thirdly is how which is as simple as your signature link honey (couldn't resist)
    At the moment you have just "h.smith" instead of a clickable link to a website.
    Best use is to link to your own content filled website but even an affiliate link works.
    If you look at the 3 replies so far, each of us has our own clickable signature links.
    The instructions on how to do it are in your profile set up.
    Your "reviews" should not say click my link, a big no-no.
    Forum commenting works better than reviews for most.
  5. Brian Snipes

    Brian Snipes New Member

    I would agree, the only way to make any money doing product reviews is if you have a blog that is getting tons of traffic.
  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I've never found a way to make good money writing product reviews. You'd probably be better off writing content for your own blogs and sites and then monetizing them with AdSense and other things.

    Technical Writing is also a growing work at home field.
  7. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    I agree with the above. Writing reviews seems to be a saturated line. However, writing your own blogs and monetizing them with AdSense, etc. is the way to go. Of course, if you have the patience to wait - affiliate marketing is a way to build yourself a big global business. The business I am related with is free to join, and offers free training and support, and learning. It is something you might look into if you have time to do the work involved.:0
  8. try2vape

    try2vape New Member

    I made the most from home when I did medical transcribing.
  9. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    Yes you can generate income....the real question then becomes how much?

    If you are a good writer and if you can spit out good content you might do well to sell your articles. There a lot of bloggers who do just that, hire folks to write for them. You could get perhaps 5 to 10 dollars an article.

    To just start writing product reviews you would need a good blog that could pull in traffic. To start from scratch takes time make that blog an authority site, it could take months and months to get content ranked on page one of google.

    But it is like fishing....the more articles (lines in the water) you write, and if you can get those articles on page one(good fishing spot) fairly consistently, the more fish (customers) you get. You have 100 lines in the water you are going to make sales, in a few months add more, make it 300 lines in the water and even more sales.

    Once your article is written, you are done....then it becomes passive....making money while you sleep.

    Some affiliate sites let you get credit for everything in the cart, so your product review might have been for speakers, and your customer may have purchased a receiver and a CD player with the speakers. You get a commission on all three. That happens a lot.

    To say the market is saturated is not really true.....Amazon did something like 40 billion in sales. There are many affiliate sites you could do articles for. The products that you can promote are endless.

    There is enough to go around....so if you have the time and desire, don't quit as it does take time, you will make some money, again how much are you looking for? Just have real expectations.
  10. robpenn

    robpenn Member

    I can't see you making a living out of writing nappy reviews for someone else's website.

    You would need to build your own authority site and get it high up on the search engine results. It may take many months to get there.

    You would get your income from affiliate ads/links on your site or from starting your own mail order company.

    You would need to learn SEO to get the search engine ranking.
  11. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Welcome to the forum, Honey!

    You can make money with reviews if you develop a system that feeds the review site with traffic constantly. It takes planning and some time for the results to show, but it is possible.

    I set up a review site several years ago that has remained unchanged and runs on auto pilot. I developed promotional clusters build around articles and Squidoo lenses that direct traffic to the site.

    The reviews are objective and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each product. There is a star rating system attached to each of the products as well.

    However, I am not sure how you would monetize a site about nappies, but here's an idea for you.

    As a new mother you are certainly learning a lot about caring for new borns. You could create a blog detailing your experiences and sharing things you have learned.

    You could put together an ebook guide for moms-to-be and new moms on how to prepare for a new baby and care for it after birth. That can be the starting point for years of material and products of your own.

  12. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    First I am not sure exactly what a nappie is??? A diaper? I am unclear about what sorts of products you are thinking of writing reviews on, but I will share with you how I do it.

    First I purchase the product and actually review it. If it's an ebook, I will take a few parts of the book, reword them into 3 articles, create a Squidoo lens around it and add the product link into the lens. I may write a few additional articles with new content and link them to the lens. In time with good keyword research, the lens should begin to rank.

    If it's Amazon products, I have a lot of associates that promote Amazon via Squidoo as well and they call them sales lens and many do very very well with this, but they need a lot of lens to generate substantial income.
  13. nhoudek

    nhoudek New Member

    Not in writing reviews, but there are a lot of opportunities out there for writing in general. fiverr.com is a good place to start. You can make $5 for an original content article. Tons of people look toward fiverr for article marketing when they can't or don't feel like writing themselves.
  14. kellerbrianw

    kellerbrianw Member

    Writing reviews is a crapshoot at best. Many invest hours writing reviews and get little in return.

    If you're a good writer, I would suggest writing your own e-book. Write enticing, client-grabbing content, promote it via clickbank or other services, and you could be a success!

    E-books cost little to make but, if written well, can generate a bit of business!

    Here's to your success!


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