A newbie just joined a MLM and need advice regarding groups!

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by intange, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. intange

    intange New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm glad I found this forum! Good work you guys and thank you for making this forum, thanks for willing to share!

    I really need an advice right now, after my pregnancy and giving birth to my son, I never succeed in looking for a job. So finally I decided to join a MLM (can I mention the mlm name here in this forum?) well, when I do my research, I decided to join this mlm that sells beauty and body care products. Since I really love to groom myself and into the beauty and make-up thing.
    After I decided to choose that specific MLM, I research for a specific group of sponsor to be my upline, and I finally choose a group that I thought is good, based on their well maintained website. But boy, I was wrong! After I joined this particular group it turned out that they are so new, they dont have big motivation seminar or success stories and their training is just in beginning of development.

    The other group that I have been eyeing when I do my research turned out to be a big effective group that has produced so many success stories. Boy, I have failed my research and make wrong decision.

    I really really want to join the big group. But the mlm company policy wouldn't let me moved from the current group. Now, I try to make my current group big, but my upline line of communication and spirit just not as big as me.

    I really need advice about how to start working with them, the pioneer of my current group? Because there're so many what I perceived as a mistake in doing the business. Like wrong training, lack of motivation letters, lack of communication, unlawful practice of the business etc etc

    Should I try to make my current group right on track, or should I just stop doing it for a year when my membership ended, not continuing it and wait for another 6 month before I would be eligible to join again with the big group? but.... the problem is I really deep in debt right now due to my long time unemployment and need to make a living.

    I hope you get the point... [​IMG] if not please feel free to ask foe more details...

    And thanks before for reading this!
  2. Mflaclair

    Mflaclair New Member

    It's probably not a good idea after joining one group to request to be moved to another group. I'd pay more attention to how they market than how new the group is. If they market to their warm market of friends & relatives, I would never market that way.

    As far as motivational speaking goes, each individual has to find their own special way to keep motivated daily. Rah...rah's are good
    but they are not lasting so its up to the person. It's like showering, it must be done frequently.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Marc LaClair

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  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    As one who has and continues to be successful in this industry, it can be nice to have such a support group but it comes down to YOU.

    Don't make excuses get out there and build your business and make money. A newer group could be just getting going and could potentially surpass the one that you see a so great now, but still you need to just be about your business regardless of the group.

    It all comes down to marketing your business to those that would potentially have an interest, and being of support to the new persons you introduce.

    Remember each and every group started out with just one, that had a vision. Others bought into the vision and they became a powerful group of successful people. But the group doesn't make you successful, you do. You can find any and all support that is particular to your needs all over the internet, so why would you sit back and wait a year to just join another group when within that year you can be all that you want to be. And you might find that if you joined the other group that it really wouldn't have worked out for you.

    Things happen for a reason, go forth with confidence and may you have great success.

    And by the way, don't do what most mlm'er fail to do, diversify your income streams. We can't go about banking on one company to be all that we want it to be. Even if it turns out to be that way, you want to look out for your own well being in your home business because any and everything is subject to happen with any company that effects your income.
  4. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    As Free Cash man states, it is about you. Maybe you were put with this group for a reason and maybe that reason is to help them!! It sounds as though in reading your post you have the initiative and foresight to do things for yourself. You maybe the catalyst that gets that group going. You have found ways you don't want to market so why do it their way? (you mentioned unlawful which you definitely don's want to do) Here is an opportunity to learn and grow. Take what you do like and run with it and expand on that. Maybe you can help those in this group that need it. As you said you have identified things that are wrong already. People will see you and want to join you just remember that. You will probably be a shining star in this group[​IMG] (every group has one or two) I wish you luck in your endeavers. Keep us posted on how it is going. [​IMG]
  5. intange

    intange New Member

    Thanks for all the awesome advices! [​IMG]

    Yes I'm on the same boat with you. marketing to warm market is so not effective. I made some of my family members joined but they are asleep and never wake up! [​IMG] Only about 1% of them that actually going, but just after so many, hard, and long convincing efforts and motivations from me that I'm afraid I wouldn't keep doing it if my network grow bigger.
    Like you said, It's up to the person. It's up to me whether I will succeed or not!


    You are right, I envied the support! But then again wasting time is what it is...wasting. You really get a good point in your advice, thank you!
    And do you think I really should diversify? So, do you mean I should join several different home business? I really curious... But I also have other streams of income, an online shop and working freelance from the comfort of my home. But I wonder if you mean that I should join several different mlm?
    Your advice is so motivating! Thank you once again [​IMG]


    So inspiring and motivating advice! thank you!
    I decided to just do the best that I can! No matter what group I'm in. Lack of Confidence apparently that make me post this thread. I got to work on that! [​IMG]
    Now your advice had lift my confidence up. Thank you!
    In the end it is me, my confidence and my hard work that counts, right!
  6. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Yes it is. You have only you to rely on in the end. Your leader can only do so much. If you stay active and work your business everyday it will start to work for you. HBT...Home Business Time as my sponsor say and I do it everyday. That is the discipline you need. It is a challenge to convince people what a great deal you have. But it sounds as though you are up for the challenge. I am sure if you need help if you will come here and ask you will get support and help that you need. Look at what you have gotten already! [​IMG] I wish you the best.
  7. gsmcclellan

    gsmcclellan New Member

    I would respond to this question much like I would respond to a lead that asks me how much money I make off my program. I usually turn it around by saying something like:

    "It's not important what I make because your results will not be the same as mine. So don't ask me what I make. Instead ask yourself what you could make."

    It's the same thing here. It doesn't matter which group you are in or how successful those around you are. It's all about YOU! Sure it's nice to have a great teacher in your upline, but if you are committed to making your business work, there are always resources for you to learn how to make that happen. You just have to go out and find them.
  8. bankonadam

    bankonadam New Member

    Hello intange,
    That sounds a bit frustrating, I am supprised that the big group will not give you advice anyway! although it of no benefit for them to do so it is good will that i strongly belief in. I often give advice to those that are not in my group with my MLM program.

    My advice is that you should take the bull by the horns and really strive to make things happen for yourself. If you start to make things happen in your group you may well find your upline placing new recruites under you. GOOD Luck and stick it out.
  9. dougadam

    dougadam New Member

    I would recommend reading...

    Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams

    Written by Mark and Rene Reid Yarnell, this book covers all aspects of what you will need to do to get your business on the right path to success. With sections on time management, how to deal with your prospects, and how to best mentor your new recruits, you will find this book is one of the most informative and inspirational marketing books available today.

    Douglas Adams [​IMG]
  10. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    Build a Community website for your business that welcomes any people in that business no matter who their sponsor is to join together to help one another.

    Then your groups will be together. You can do this by having a forum and live chat. The forum will allow people to share their positive stories together about the same business you are in. The live chat will offer live support.

    Each of you that join this neutral community website for your business will be adding value to your business as more share their positive stories together.

  11. OrganicWealth

    OrganicWealth New Member

    Been there, done that. Thought I had joined the "right group". But, you know what, It is all in what YOU make it. Be the leader, grow, mentor, find those that are coachable and teachable, provided you are first and do the growth work. Then, you work on building your own group or business. Start with a core, look for those that are looking for you.

    Hope this helps, kinda helped me this morning [​IMG]
  12. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    If you like the company then stick with it. I have never found the group I was with to make that much difference. It is nice to have some local support but it's also nice to get a back rub.

    I do most of my work online but before I made the switch I was involved in my local community. My primary is a health and weight loss company so I taught .... surprise! health and weight loss classes. We have meet-up groups which are basically business card exchanges but give you a lot of people to call and follow up with. search meet-up for your area.

    There are so many ways to meet people on your own. I don't think you need a group who sells your product to help you. Get into a master-mind group in your area to create accountability.

    This is the first of many things that will come up and cause you to question your work. Don't let them get to you. Let the other guy get taken out first. An often under-rated secret of success is not to give up - EVER.

    Go get them -

    Jan Hickling

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    intange, you could also look up a meetup group if there are some in your area who can help you on a local and personal basis. Go to meetup.com and search around. Also if you are in debt, in the meantime keep looking for employment just in case. That's still considered another stream of income. Layout a plan to eliminate your debt. Be frugal for the time being.
  14. OrganicWealth

    OrganicWealth New Member

    Jan, I love what you said! I've had the local circles and did well for awhile. Now, I'm focusing on www - going global. Having been a belly-to-belly networker for sooo long, this has been quite the challenge for me for sures.

    But, right never, never give up! And, if you want it bad enough, you'll find it!

  15. dailylife

    dailylife New Member

    Yes, I agree with many on this forum, you must believe in yourself, the product, and the company you partnered with. This is YOUR business, treat it that way.intange
  16. intange

    intange New Member

    Whoaaa, look at all these amazing advice! Many many thanks you guys... I really really appreciate this. Your advices all are very logical and make sense to me, it feels so right.
    gsmcclellan You are very inspiring! Thank you
    dougadam I'll buy the book!
    And Speedy2011, your idea is something very new to me, It's beyond what I can think of actually. What happened here, all this groups had differentiate themselves, they became 'exclusive' and honestly some people will be a little bit intimidated sometimes in some company events, because they came in their uniform and with lots of member they somewhat makes little groups looks like nothing in compare.
    So this idea about neutral community set my mind into different perspective..

    Now it's been five months since I join my MLM business, and guess what? I have results! My bonus is climbing up every month, and it is pretty assuring. My confidence and determination making myself the best tool I need to success.
    I even change my goal! I was in, to pay my debt, to bring food to the table. Now, I have what I need to live and pay the debt. It's so funny, before this MLM thing, I was looking for jobs for almost 2 years, and what I had was dozens of unsuccessful interviews. After MLM, I got many offers! People telling me that I'm looking happy and positive and generally better now.
    What I dont have anymore is my original goal. Now, I want to stay in this business to be able to help others to become a confident and positive person. This MLM business somehow makes me more happy, It makes me more relax toward my life. If you know what I mean...
    5 months ago I was all about money and things...and I was not confident and a little bit negative and pessimist. And what made me changed? Myself! I want to be positive and confident. No one and No group that can make me want it more than myself. I just realized that it's all about me not the external factors!

    And Bankonadam is right, as soon as I make things happen in my group, my upline placing new recruits under me! And that only gives me motivation to do more. To work hard building my network. Internet helps alot, facebook too, but also to my surprise, some friends approach me to be their upline, they are mostly had been in MLM and failed and they sees me as inspiring through my passionate facebook status update. And guess what? They duplicate me and recruiting like mad!

    I regret one thing though, I regret why this is only happened to me now, not 5 or 10 years ago! [​IMG]

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