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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Gloria Joseph, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Gloria Joseph

    Gloria Joseph New Member

    Something important I want to share with you today. Sometime ago I found out that there are several paths to online success.

    What works for one person may not be easy for another person especially if you are new and just starting out on the path to online success. But if you persist and don't give up you will eventually find a path to walk through.

    Blogging or Email marketing may make somebody a good income, yet nothing for somebody else. When you find your path to online success stay focused and start doing. Try not to overload yourself with information as its way too easy to get overwhelmed too soon.

    You do not need to know everything or download every thing or even buy every product. If you continue to go from one marketing tool to another - without ever completing any of them, you will be in a constant state of starting and never finishing.

    So start strong. Finish Strong

    Good LUCK

    Gloria Joseph
  2. sarauk

    sarauk New Member

    Great point, I think most people do get overwhelmed with information with internet marketing. They feel they need to learn everything yesterday.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Good point Gloria.

    When I got started, I knew NOTHING. Took me like 4-5 years to figure things out ( Got a good mentor who I truly respect) and when I followed his advice, I started to do well. it did not happen overnight but because I persisted, I made it.

    Anyone here can do it too if you don't quit.

  4. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    All you have to do is not give up just keep going until you find a good mentor or figure out what you do best.
  5. magnavox

    magnavox New Member

    any mentors available?
  6. magnavox

    magnavox New Member

    During my time with this process I haven't found the first one yet that was willing to help
  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    magnavox: During my time with this process I haven't found the first one yet that was willing to help

    There are several ways to utilize a mentor. The most ideal arrangement is probably a closeup one-on-one situation, where you can "sit at the master's feet" so to speak and soak up his or her wisdom and guidance.

    But that's not always possible. Your mentor's schedule may be too hectic to accomodate such a luxury. Plus, you may be living on different continents and never get the chance to meet.

    Still, there's nothing to prevent you from studying their biography, reading their books, getting on their mailing list, subscribing to their home study courses, checking out their website or blog, attending their lectures, buying their tapes, CDs, DVDs and so on.

    These are just a few of the resources that may be within your reach. And they could be as effective as if you had the privilege of a private consultation.

  8. wrkathomeunited

    wrkathomeunited New Member

    i completely agree with this... i have been messing around with internet marketing for a year or so and just recently decided to stick to it... honestly i think that is what is making me succesfull, before i made the commitment i spent hundreds of dollars on get rich quick scams and guess what... i didnt get rich haha. but lately i have found an excellent company that i love representing mainly because its all "GREEN" but just knowing that im representing an awesome company and that i HAVE TO STICK TO IT has been the best motivation for me!!! great post
  9. omrishabbat

    omrishabbat New Member

    I agree with your point and i like to add that not every way is fit to everybody, you gotta' focus on your best suitable way!
  10. newaaff

    newaaff New Member

    I totally agree with you. As newbie, we get overwhelmed with so much information and hype. Different thngs work for different people that make it more confusing for new learners.
    I'm new to affiliate marketing and trying not to get confuse or lose the track.
  11. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    The commitment is a big thing. You have to get beyond reading "how to do it" and "checking e-mails" to just doing it! If you can focus on one thing at a time until you master each one it goes a long way to helping you become a success.

    You will eventually find what works and what doesn't work for you.
  12. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    People do get overwhelmed and then they just quit. I did for a long time myself. I would start something, and then never finish it. Mostly because I wasn't making money fast enough, but also because I rarely ever got any help on how to be successful at it. I now know what works and what don't. As Tal said above, it does not happen overnight and anyone that tells you that it does is lying to you. It takes hard work and dedication to be successful. Do your Research, but don't spend ALL of your time with this. Make a decision on something and stick to it. Success will come.
  13. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I found my mentor in the Warrior Forum. It took a while I read threads for at least 3 months to find out who is who. Too many scammers online to just trust anyone.

    I did the 30 Day Challenge twice and was a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 2 months. I learned more in 30 DC than WA and it is free.

    Finally, in the WF I found Amy Bass of the Niche Blogger she is very well respected by her peers and an excellent mentor. It was a very wise decision I have been with her 18 months now.
  14. bbray95

    bbray95 New Member

    excellent post. good information
  15. f5mtadas

    f5mtadas Guest

    yes focusing is most important and I think what really need is one good money making opp. rather than 10 other business.
  16. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    There is true wisdom in all these comments; consistency is the key. I am pretty new at making money on the Internet, but I know I'm gonna be successful. My mentor is Jim Paris-he makes his entire living on line and is very successful. I thank God for him.
  17. Ron S

    Ron S New Member

    Gloria Joseph: What works for one person may not be easy for another person especially if you are new and just starting out on the path to online success.
    I agree with Gloria Joseph.
    There are people making thousands bucks per month by blogging while vast majority of bloggers are failing.
    There are people earning their livings selling on ebay while there are people encounter failure.

    There is so much misinformation regarding making money online, that make newbies think that that all these internet marketers are enjoying unbridled success.

    Learning is essential especially if you are new and just starting out on the path to online success.

    There are plenty of online business opportunities, focus on your niche.
  18. markdudek

    markdudek New Member

    Ron S: Learning is essential especially if you are new and just starting out on the path to online success.
    How true. Newcomers to internet marketing can be easily overwhelmed by information overload - like I was. There was so much information about so many products, all promising the earth, but sadly none delivered.

    I think I'm past that "grasping at straws" stage, and I would offer this advice to anyone starting out with IM:
    It's important to realise that internet marketing like many other things requires a set of skills, and an understanding of how those skills should be implemented. But like swimming, or riding a bike, these skills can be learned, along with the understanding of how to use them.
    No, it can't be done overnight, and yes, it will take time, but perseverance will pay off.

    Kind Regards,
  19. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The Path To Online Success for most business is simply a means of marketing, and doing so consistently.

    Now there are intricacies to marketing but it's about getting people in front of what you are offer to see if it is of interest to the prospect. Those that do that, and/or learn to do that succeed, those who don't, don't succeed, and mostly complain.

    Success is yours, as stated, don't quit, find your way to win! Just know that you can win.
  20. lorenzodc1

    lorenzodc1 New Member

    I love this thread. It is probably the most true thing I've heard about internet marketing. All wanabe internet marketers who are trying to spread their wings need to reach this.

    You don't need the latest product, you don't need to bust loads of money on it.

    Just find the way to align the right consumer with the right product and whammo you're in business.

    Pick a niche, study it and start marketing to that niche. It'll take time and some hard work but will pay dividends.

    I am currently part of a great community of internet marketers and I see so many newbies (I was one not so long ago, and maybe you can stay I still am one) giving up cos they couldn't wrap their heads around this one concept.

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