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  1. karie

    karie New Member


    I was wondering if anyone was doing good with Acme People Search? This is the system that Tissa Godavitarne created to build his GDI downline and to hit the GDI leaderboard every week. He offers affiliates their own free people search engine which has the 5 income streams (including GDI to host it). I joined and have been promoting the affiliate portion of this. I have made $150 pending commissions on my own and also the $125 bonus commission that he gives after doing the 3 step sign up process. It has also been building my GDI downline. My question is to those who have been in it awhile and are marketing the affiliate side of the program. He pays you up to $30 per affiliate depending on how long your affiliate stays in. How many full $30 payouts have you seen so far, where the affiliate stays in the whole 3 months? I haven't been in long enough to see the full potential. Thanks for any information!

  2. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I completed the 3 steps. In order to get to the last one without paying Tissa $30 / month, you have to sign up with one of the's company offers. In order to do it cheaply, I registered 3 .info domains with -- $3 and change for a year, and I'm not using any of them yet! [​IMG]

    The problem with Acme People Search is that even with your own search engine, Tissa takes a very long time to go through your 100 site hits. After just 2 weeks+ there were about 17 hits to my site, and half of those were from Tissa's Google ads with my URL in them. I'm glad I didn't pay $30, because I doubt the results of paying directly with PayPal would have been any better.

    Don't look for APS as a way of building your GDI downline either. Sure, Tissa Goldavitarme is one of the leading independent recruiters working GDI but don't expect any spillover. But at least a few of my GDI upline contacted me, which was nice of them. I started dealing with one of those guys in another venture.

    GDI is one of the older online businesses, now in their 12th year. But I wasn't planning to work mine, so I cancelled with them. The only reason I had GDI was as a host for my search engine.

    I'm not saying Tissa is dishonest, but some things aren't so obvious until you get to Step 3! For example, the $125 bonus you get from Tissa itself remains on the website itself, but we can't withdraw it till it reaches $200. I never even get close! [​IMG]
  3. karie

    karie New Member

    Hi TheExecutive,

    I am getting daily GDI sign ups, so I do think Acme People Search works good as a GDI downline builder, for me anyways. Many people are hitting the GDI leaderboards (GDI's weekly bonus contest where they get $100 for every 5 confirmed new sign ups) using this program. I know my Acme sponsor is hitting the bonus money in GDI weekly since he started promoting the people search. I think I will try to qualify for it this week. I will have to buy the 10 GDI DVDs required to hit the bonus $$, but that is good for 2 weeks worth of the GDI bonuses!

    About the $125 sign up bonus.... He credits it to your account after completing the 3 steps. I think it is more than fair that it is held until we reach $200 minimum. I know it is very do-able, as lots of people are doing well. It does take work (lots of advertising), and patience, as I am finding out. It is not a get rich quick type of program. I have been using free advertising methods and very cheap ones to promote the affiliate side of the program. So far, so good!

    Karie [​IMG]
  4. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Thanks for your reply, Karie. I'm happy for you that you've made money with Tissa. [​IMG] I guess I just didn't give it enough time back in the fall, but I felt that I could have gotten better results than I did. He hasn't deleted my account in spite of my cancelling GDI, but it's worthless now that I have no host for Executive People Search anymore.

    By the way, you can call me Jeff or Executive or Exec. Having "TheExecutive" as my username is only because "Executive" was already taken. I hate imitators! [​IMG]

  5. karie

    karie New Member


    Jeff-- Thanks, and I hope you are making money, too! [​IMG]

    Satincs -- I am just using the free and cheap advertising methods promoting the affiliate side of the program, offering others their own free people search engine. It seems to be work out well for me.

    You said PPC is the way to go... I definitely agree with this if you are promoting the actual people search engine itself. Tissa teaches people how to set up an effective PPC ad campaign using step-by-step screen shots. His training is really great!

  6. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    karie: Tissa teaches people how to set up an effective PPC ad campaign using step-by-step screen shots.

    He does that but the problem is that Google AdSense is a minimum $50 / month. I can't spend that extra money now. I will, however, be spending under $100 very soon on something else but I don't want to go off topic. My IRS refund can't come soon enough! [​IMG]
  7. karie

    karie New Member

    Hi Jeff,

    Yeah, I haven't personally tried the AdSense yet for my people search engine. I am just marketing the affiliate program. Maybe when I get my tax refund back. I can't wait to get mine back either! I am already spending it in my head! [​IMG]

  8. dayec12

    dayec12 New Member

    I tried the people search also, it was not for me.
    There were a lot of fees I was not aware of and no support help at all.

    About the adwords- I emailed Tissa about adwords and he said you can pay what ever you want to spend a month, even though it says $50 minimum- you can change it to $20 or whatever a month. That is what he told me.

    Good Luck!
  9. azsearch

    azsearch New Member

    Hi guys!

    I'm with acme people search my self. I would like to advertise in awards but awards is a little steep for me right now. If only they would advertise more for less. [​IMG]

    I just make blogs and right articles about my people search. I find the more blogs i make and the more articles i right drives traffic to my people search. I also advertise on craigslist this seems to help. [​IMG]
  10. karie

    karie New Member


    Just to update... This really works! I now have $315 in pending commissions and a $130 payable account balance with the affiliate program! I am still just using free and really cheap advertising methods. This is not a get rich quick thing. It takes work and patience. You must complete all 3 steps to get your $125 start up bonus activated.

    Karie [​IMG]
  11. Gary Chappelle

    Gary Chappelle New Member

    It does work. I am averaging about $1500 a month net just from the search engine. I now have 70 people signed up with GDI and all have come from the search engine.
  12. bells401

    bells401 Member

    Yes acme sure does work and with a little patience and NOT GIVING UP anyone will do great.

    In almost a month i have 75 referrals and over $300 in pendings(amount gets higher everyday) just from promoting my referral link.

    I have yet to host my search engine and start an ad campaing.
    I oppted for Tissa's $30 a month advertising and am getting
    traffic but no sales thus far(still on my free month)

    I understand i can host my search engine on GDI?, can someone give me some insight on that.?
  13. karie

    karie New Member

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, you can host your search engine with GDI and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do so! You will have yet another income stream and it will be on autopilot!

    Go to the GDI link in your People Search backoffice and sign up from there. Then, check out the link, "Tissa's "Secret" GDI Sign-up Sauce!" on that same page. There you can choose to offer your sign ups only GDI as a hosting option for their search engine. I chose that option and it is really building my GDI downline.

    This is the exact system that Tissa uses to be consistently 1st on the GDI leaderboards (where he gets $100 extra for EVERY 5 GDI sign ups that stay past the free trial in that bonus contest week).

    I was first in GDI and then I stumbled upon the Acme Search Engine as a way to promote GDI indirectly. I am really glad that I did!

    Karie [​IMG]
  14. karie

    karie New Member


    To switch over your webhosting to GDI do this:

    Go in your backoffice of the Acme People Search and click on "Step 2 to Success: Monetize!" You will see:

    "Need to update your domain name? First delete the domain above by checking its box and clicking the Delete button. After that, you will be able to repeat Step 2 with the new domain name." Then just follow the instructions.

    Your "alternate URL" on that page will become:

    Hope this helps!

  15. Hexum88

    Hexum88 New Member

    I am happy to see that a few people here have made money with Tissa's system adn GDI.

    Tissa is a great marketer and has a system that consistanly works well for him in GDI. I am not convinced that his system will work well for anyone else though. The people search website that he gives you when you sign up is of very poor quality in my opinion. You will not make money from this search engine which is what he is what he will tell you.

    How do I know this? I used to be a downline for Tissa. He won't promote your website for you very well either. The real money is in the GDI opportunity. Tissa has over 100 sign ups every week, you think he would focus on helping people with that.

    He may now provide a little help to you with the promotion of your GDI opportunity, but you could look around and find much better training on this without the run-around that he gives you. To me, this raises a lot of questions about him. He doesn't even utilize the option of passing his new sign ups to his current downlines. As successful as he is and as much money as he makes, this seems kind of selfish to me.
  16. Gary Chappelle

    Gary Chappelle New Member

    The search engine is not poor quality. It's very simple and yes, it does make money. I've made over $6500 just with Reunion which is just one of the affiliates. I've made over $5000 with one of the other afiiliates. The key is to learn which keywords to use to drive traffic as it is with most PPC efforts.
  17. daddyosb

    daddyosb Guest

    I tryed to sign up with them but could not , I did step 1 but could not get step 2 to work. I e-mailed them 3 times in 2 days for some help and called the office ,NO one got back to me . If the system is so great they would have a way to sign up that works , or better support team I think...........
  18. waigel

    waigel New Member

    "The key is to learn which keywords to use to drive traffic as it is with most PPC efforts"

    I also made an adword campaign. But i think my keywords are realy bad. I don't have much clicks.

    Could you help please Gary ?
  19. Gary Chappelle

    Gary Chappelle New Member


    Learning Adwords takes a lot of study and some trial and error. Don't feel bad about your results. Most people fail at setting up their campaigns in the beginning. The key is persistence and the willingness to learn. One can't just throw something together and expect it to work right out of the box. There is a "science" to Adwords but it's worth figuring it out. Most people who have success will tell you that it takes weeks to create a successful campaign. If you haven't already done so, I would purchase a good book on Adwords and study it over and over again.
  20. AlexB500

    AlexB500 New Member

    Use any of PPC spy programs do discover what keywords other people use in similar campaigns (such free PPCwebspy)

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