Actually isnt there a real work at home company ????

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Studio7t7, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Studio7t7

    Studio7t7 New Member

    Hi guys/girls,

    I am looking for work at home job such as data entry,ad submitting,email marketing kind of jobs.Last 6 months I tried to find out a comapany.But unfortunatly I didnt found such company.

    There are thousands of scam website and they are giving us so many promisses ($$$$ ????).

    As I still belive there sould be real work at home company.Because as I know this is called BPO (Business Process Outsoursing).

    But guys it is really herd to find a such a company using a Search Engine.Because any one can place and advertisement (such as Adwords) to get listed quickly in search engine results.I think you are agree with me.That is a trick of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    So I still have a question that how could I find a real Work at home kind of company.

    So guys/girls if you know the right place and If you would like to share it with us please reply to my post.

  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Depends on where you stay. In USA, there are many companies that offer telecommute (work at home ) jobs, which are free to join. Google offers the position of Quality Rater. In Asia, there are few companies.
  3. affguru

    affguru New Member

    There are a few companies that do offer you part-time positions. But, the real trick is getting such jobs. As you might know, the competition is more for such jobs.

    Most people looking for job on the internet might fall off for scams that will ask you to pay some money as a sign-up fee. My advice is never pay any money in order to work for them.

    I was looking for jobs like you earlier and lost money of the scam. Then, I joined a full-time job and now earning a decent income. But, still I have the quest to work from home . So, I started a new website and I am planning to resign my job after I start earning decent income from my website. So, if you are planning in long run you might be better off creating a new website in your area of interest.

    And, best of all if you live in USA then microsoft live is providing a free .com domain name. Simply search for "free domain name microsoft live" in google.

    Good luck!!

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  4. jaybee4170

    jaybee4170 New Member

    There are a lot of promises out there , 'earn $20,00 in five minutes' , we've all seen them. If you want to work from home , pick a business that you feel comfortable with. If you see an opportunity that interests you , run it past these guys in the forum first , they will soon put you straight. Good luck !
  5. Somnambulist

    Somnambulist New Member

    I've worked from home almost exclusively for the past 8 years. I've been employed full time and also been on various contract jobs. I wear many hats as well. I have worked as writer, editor, community manager, moderator, researcher, and more. I have not started my own business by way of a marketing scheme; I applied for jobs that were advertised or which were shared with me by friends. One editing job I had for a publisher in NY paid $30 an hour. I also worked from home for a huge CA company for a couple of years until 9/11 happened and they were forced to dissolve my department. Stuff happens, but there are opportunities out there and not the "pyramid/multi-level" type. I'm talking absolutely legitimate, full time work. I work full time from home right now but I am still interested in a second job to supplement my income. Not impossible when you work from home[​IMG]
  6. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    I know a company that offers a work at home commission sales position. Click on the About Us button, then Careers.
  7. lauraspawn

    lauraspawn New Member

    There are legitimate positions out there. Right now I actually have a data entry position for a REAL company that has me do Internet research and enter the data into their form through their website. They pay me $10/hr. I also check voice mails for a Dr. that practices in Maryland, and I am in Arizona. They are out there! Trust me. You don't have to try all the 'start your own business' opportunities, or pay the $15 for 'data entry' jobs.
  8. ralu_sch

    ralu_sch New Member

    PLEASE! Is it possible to give me a suggestion ? What kind of company is that ? I've been looking for SO long for a data entry job and I REALLY need it now..THANK YOU!
  9. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    KeyforCash is a legit company hiring data entry operators
  10. goldchamber

    goldchamber New Member

    man I don't want to sound like a prick but it always aggrivates me in this forum how someone will ask a question such as the topic above and so many people will respond with "oh well I do this and this..." and "I have been working from home for this long.." but they never state who they work with or how to even get started doing what they are doing.
    I;m going to check out the
    KeyforCash website I wish more people could just make things simple like that...jeeze..
  11. ralu_sch

    ralu_sch New Member

    Goldchamber - I know what you mean, I feel the same thing..Probably because many of them got frustrated looking and got scamed so many times...When they finally find a job that works, it seems like the "undiscovered little secret" , which must be kept very hidden...They worked so hard to get it, right ? Who knows, maybe if they tell it to everybody, they might lose it..Anyway, I thank those who are so kind to give informations..They just simply help other people...And of course, nobody has an obligation to do it..
  12. seekingthelight

    seekingthelight New Member


    the sites are many and many offer discounted rates if you sign up with their program.
    i'm led to believe that thousands of companys are out there and willing to pay people to do some sort of work for them in order not to pay the additional expenses of setting up new facilitys and paying employee overhead.
    if this is true then i'm curious as to why these companys do not directly try to hire on online employees.
    does anyone have a clue?
  13. seekingthelight

    seekingthelight New Member


    I am only trying to understand just who and what these companys are that are proclaimed to be in so many work online sites that also claim them to be by their representatives.
    I'm led to believe that there are thousands of these companys that are just desperate to retain our at home and online computer availability,for a small fee through those chosen representatives.
    If so,then why do these companys not use more traditional means to recruit honest hard working people who are seeking solutions to economic pressure in different manners and that have the facility's to accommodate their interest?
    This country and the world at large are just filled with people and computers and such people with online capability's..,many qualified for such work and as many not.
    That being so,and if this so called need is that great,then why do we not see these many thousands of companys making a more direct appeal for these at home resources thru more traditional means,if for no other reason than to legitimize their true needs?
    I do not see anything in my local papers that even suggests that there are companys out there that require these kind of services and that makes me leery right off the bat!
    Certainly not thousands of them that are desperate to utilize us and the services of our time and computer as the ads would suggest.
    It would be nice,for the resources are available under reasonable and strait forward means.
    I am skeptical of any online ad that offers at home online employment and utilizes that kind of sketchy inference and I like many thousands of others do not wish to be led down this internet pipeline around the bushes to losing that last $100.00 bucks in our pockets!
    So..,if anyone can..,show me and countless others just who these countless thousands of company's and cooperation's are that so desperately need our services and would pay us for the services of other wise highly paid individuals to do this.
    That's all I would like to know,are there really all these companys that would pay somebody to work at home and do their work for them?
    It sounds like there are hundreds but I have to be really skeptical and would suggest that anyone would be just as skeptical and not put all their eggs into one basket when considering such a thing while not knowing if these companys really exist and wether it's just a line to get that last desperate dollar out of you!
    I just want to know if this is just a bunch of hogwash or something real,if these company's that have these websites exist and are for real then they should have some kind of validation that these companys use in order to obtain employment by these means!
    Has anyone got an answer?

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