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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by WhitePhoenix, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Don't you have concerns that, if you place ads around your website, that people will click away from your site and check out the ads?

    Isn't the point of having a website to bring people there, not send them away?

    Or can you code these ads to open new window and still remain at your website?
  2. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Its all depends on the ads delivers, if the ad is ur affiliate link goes to another website and generates a sale or lead then it would be worth and also you can make it to open in new windows when the user clicks, but not in the case on Google Adsense unless the user clicks holding down the shift key and clicks it will open in new window (the user should know) because we don't have control on adsense codes and the adsense program is PPC, so when user clicks you'll earn so not worrying about that person going to another website...

    The experts says, if you have niche product on ur website then probably you dont have to put the adsense on your website, atleast on that sales page... so the valuable visitor won't go away to another site for just pennys...[​IMG]
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Very good point Denise.

    It all depends on the type of site you have. If your site sells products or services, then it may not be a good idea to display ads on your site. However, displaying ads of other products or services complementing your products/services, after the sale is made, is a great way to "backend" sales, by offering visitors more than the main product or service to buy.

    If your site contains only information, then it makes sense to display ads as it's the only source of revenue from your site. Generally, out of 100 people who visit your site, almost 80% will never go beyond the page they visited first. Only 20% may find your site interesting and browse through the pages. By having ads on your sites, you are trying to provide a back door to those 80% who intend to leave your site.

    Lastly, if your site is really good enough, there is no need to fear as visitors are bound to return. Just don't forget to provide them a way to return, like a reminder to bookmark or a newsletter.
  4. Quoting: WhitePhoenixOr can you code these ads to open new window and still remain at your website?
    Hey Denise,

    Most of the major advertisers give the option of opening the ad in a seperate window.

    But if you are using an affiliate link or any other links and don't want people to click away from your site... Right after the URL and before the closing > put... target="_blank" that will open the other URL in a separate window.

    I hope I explained that well enough, it is really very easy. [​IMG]

  5. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Thank you guys for explaining the pros and cons on placing ads on websites... and I can see that it would be beneficial if you know the best places to put them. So, yes, it helps.
  6. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest


    I want know more .pls tell more about it

    with regards

  7. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Well, jobinfoway,

    I'm not really the person to ask... which is why I asked myself. There are many different methods to incurring income from your website, and I'm trying to find a method that works best for me and my ability to stay on top of it.

    I have my fingers stirring several different pots, so to speak, so I need something that doesn't require my devoted attention every day for hours. I need something fairly self-maintained. I know, I lack a certain amount of discipline, but at least I know where my strengths and weaknesses lay. I think.
  8. jobbiz786

    jobbiz786 New Member

    I suggest you to place your ads through open window that will not hamper your website income.
  9. bkamanski

    bkamanski New Member

    Let me see here. I have a website that I can make a hands free, automatic, passive, residual income for life and I want instead to send them away and make 3 cents from Adsense for the priviledge. Does this sound like a good business decision?

    Food For Thought

  10. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Ads are good if you are providing free information, not for selling products
  11. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Quoting: pcworkAds are good if you are providing free information, not for selling products
    I agree with this.
    I wouldn't put google adsense into my website if I was trying to get buyers to click on my affiliate links.

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