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    Just to get this straight. When I research keywords that I plan to drive natural traffic to I what to look for high search volume with goggle results below 1 million and have the domain that correct? I believe he says advertising competition is of no importance if not using pay-per-click. ?? Thanks
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    yea the higher the search volume the better.. chances are, its gonna be really hard to find the .com domain names for keywords. it could take you days to find the perfect combination of high search volume, low competition, and available domain name. You can still go for the .net, or .info domain names too. The higher advertising competition, the higher you will probably be paid for those keywords
  3. rgov

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    Ok great so we can use the .net ..ect. So lets say for example I'm researching the topic "eyeglasses" The is taken but I can get the will that also work??

  4. Newbie Shield

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    rgov: Ok great so we can use the .net ..ect. So lets say for example I'm researching the topic "eyeglasses" The is taken but I can get the will that also work??

    Yep, but first try out the dash in between each keyword to see if you can reserve a ".com". For example, you'd try "". I'm sure you've noticed that Vishal has used dashes in his URL addy and does quite well with traffic and ranking [​IMG]

    Folks have a slight preference for the .com extension. Even so, the .net and .org extensions are familiar enough to use. They are more trusted than the other available extensions.

    I'd only use the .info extension if you run out of options. It's better than many extension choices, but it's kinda luke warm in regards to trust.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. rgov

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    Thanks that clears-up a lot!
  6. rgov

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    so then do I need to check the google results of that phrase that is available in this case"" and hope the results are under a million? Am I on the right track?

  7. makemoneyonline

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    put the keyword phrase in quotes when you are checking the google competition. I usually go for it if there is less than 100,000 websites. Also, when you type it in without quotes, check to see what sorts of websites are on the first 2 pages.. If you see a lot of authority sites, such as wikipedia, webmd, and goverment sites all dominating the first page, that are nearly impossible to compete with, I wouldn't go for that keyword. If you see websites on the first couple pages that are ezinearticles, other article sites, and sites that you think you can overtake, go for it. Thats just the strategy I use and it works well every time.
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    The "perfect"Product will always have the following characteristics:

    This is important: If your targeting the "right"potential customers,they want the product so bad that will basically respond
    to any advertisment that offers it. This notion you have to put a fancy ad full of sophisticated graphics to lure potential customers
    to your site is way overrated. Graphics are nice to look at..but they don't sell the product.
    Which brings me to my next point: the product

    The product has to have a high perceived value. [​IMG]

    Customers should value your product so highly they'll be happy and eager to
    pay your price.
    Finally,the product should appeal to people who have money and are very willing to spend it. Remember humans are programed for the most part to
    buy things they "want" NOT things they "need". When we do buy items that we "need" it's because the product makes our life easier.
    Up here in Wisconsin, nobody buys a snow blower because they want a snow blower. They buy the snow blower because it
    removes the snow effortlessly in short period of time. It's the same in homebased one ever gets into
    a homebased business because they're in love with typing and working on the computer all day (well I'm sure there are some exceptions)
    they join your team because it represents:freedom,no boss,endless vacations,financial security,ect. See where I'm going here.
    sell the "dream" not the endless training videos ....if this make sense
    then you need to sign up for my Free Report that's packed with more great ideas for your attracting the perfect prospect
    to your homebased business.

    The average person starting out probably hasn't completely thought out their target market.

    You sure hear that word throwin around alot. What does it mean? In case you didn't read my teaserup above.
    I simply can't sum it up any better than using my fish analogy once again. Why fish in the puddles..the shallows..
    the mucky stuff, when you can sucessfully fish in the "deep water"where the large and hungry fish are. It's the same
    in advertising.with our system you can simply take one "cast" and hit all the great spots in all the best lakes where
    the Quality Fish are eager to bite...Make sense? [​IMG]
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    I am having a problem with my google ads being relevant just on the first page. When you click on the other posts the ads ARE relevant. But the first thing you see when you enter the site is non-relevant ads and this is bad. My site finally got to the first page of google and this is messing me up as far as money goes.

    I've done everything google suggested and even installed a plug in to try and help nothing works. I emailed and they said they were too busy to respond to my request so I'm at a dead end. I applied to Yahoo ads, but would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what else I can do.

    I don't understand how other post ads can be relevant and not the most important one. Every new post is stuck with non-relevant ads until it becomes an old post. It's weird I don't get it.

    Thanks to anyone who may know what is going on. If you don't want to answer here please PM me.
  10. Sonni

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    Oops, I thought this was an adsense thread and when I went back to read it's not. So maybe I need to move this so it will be in the right place. Sorry, however if anyone has an answer I still need help.
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    Find the .com domain you're looking for.

    Not available?

    Find the .net equivalent.

    Not available?

    Find add prefixes and suffixes like my, site, zone, the, etc.

    Not available?

    Add dashes to the domain.

    Ok great so we can use the .net ..ect. So lets say for example I'm researching the topic "eyeglasses" The is taken but I can get the will that also work??

    Yes, but try first then[​IMG]

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