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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Speedy2011, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    I feel a great way to get the word out about your website is to advertise it on your car.

    Here is a picture below of a sticky car banner I put together to get the word out about a website I use to have called "Joining Together". I just cut the car banner in half so that we could open and close the door to have the banner come back together.


    Maybe this will give you marketers an idea to get the word out for your website.

    I suggest that you market the product and not the business opportunity; due to I had another website called "" on the side of my car that got nothing.

    The way I see it, people seem to get on the negative side as soon as you say online business. I suggest you make sure you have a product you believe in 100%. Then just advertise that product. If it is good enough, then you will sell it to make you money.

    I plan to put together another car banner setup like this for my current website I am promoting. I feel it will work very well. If it does, would you guys want me to let you guys know that it is working?

    I plan to start this in two weeks. I have my designer putting together the image of what I want to say on this car banner and then I will give this image to my local print shop to put it together.

    If you want an idea on the cost, it will cost me $35.00 for each car banner sticker that is 1 foot high X 5.5 foot long. $70.00 total for two. The graphic image I have yet been told a price. I think around $30.00.
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  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Brilliant ideal for a courteous driver, or a parked car.
    Not so sure I'd want it on my wife or daughters' cars!
    Good advice for local business advertising also.
  3. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    Yeah, my wife did not want to drive that car around when I had that car banner on it saying "Joining Together" on it. [​IMG]

    To be honest, that was why that website did not work to well. Meaning that people read things and take it a different way.

    I tried to do a good thing for people and they turn it around on me; due to we live in a very negative world.

    So this time, I plan to just advertise a product that works rather than trying to show/advertise to people how we can make a difference if we join together.

    It seems like most of us live and think inside a box. Just2ez I am not saying you live in a box. You brought up a good point that other people brought up to me on it saying "Joining Together".

    Oh well, this is a part of learning. Now I know what not to do. [​IMG]
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I think this is a great way to get some free traffic to your site. I thought about doing it but never did. Guess I like to use PPC to do all my ads.

    I might use it in the future for a niche which I created my own product.

    Thanks for sharing.


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Personally i like the way it looks and it is a good idea. I have seen some on the road but could'nt read what they wrote or they looked tacky. Wording is important so try to make it simple but easy to remember. I'd like to have a magnetic one made for my vehicle.
  6. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    RICH4NURICHE, I agree with what you said on making sure they can read it. As you can see they could not miss reading what I had to say in my "Joining Together" car banner.

    Making it big lets me park by a busy road with a traffic light to have people see it off to the side when they are waiting for the light to turn green. Also I plan to drive by stores that sell kind of the same product.

    There is so much you can do with this kind of advertising. I can not wait to get out there to try this with a better car banner setup this time by offering the product this time and not the business part.

    What I am going to do on this new car banner I am putting together is have an image of my product off to the left of my domain name. Also I will have above my product image "Ask For A" and then below my product image "Free Sample".

    If all goes well, I should have this all put together by the end of the week. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. If it goes well, we will know then that this would be a great idea to do for your business.

    By the way, I did call up my company to ask them if I could advertise a picture of their/our product on the side of my car. They said "sure". Not all companies will allow this. So keep that in mind.
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Nice idea on a decent car. I've seen people have door magnets on the wrong type of car. Doesn't help them and doesn't help the image of the company.

    Also, having the right words to attract interest is important. So it may be ideal to use a banner that one know has worked to get results.

    Give you a reason to park you car in a high traffic area, and go for a walk in the mall.[​IMG]
  8. I had a banner made up a couple of years ago to fit in the rear window, but never got around to installing it.

    Maybe I'll dig it out and give it a try.
  9. kane1976

    kane1976 New Member

    I put a transfer on the back of my car a few years ago when i was running a car classifieds website, which i eventually sold for quite a bit. I did see a big increase in people signing up from my area, so i can only assume that they saw the website advertised on my car.
  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    That looks really sharp. I hope you'll show us the new one when you have it completed.

    I've used the magnetic sign type of advertisement on my vehicle before. I had a couple of products listed and the domain name also. I don't know if I got much online traffic as a result, but I did have a few people approach me in parking lots asking about the products (and even made a sale as a result), so I guess it can be worthwhile for the right products.

  11. JesseK

    JesseK New Member

    I had a banner made up for my back car window and after driving around with it for about six months I took it off. It didn't really make that much of a difference to the business. I don't live in a huge city though so maybe that is why?
  12. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    JesseK, what did you say on your window and was it big enough for people to read? Also what were you offering? These are three HUGE things that will play a big part if your car advertising will work.

    I can tell you right now that my last advertising on my car did not work at all; due to I was advertising the business first and not the product.

    I had this domain name on the side of my car "". I highly suggest you say nothing about an online business on your car.

    Advertise the product that will lead to making money. That is if it is a product people want.

    Happywife, I will post a picture of my car banner on here when it is done. Also I will keep you all posted how well it goes.

    If it goes well, then I would suggest you guys look at doing the same thing in your business.
  13. GetSocialButter

    GetSocialButter New Member

    Speedy2011 -- I agree -- lead with a product on a car -- not everyone wants an online business.

    I personally like to use the back window of my car. I make magnetics myself but they fall off and have to remake them (like yesterday!!!)

    Can't wait to see your new car banner. [​IMG]
  14. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    That is a great idea. Thanks for posting
  15. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    This is good - I just came back from a 4000 mile trip - I shoulda had a sign on my car! Guess I need to consider doing that....
  16. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    I am back to let you all know that the sticky GBG car banner is all put together. Here is a picture below to show you what it looks like. It looks a lot better in person. Click the image to see a bigger pic.


    I know the colors do not match with my car. I put it together to stick out for people to see the domain name. I added a picture of the Chewable 10-In-One bottle and pills along with me saying "Ask For A Free Sample" in hopes to have people confront me about what I am offering.

    I feel I covered everything in this car banner besides having it blend in with my car.

    1) I am advertising the product only. In other words, leading with the product

    2) Setup to have people confront me about what I am offering by saying on this car banner "Ask For A Free Sample".

    3) Big lettering for people can read it with no problem while they are passing by me on the free way. Also can read it with out having to be right up on my car to read it.

    4) Adding images to bring out what I am offering along with my wording saying what I am offering.

    Yesterday I went out for the first time with this advertisement on my car. I was gone for 1 hour to get my hair cut and to go in the drive through at Wendy's to get some food.

    When I went to the drive through the cashier was looking at my car banner. At that time I ask him if he would like a free sample and he said "Sure". Wow!

    Not a bad start so far.
  17. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Looks great, Tony!

    I like that you have the free sample offer. I think that is a big plus and will probably generate more interest for that type of product.

    I hope you continue to see great results. Keep us posted.

  18. kailo

    kailo New Member

    One of my friend has website on the back of his car, and he gets people contacting him about it.
  19. eaglegene

    eaglegene Member

    The car banner looks great Tony. What company did you use. I cant seem to find anyone around here that makes those types of sticky car banners.
  20. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    Hi eaglegene,

    The name of the company that did my car banner is Jack Ripper Associates (JRA). Located at the link below. Also their phone number is below too.

    Phone #: 1-800-447-7365

    Keep in mind that I had my website designer put together the 1 X 5 foot graphic image to give to JRA to put on a sticky 1 X 5 foot banner to put on my car.

    JRA charge me only $35.00 for each 1 X 5 foot sticky banner. My designer charge me $30.00 for the 1 X 5 foot graphic image. I did not ask JRA how much they would charge for doing the graphics.

    Ask for Sandy if anyone deside to call JRA to put together a car banner like this. Then tell her that Tony Johnson (One Complete Vitamin) sent you. This will show them the kind of material to use to put it together for you.

    The material is a less sticky material for you can take it off down the road with out having a hard time getting it off. In other words, it will not mess up your car.

    Keep in mind the smaller the banner, the smaller the cost. If I recall, the 4 X 20 INCH bumper sticker was only $10.00.

    I hope this helps. If it does, make sure you reply on here with a picture of your car banner made by JRA.

    Thank you,

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