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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by mydream2, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. mydream2

    mydream2 New Member

    I have seen many craigslist ads in my local area for business opportunities, but wondered if it was really worth it? I thought about running a few ads with a craigslist posting service as I don't want to deal with the hassles of switching ip's and PVA accounts ect...not worth my time.

    Anyone else use or tried Craigslist to promote your business?
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    For those that really work through the craigslist leads of many people looking for work, they get it to work for them. However, it's work because the person likely isn't even looking for a home business opportunity. I personally prefer to connect with people that are at least looking.

    Most traffic will come from any ads that you are able to "tweak" and get in the job section. Ads in the small business section don't tend to get the same amount of traffic.

    You can just post your biz using regular posting vs trying to use "fancy" techniques that create more headaches often than worth.
  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Craigslist can be tough though because so many ads are reported/ghosted, even when you follow the rules and post in the proper locations. I think there are better places to promote.
  4. I agree, craiglist can be tough. If you use craiglist I would recommend also using other places as well so you don't have all your eggs in one basket. :)
  5. CreateYourWealt

    CreateYourWealt New Member

    Craigslist can be really tough, and I would never pay to place an ad in the job section if you are not advertising a true job. The ad will be deleted or ghosted and you will have waisted your money.

    Even if you post in other sections you face your ads getting ghosted and if you post too far away from the geographic location of your IP, the ad will definetely get ghosted or deleted. And your account may be flagged so everything you do is for not.

    I would try other places. And if you are placing ads for a biz op, you really need to be collecting their information via a landing page; otherwise, you have no means to contact them or get them into a drip system. Without a landing page, you have one shot at getting them to either request information from you or join on the spot. That is extremely difficult to accomplish.
  6. wes1der

    wes1der New Member

    If you are looking to post on a highly trafficked classified site then I would go with Unlike Craigslist, allows you to post in multiple cities and categories. While there is a cost to post with Backpage the rate is relatively small and changes based on the city you are posting in. I have posted in several small cities for an affiliate offer I was doing a few years back and I earned back my investment within hours.
  7. Khoa Nuyen

    Khoa Nuyen New Member

    It's possible to use Craigslist as a lead generation tool if you have the right follow up strategy in place, and you know how to create ads which Craigslist will approve. I pull leads from CL and other free classified sites every day. I agree that it should not be your only source of leads, but considering that it's free, why not try to make it work?
  8. rudolph

    rudolph New Member

    CL hmmm...... I will say it is tough but it is free I have generated quite a few opt-in with CL then they ghosted me then deleted my adds that's ok just remember anything worth having takes work.
    Perhaps one day I wont have to worry about CL naaaaah they are free!
  9. postingexpert

    postingexpert New Member

    Yup! I tried that too!

    I post ads regularly on numerous classifieds and I've been very good at it for a long time.

    But over the last year or so with all the changes Craigslist has made I was really struggling with the "Gran Daddy of 'em all"

    But it all got turned around when a good friend of mine introduced me to this cutting edge method to conquer frequent flagging and ghosting on Craigslist.

    I'm so glad I listened to her. Now I have my Craigslist posting mojo back! My ads are mostly all live and the leads are flowing in again.

    Ask me how!

    Cris May

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  10. George87

    George87 New Member

    Craigslist is real strict when it comes to posting ads, so don't just post multiple ad which contain the same content. That a good way of getting blocked.
  11. Haywood

    Haywood New Member

    I have use Craigslist to generate hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars.
    Most people will have their posting ghosted because of the filters on Craigslist now
    You can get software to post for you easily.
    Just go to Google and search "Craigslist Posting Software"
  12. OmarS.K

    OmarS.K Member

    Craig's List is one of the best places to post ads for free. Not all of the cities and categories are free, but many are. It can be a tricky site to navigate and successfully post on, but there are guides if you search Google.
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  13. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    I agree...and if you ARE going to post on should follow the rules. Don't jump IPs. Don't use multiple accounts. Follow the rules. There are better places that you can advertise an opportunity.
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  14. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. Craigslist is saturated with spam and posts that follow all the rules are flagged and removed all the time.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Good posts,

    Yes, like most advertising mediums, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work tomorrow, and Craigslist is a perfect example of has been results. Look at all the scams perpetuated on Craigslist, never mind the murders which resulted from ads placed on Craigslist. It has become the cesspool of advertising, but yes, it still can work if you know how to use it.

    As others have mentioned, you have to follow the rules or you will be wasting your time. Here is another issue, you will be flagged by your competition, so your ad might be totally compliant and you get bounced, very frustrating and a total waste of time. Our system of automated classified posting also uses Craigslist, so it is a major time saver, and if you follow the rules, you can post more easily and see results much faster than by posting manually on Craigslist or any of the other thousands of classified sites. Post it once and get posted to thousands, that is the future in classified advertising.

    It is all about using proper headlines in any classified advertising program, you want to get indexed in search organic search results, and if you research it, you will see that Craigslist does index well which translates to more web traffic if utilized properly, so yes, it does work well when you can post more easily and quickly than the usual manual process which is a major time consumer. Save time, equals save money, and saving money means you can afford to advertise more, simple. Automated classified Free-Adplotter is a major new marketing tool anyone in any business should be utilizing above all other classified advertising.

    As example, if you are a real estate broker, you have dozens, if not hundreds of listings. Why else do you see so many listings on Craigslist for real estate, because it works. Same for selling cars where dealers list vehicles, hundreds in many cases every week. Business opportunities are more abused, but selling products or services works great when placing on classifieds nationwide. Now imagine you can list all your classifieds once, and hit thousands of eyes instantly? Traditional businesses like real estate and auto dealers, as well as any retail businesses love this new service, so never underestimate the value of volume, this is where you make money, posting to thousands to drive traffic to your business, no traffic, no prospects, no sales.

    Success to all,
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  16. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Facebook groups are great if you understand how to use them. Just posting your ad every day isn't enough.
  17. AnneSamantha

    AnneSamantha Member

    Thanks for the tip I'll try - did try Craig's list a few times with no response
  18. Freddie B

    Freddie B New Member

    The problem I have had with CL is that you end up either getting spam or by following the rules and posting in the small biz ads, people either overlook them or the section gets saturated with other ads. Headlines are important there. Also, I joined several Facebook groups about various topics. When posting, sometimes all it takes is a profile pic, nickname (which I made to make people want to click on my profile and find out more) or even bringing up your business if a topic relates to it and it worked very well for me.
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  19. jonster

    jonster New Member

    Backpage changed their policy on that. It's not as strict as cl, but its getting there. In order to get real results from those two, you need to use software that games their system and is against their TOS. Personally I think its easier to use fb groups and run fb ads. The ads can be super cheap and you can target your audience very specifically. if you run a campaign with fb ads, its all about the targeting.

    IMHO bp and cl ads take a lot of time and the results can vary. Plus you're not getting very high quality traffic - not the best people to have on your list. I've learned over time that as far as your subscriber list goes - quality is better than quantity. I used to just wanna get as many sign ups as possible and I didn't care where they came from. Now after learning things the hard way, I just wanna get certain types of people on my list and not worry about how huge the list is. The most important thing is that they be responsive. Anyway, that's my two cents, lol.
  20. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Well said BusinessIdeas. This is a great example: Craigslist is not an effective place to do mass marketing.
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