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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Angie Hill, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Angie Hill

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    There are literally hundreds of companies out there that offer great business opportunities for those who are looking to work from home. However, it has been my observation that there really are only a very few people who actually want to "work" from home. First you need to determine what your motivation is for wanting to work from home (ex. Spending time with your kids, extra income, replace an income, freedom to do the things you love to do, when you want to do them)?

    Here are the key factors when looking to start a business from home:

    Timing! - Is it the right time for you, are you motivated enough to actually do what it takes to work from home in order to replace your 9-5 income? AND is it the timing right for the company you choose to work for.
    Harvard has done studies on the Network Marketing industry and what they have found is that the first 150, 000 distributors within a company that has made it through 5-7 years without going under will aquire 80% of that companies wealth. So Timing is everything!!

    Compensation! - Each Network Marketing company (Mary Kay, Avon, Shaklee, Melaleuca, Tupperware, LifeVantage....just to name a few) has their own compensation plan. I would suggest to check out the Direct Sales Association website to see which company they recommend that has the best compensation plan.

    Products and Services! - Even though I do not believe you have to necessarily like the product in order to promote it....think about all the products on the shelf at you really think that their sales associates believe in all their products...I highly doubt it!! BUT I do believe that is more ethical and to your advantage if you do like the product, if you believe the product works and if it is proven and backed by science and research that it actually does what it claims to do.

    Network Marketing has been given a bad wrap, but I don't believe it is the fault of the industry but rather of the hundreds of people who have been programmed into thinking that we must have a 9-5, spending 45 or more years of our lives working for someone else making them rich, so that we can have a couple of weeks of vacation each year, health insurance to pay for our funerals and burials once we die. There are thousands of people that have been successful at Network Marketing because they didn't give up because they were willing to do what no one else was willing to do in order to live like no one else is able to live. They are average people who wanted out of the rat race....I think we all want out of the rat race but we are too afraid of getting 100 rejections in order to get 10 yes's. We care to much about what others think that we allow them to dictate our success. Some of the best products out there you can only get from an Independent Distributor!!

    Network Marketing isn't going anywhere!! It is available to anyone who is truly ready to get out of the rat race!!

    Don't let other people dictate your success, not family, not friends! True financial freedom is available through the Network Marketing Industry.
  2. Steve Bailey

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    Great read... For me it really came down to one simple thing... Finding a product I was passionate about and would use regardless of whether or not I was getting paid!
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  4. A8ch

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    That is so true, and many of us aren't even aware of how much that attitude influences our decisions.

    And your statement about...

    ... is spot on too.

    I believe anyone who truly wants to get out of the rat race will find opportunities to do so. First, they must adjust their mindset and then commit to doing whatever is necessary to make it happen.

    Great post, by the way.

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  5. TniComRec

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    Yes, finding your niche is one thing. Personally, I have never been good at sales. I did do well at upselling for the company I worked for but it is just not my thing. I am going to stick to the work at home jobs that don't involve that. There are a plethora of companies out there that do just that. The one I work for is one of them. I have been with them going on 4 years now and I have loved every minute of it!
  6. Hathi99

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    I think that the most important thing for me was finding a company whose values reflected my own, which can be hard to do, as often when you decide to work from home there are other influencers (for me it was a sick mother and small child) and anything that fits around those things can seem like a great idea. I think the second thing for me was to choose something I was passionate about, that way it never feels too much like work.
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  7. Kass1234

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    I am new to this forum & really like this post. I enjoy working from home, you have to enjoy what you do to be successful. There are many opportunities out there, you just have to find the right one for you.
  8. Iris S

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    Great information here. I agree as well. I will emphasize having a passion for what you do. Doing an opportunity that your dread to do will do you no good. Always do homework on the company and follow up on forums. There are a lot of great people willing to share good information and help others. That is why I built my site to provide info because I remember the headache I went through years ago looking for something honest.
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    I think you do have to at least someone like or love what you are selling. I know I've turned down a couple of people who promoted their opportunity to me because I didn't like the product they were selling. If you are passionate about the product, and know a lot about it, and know how to market or at least willing to learn, I believe you will become successful. I also don't believe in when I hear of someone saying they made $10,000 in two hours, not unless they have been doing the business for years maybe.
  10. westfam11

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    I totally agree, find a company that you can use a sample of to see if it works for you. If not, keep looking. But if you find a product that really works you will be passionate about your business and sharing this info with others. The sky is the limit if you believe.
  11. Martin1977

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    Whatever company you choose, the most important you have to have passionate about the product to sell. Only that way you can be successful. Try to find out what product or company suits for you the best.
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  12. Iris S

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    I ditto the above comments. Don't make it a job. Make it about a passion, something you love!!
  13. MikeM

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    Great Post! I would agree on all points. I would also add that you need to 1. Make sure the Corporate Executive team running the company has integrity. Too often these guys are in it only for the money and end up screwing their distributors over. 2. Not only do the products need to be high quality but they need to be UNIQUE. I chose a company that creates its products using a patented biotechnology because the products work and NO ONE ELSE HAS THEM. Not another network marketing company or a big box store. No one even pretends to have it.

    I also loved your comment about timing. If the market is too saturated then that doesn't mean you can't make money there but it does mean that it'll be harder. GREAT POST!
  14. Get Started

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    So true about not wanting 100 rejections to get 10 yes's. Sometimes marketing online seems like a good way to avoid the rejections...but I think those that are willing to really put themselves out their more are going to be rewarded all the better!
  15. Daniel c

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    Great read!
    Sometimes it takes days to get even 1 yes... Got to be patient and completely disingage yourself emotionally from people's opinions. This way you don't get discouraged and keep going.. Never give up just continue on to your goal!
  16. Claire93

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    What I can tell you, it is not always easy to work at home. It is needed to create a working atmosphere and to have enough of motivation. Personally, I've changed a lot of 'home' jobs. Right now I simply forgot about all that and I've chosen one that I like the most.
  17. elvisobryant

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    Great read. For me finding something I believe in was the key, also being able to help people. When I have those two things it makes me look forward to getting going the next day. I also agree that my success is dependent on only me so it is up to me to do it regardless of everyone else.
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    Tôi thực sự thích bài này. Thanks for sharing!

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