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  1. harryodal

    harryodal New Member

    Hello Guys,

    Please I need some advice concerning Michelle Mathews work at home program before I register.

    Firstly is it worthwhile or just another program that has bogus claims.

    Secondly, I live in Nigeria west Africa what are the prospects for me especially given the fact that what you see on line is mostly targeted at north America and Europe.

    Lastly, what other good options are available for me online given my disadvantaged location high cost of phone bills and relatively slow average internet speed.

    Thank you very much for your replies.
  2. ChrisPotter

    ChrisPotter Guest

    I checked out a few websites offering reviews on 'Michelle Mathews work at home program' and all of them said it was a legit. business opportunity. It shouldn't matter where you live due to the fact that the internet it worldwide, you might need to pay a little bit extra but it would still work out great!
  3. DABhand

    DABhand New Member

    I would advise against it, the company has changed name several times due to complaints, and the fact you dont get paid per link posted, you get paid per sale through your link. So there is no guarentee that you will make money at all.

    There is a 60 day grace period of asking for money back, from other sources people who asked for money back have been chasing a lot some got paid but a huge amount have not, but when you don't get sales they will say it usually takes 2 months before it starts... yeah the same time of your grace period.

    The fact that you have to pay per advertising (as in company and products) is another big red siren sign to stay away, they say they have hundreds of them to choose from the reality is its 18. And dont expect your little new site will be popping on google any time soon, for another fee they will help you do that.

    So you could end up paying anywhere from $40USD to $400USD and still not have made any sales, who wins? They do.

    Also it should be common sense now that if you leave a site and it bombards you with popups with discounts etc then that is desperation and should be avoided at all costs. And also the fact they lie to you, its a scam. Unfortunately a legal scam.
  4. kittso

    kittso New Member

    I absolutely agree with the last post[​IMG].. after thinking about it for many days and researching this internet based business (wish I saw this review first)! I decided to take a leap of faith! It has been 48hrs and I am unable to get CS assist - only automated and to make money you have to continue to purchase add-ons - I have so far spent far more then the original discount price (yes I tired leaving the website) it finally went down to less then $30 - how could I possibly go wrong. I think I am more disappointed in the fact that the media appears to be in on the scam and [​IMG] avoid this program like the Plauge!
  5. arbonne_chic

    arbonne_chic New Member

    I would also advise against it, it looks like a total scam. There is no contact info anywhere on their website, or even their business name. After researching this, I would not sign up for this program. Anyone who has purchased this, should file a dispute with their credit card company because they will more than likely not get their money back!
  6. canadalass

    canadalass New Member

    I did transactions online through pay pal. I just got off the phone with my bank to make "stop payments." Every page I clicked on brought me to purchase another upgrade. I did contact pay pal, and they said they would look into it. I clicked on links and it debited my paypal account automatically. I have now changed my account passwords. by the end of today it was well over 140.00 USD. I will definitely take 20.00 dollars in stop payments via my bank. I find this to be 100% fishy. No wonder this lady Michelle Matthews is rich, she makes money off of scamming others out of their hard earned money. IMHO, is wrong. I am in need of income, and do not need my what's left of our financials being taken out from underneath me. Buyer beware and be careful.
  7. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Hello Folks,
    The above summarises the program.I advise you throw your shoe at her a run as fast as possible.But if you are a pathetic/chronic risk taker, stay put.You may be aiming for the moon and end up in the deep pacific ocean.Buyer, beware.

    Bob Michael.
  8. motherjerrilyn

    motherjerrilyn New Member

    How do you contact Michelle Matthews Work at Home I've paid sometime ago and couldn't finish taking the course and or training course because of an emergency intrupption, an haven't been able to get back on line to finish the training course nor start the selling from home, WHAT'S UP with the legitimacy of her company and contacting them?
  9. elaguila8

    elaguila8 New Member

    RUN AWAY!!! I was a few key clikings away from throwing $50 much needed dollars her way when I stoped and went back to D page and at the bottom of it this is what I found instead of the supposed contact info:
    ??? - All testimonials have been remunerated.
    + - Actual income results my vary and are not common.
    ?± Images have been renumerated and are not common.
    - Does not reflect actual earnings and results may vary.
    ≠ - Paid testimonial has been adapted to reflect ICB standards.

    No phone numbers, only an e-mail address. You be the judge.
  10. NetworkPrince

    NetworkPrince New Member

    So, I looked into this program as well. I also was presented a deep discount as I tried to leave the site. Once committed with the initial purchase, you are then told about the add-ons that those who are "serious" about making money will want to enhance their web traffic. The other thing that seems fishy is the web sites themselves. You are presented with a dozen or so web-based products like Internet-TV, weight-loss software and even an adult-theme product. Once you select a website you can customize some of the details to include the price of the product. They have a recommended price, but you can change it to whatever you want. The website really gets created and I curiously navigated to it and tried to buy the product. I was directed to a pay pal link to complete the transaction. I don't know if a product is really transferred or not.
  11. Sanette

    Sanette New Member

    Oh my word. I was caught again. I trusted her honest face. How does she sleep at night. I've learned finally There is no free lunch and no easy money! I'll stay teaching my little children and see the golden rim of my peaceful little cloud .
    Do not get caught. Lucky I looked up this forum before I was caught into paying more to get more "customers to my website.
    How disgusting of her.
    So shocked !!!!
  12. FlowerPower

    FlowerPower New Member

    Has anyone been approached about being one of their special members and having one on one mentoring guaranteeing you an income of six figures, that is what they did with me, but they wanted me to invest a very high amount in order to receive a higher return. They asked for 3000.00 dollars I said I did not have that much but I had 2000.00 dollars and what could I do since I did not have the amount they wanted. I also refused to do a full 2000.00 I told them I would do 1500.00 and magically they have a supposed scholarship fund for people who can't pay the full amount and suddenly I went through two interviews that at the end of I was approved to be one of the 15 people to have a one on one mentor for the whole year for the small amount of $1500.00 dollars, I am pretty much sure this is a scam and they only called me after I sent an email that I was going to my bank and turn them in for fraud. You decide but I am in belief it is a scam!!!! Almost all of the work from home are a scam. Try googling "Paul Jackson or Paul Moon" both names are used and it is the same intro letter that is on the Michelle Matthews site (you know the one: "about not being a lazy gym member" That threw up another red flag for me. I am running away from this as fast as I can and suggest others do the same. It is terrible that large TV/News media are allowing their name to be associated with this...
  13. PlanetMunson

    PlanetMunson New Member

    [​IMG] WOW, I am so glad i found this forum prior to investing any money. I guess someone was looking out for me because I had actually went through with the transaction but had to make a change on my pay pal account and when I went back to "pay" my account had logged out and I had to start the process all over again. This prompted me to do a little more research prior to giving up $50 of my hard earned money and I found this forum. I also received the "Please wait we are offering a reduced cost to start" message when I tried to leave the site. I must agree with Canadalass, no wonder this woman (if it is a women or even a real person) is a millionaire. She is making money off of scamming others!!! And sad to say that the TV/News media are involved in several of these type of scams....
  14. outandabout

    outandabout New Member

    [​IMG]Hasn't this woman got a Facebook page? I think she needs to answer some questions. Like many scammers they are always out for what appears to be OUR best interests....all the while they have there hand in our back pockets stealing our loose change.
    I was scammed, twice, about 6 months ago on Alibaba(and the forty thieves!)
    You can ask why was I done the second time?
    Because the second business that I dealt with was a Gold Supplier of 2 years, endorsed and verified by Alibaba! I was actually referred to them by Alibabas team when I enquired about not being able to find a reputable supplier.
    After I was scammed I asked Alibabas Team again for my money back as they had endorsed the Business. There reply was that I needed to provide proof.....which I did and lo and behold.....wait for it.........NO REFUND.
    So I approach all these La de da people who look too fresh and
    attractive to be a single Mum, saying that you can make a good living in 2 hours a day on the PC with scepticism, especially when you get the old 'Discount before you leave' trick.
    History is littered with people that have promised so much to ears that want to hear about a Nirvana they have found just for them.
    My rule of thumb is to understand I am not a special case, that I represent just another ear that they will fill with what(they think) I would like to hear.
    So if you think you have found the Goose that lays the Golden Egg, let it sit on that Egg for a bit until you find out if you are a Goose to fall for it.
  15. justme67

    justme67 New Member

    I'm currently checking out the "program". I've spent about $100. I got the Pro upgrade and the ??nstant customer one. I have 6 sites I "built" and they seem to be getting traffic. Up to 100 on the Wealth site but no sales (yet?). The traffic on two of the sites seem to be going up in very similar numbers. Coincidence or red flag?

    I got the call for 1 on 1 mentoring and will talk again tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up Flowerpower. I haven't tried to contact them but I couldn't find any contact info after a quick look (definite red flag). I think I'm going to offer them $10,000 but only from profits I make with their program, see if they go for that or just want money upfront (of which they will not see any untill I make my $100 back.

    As for Paypal, you can adjust the price. I've adjusted the price to $1 and tried to buy it to see what happens. I couldn'tt do it though. I don't know if PayPal handles buying from yourself. I'll try from another computer tomorrow. I couldn't even find the priceon one of the websties (???)

    I'll let you know what happens later
  16. D J Mapper

    D J Mapper New Member

    I wish I had found this forum earlier as I have just paid ??140 to what turns out to be a scam site. I have managed to get ??80 refunded through clickbank but the other ??60 was paid through Paypal to a UK email address so may not be covered for a refund although this ??60 was paid to a scammer. I did look in to it before parting with my money but only googled the name of the person and name of the company and nothing came up bad but today I added the words scam and hoax to those names and low and behold up pops lots of forums about this being a scam. I learnt an expensive lesson and will listen to people who say "greed makes you blind" and "if it looks to good to be true then it is probably not".
    I am surpised that reputable companies like Clickbank and Paypal let themselves be used in this way as it also tarnishes their reputations.
  17. dude17111

    dude17111 New Member

    I too recieved the limited time offer from what I thought was a trusted source. Thank You for the real world comments. is there any program that really works? And if so would anyone share it? I am getting very disillusioned with the whole marketing scene
  18. brian72

    brian72 New Member

    This is truly a scam. However, the best thing about it is that the puchase is through ClickBank. Anyone how has purchased within 60 days can request a refund from ClickBank. They will honor your request. I have order about 7 other products and have requested a refund and have gotten it in a matter of a couple of days.

    Do not bother going to Michelle Mathews site and requesting a refund - just go to ClickBank.
  19. D J Mapper

    D J Mapper New Member

    Further to my earlier post, I complained to Paypal and pointed out that the money that I had paid through them went to scammers and to their credit they have said that I will get a full refund. I have managed to get every penny back but consider myself lucky and will be more careful in the future.
  20. Look AND Learn

    Look AND Learn New Member

    Well, something just told me to Google Michelle Mathews! I found it rather odd that there was no other information about 'her' or the company. Id like to know if 'she' is actually alive. Read all the sites associated with the name. Click on each of the photos in the same row with the name. Could someone be using her name? I didn't see any business name or registration #'s etc. Most country's, provinces, or states have some sort of business registration requirement. Governments charging taxes, fees, etc. really like to keep track of MONEY MAKERS! It is good that Paypal will refund $$$ if you say the word scammer. it is better NOT to be associated with bad business. I also noticed there is no other way to get in touch with them...they are keeping you at arms length. No 1-800 number... suspicious! No mailing address... ! I always look for alternate ways to contact `businesses`, especially on the internet, a hotbed of de-lighted scammers sites.

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