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    Hello there,
    There are so many things that you can do from home and people will have a million and one ideas. However, when it is independent do be careful as it can use a lot of your time with little gain. There are many online businesses that have been incredibly successful but can be a task to figure out if their genuine or not. Advice: Be careful not to pay anything without speaking to a real person who is willing to answer any questions you may have.. and clearly. Try and find something where you have the control... so that you are not depending on the honesty of someone you may not be able to trust. Hope that is a help to someone!
    Take Care guys
  2. mountainmom5

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    amylouisa: Advice: Be careful not to pay anything without speaking to a real person who is willing to answer any questions you may have.. and clearly.

    Welcome Amy-Louisa and wonderful advice![​IMG]
  3. seeyalater72

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    Great advice Amy-Louisa. You might want to make your signature clickable so people can access your website easily.
  4. VictoriaNTC

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    And-Avoid Get Rich Quick Scams!
  5. pcwork

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    If the online business matches your skills, you are more likely to be successful
  6. Hello Amy louisa,

    I researched many home business opportunities and spent about 6 months before deciding which one was best for me.

    I decided on a Plug In Profit site because a lot of the top internet marketers promote this program and it has been established for quite a few years.

    Research is a top priority when looking for a work from home business.

  7. Graham scass

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    Hello Amy louisa,

    A good way to check if a system is genuine or not is to go to google and type "the name of the product reviews" or "the name of the product scams" this way you will get to read what other people are saying about it.
  8. Phil Stones

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    Yes you need to do some research - you want to know someone is at the end of the phone and can provide help, information and training if poss - Good Luck!
  9. bearly09

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    I'm excited to join the community with everyone and I recently picked a program that I think will work too! At least I hope this one does. But it seems to make sense to me and little by little it is starting to work and come together. Yeah![​IMG] But I definately did have to talk to some people from the company and they were so helpful and still are helpful. Definately research before you just go pick one. I sure did a lot!
  10. happywife

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    bearly09: At least I hope this one does.

    If you are referring to the one in your signature, I hope you aren't going to be too disappointed. I've seen a lot of people come through this forum promoting that exact site.

    I honestly don't think you will get very far promoting a site that is a mirror image of so many others. I say this with sincere kindness.

    You will get much farther in the long run if you create a unique website of your own on a subject that you know something about. I'm sure you must have some knowledge, skill, hobby, special interest, etc.

    Take that knowledge and build a site with unique content that will bring you free traffic with visitors that are looking for information on your subject.

    It may seem slow to get it started, but it is well worth it in the long run.

  11. Twrestler07

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    amylouise.. i say that is good advice i wish i would have followed a few months ago. oh well got to make the best of it and learn from mistakes

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