AGEL: Individual vs. teamwork

Discussion in 'Agel' started by mamitasbc, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. mamitasbc

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    I have a simple question regarding MLM commission plans such as the one from AGEL.

    What generates more raw returns: 5 people recruiting 3 people per month OR 1 person recruiting 15 people per month? I am looking for a purely mathematical answer.

    I am wondering if its allowed to hire people to generate more leads and recruits. Now, all things being equal and all costs aside... one account income vs 5 account income... does the single guy make more money than the other 5 combined if they end up with the same amount of new recruits per month? (induction costs aside).

    Regardless of whether you think hiring people to get me recruits would work or not... is the advantage of reaching more status (and more bonuses) an edge that would make 5 people work together under one account? and if it is... is that allowed? legal?


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