Agel officially opens Mexico!

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    May 30, 2008

    More than 1,200 team members and guests attended the Mexico Grand Opening held May 23-24 at the Presidente InterContinental Auditorium in Guadalajara, Mexico. The grand opening marked the fourth official new market launch since the company's inception in May 2005.

    Leaders from all over the world traveled to attend the momentous event, including Agel Chief Executive Officer Glen Jensen, Vice President of Global Sales Jeff Higginson, Director of Latin America Zach Bradley, Director of Mexico Alfonzo Todd, Director of Research and Development Joel Rockwood, as well as Triple Diamond Director Randy Schroeder, Diamond Directors Grant Ferguson and Maria Carreon and Diamond Directors Sarah and Tony Zolecki.

    Sarah and Tony recount their experience after the event in the following email to their team:

    In the last three years we have never felt so overwhelmed with excitement and expectancy than when we walked in the room on Friday [of the event]. The room was packed with over 1200 people from all over Mexico. Some drove 18 hours on buses to be there. Some sold their cars to be there. It was so humbling. They want this opportunity so badly. There were so many moments where our hearts were in our throats hearing all the stories of what Agel was to them. There were people dancing, flags flying everywhere, chanting Viva Mexico!!! We just so wish everyone could experience what we did. We will NEVER ever take Agel for granted...

    Three important marketing tools released during the two-day event, include Choosing Success, a magazine in which Agel industry leaders share their experiences building successful businesses; Vibrant Living, which concentrates on health and vitality - you'll find valuable information on Agel's products, as well as advice on how to be healthy; Your Business Plan is your game plan to get you and your team members started right away - use this tool to raise your retention rate drastically.

    Agel PRO was also released in the Mexico market during the event - find ordering details in the back office.

    If you are from Mexico or know people who are... There has never been a better time to be Agel!
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